46%of the choice of Jingdong Jingdong Supermarket insights: Adult diaper will become blue ocean products

According to the results of the seventh national census, the population of China is 264 million years old and over, accounting for 18.7%of the total population. Among them, the 65th and above population was nearly 191 million, accounting for about 13.5%. With the deepening of population aging, the “silver -haired economy” has gradually received more attention.

Recently, JD Supermarket, JD.com Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, United Weida Group Tian Ning and Bao, Ageclub, released “Tiacai 60+, Chinese -style Pension Truth Insight Health Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), decoding 2021 old age Healthy care of consumption trends.

The “Report” shows that more and more silver -haired people tend to surf the Internet, and online shopping is even more common among the elderly. 46%of the silver -haired people like to shopping in Jingdong. The silver -haired people buy the highest proportion of elderly products such as protection and health in Jingdong. Among them, the elderly in first -tier cities prefer to buy wet towels in diapers, followed by beverages and nutritional health products. In low -line cities, drinks and health equipment , Nutritional Health and other elderly products have sold more than urine pants and wet towels.

Silver -haired people in first -tier cities prefer to buy wet towels in urine pants

According to Liu Hui, the dean of Jingdong Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, whether in the frequency of online shopping or the number of online shopping orders, groups over 55 years of age have continued to grow significantly. The scale of this consumer group is expanding, their online shopping habits are also developing, and the purchase category has continued to expand.

46%银发族首选京东 京东超市洞察:成人纸尿裤将成蓝海品

Judging from the “Report”, the lives of 60/70 people have been fully penetrated by online shopping, and 31%of online shopping populations are carried out 2-3 times a week. For them, they can choose more widely and everything. The preferential price is the reason to choose online shopping. The convenience of online shopping is most valued by them.

In terms of the choice of Internet channels, out of the impression of reassuring and service, 46%of the silver -haired people like to use JD.com and like to buy quality, high -priced and emergency use products in JD.com. At the same time, 56+people have gradually become accustomed to solving some health -related products and service needs through the Internet.

Liu Hui said that from the data of 56+ users buying elderly products, the sales of urine pants and wet towels ranked first in first -tier cities, ranking second in second -tier cities, ranked fourth in low -line cities, and consumer awareness Show obvious regional conduction processes. The elderly in high -level cities, with the help of their own learning and children, gradually realized that the incontinence products have improved significantly in quality of life, and the elderly in low -line cities still need to conduct market education.

The “Report” shows that one of the most common disorders in the elderly group today is urinary incontinence. Among people over 60 years of age, 18.9%of men have incontinence, while women account for 37.7%. 2 times. The pelvic floor muscle weakness, overweight, urinary tract infection, gynecological disease, neurological disorders, etc. are important factor that causes urinary incontinence. At present, my country’s adult incontinence nursing industry is still in the stage of initial development, and adult incontinence products are low and per capita in my country. With the rise of health awareness of the elderly, they are willing to use health auxiliary products and individual protection products when they are aging. Based on this, the popularity of adult incontinence products is gradually increasing.


“Good use” and “good -looking”

46%银发族首选京东 京东超市洞察:成人纸尿裤将成蓝海品

According to the “Report”, the application scenario of adult diaper is increasingly diverse, including travel, long -distance bus, night sleep, and short -term out of the short term. Based on the above scenarios, users also put forward the needs of wearing non -traces, large absorption, easy replacement, and small volume. Not only that, consumers’ demand for incontinence products is also extending from “can use” to “good use” and “good -looking”. From antibacterial technology, skin softening design to fit size, comfortable tailoring, and appearance color, the user needs of incontinence products are diversified and personalized.

Based on the insight and analysis of the Report, in order to improve the matching and satisfaction of incontinence products, it is necessary to change people’s awareness of incontinence products, strengthen relevant knowledge science, and give the elderly to choose suitable products. With the arrival of 2021 Jingdong 11.11, Jingdong Supermarket will join hands with well -known health care brands to bring consumers with many skin -friendly, well -designed and personalized products to meet user needs in all aspects. Come to Jingdong Supermarket to buy elderly supplies to protect the happy old age of Yinfa!

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