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Canton Fair Export Product Design Award (CF Award)

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Immediately, it became the best “grass planting commissioner” so far in 2021

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Warm and delicate picture

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

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The innovative details of “Chinese creation” in 2020

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

CF Awards 丨 Take you grass to plant grass 2020 boutique “China Creation”

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广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

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广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Multi -function jacket

Xiamen Jianyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

There are two color groups in this punching suit, which are 3D pressure pattern effects and reflective printing effects. The front end of the bottom is long, and the middle slits are designed, which increases the sense of fashion. The seamless design of the whole jacket is simple and generous. Laser cut seamless neckline, designed the function of a storage hat.

The special sleeve 袢 magic sticker design, the sleeve design is designed with reflective printing, and is equipped with waterproof zipper, the hem invisible pocket design, the overall shape is clean and tidy.

The abstract texture reflector effect, with pattern decoration effect during the day, guarantees travel safety at night.

Antibacterial function

Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd.

In a more hot area, this nest is your best choice. The inner bottom material is used for graphene antibacterial fabrics. The breathability effect is good. The graphene fiber is filled between the breathable holes to purify the air in and out. The pet contact part uses knitted elastic fabrics, soft and skin -friendly, environmentally friendly and healthy, good swelling, not tangled, not sticky, and comfortable; and light, delicate, soft, well -insulated, not easy to deform, not to be shredded, will not be shielded, will not be shielded, will not be shredded, will not be shielded, will not be shredded. Static electricity; high -pyramid fiber, scientifically supporting pet body curve. A non -slip shaping bottom, the floor heating is not hot -melt, non -slip while not sticking to the floor.

Steam rice cooker

Jiuyang Co., Ltd.

In order to satisfy consumers’ love for steamed food, the product came into being. During the design process, the product focuses on the application scenarios and make innovations:

In order to better steam the food, the product simplifies the steaming process, shorten the cooking time, and develops different inner orchy mode switching functions in response to various steamed vegetables, rice, porridge, seafood and soup – Change the steam cooking method, so as to output different professional taste on different ingredients.

In order to better adapt to the convenient and fashionable lifestyle of modern people, the product solves the problem of occupying a large kitchen space and makes it easy to store. At the same time, it is designed for tableware to allow users to place it directly to the table after cooking, and quickly switch to the application scenario from cooking to enjoying.

Double -layer storage tank

Shandong Hanbang Home Glass Co., Ltd.

The product is three -piece, which is made of sodium and lipstick glass. The middle connection ring is made of bamboo, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. It can be used for easy use of food, debris, etc.

The product is two layers of upper and lower layers, which are used to support different items, such as: coffee and square sugar, honey and lemon; the short layer can be used as a single container for the function of the items stored below. Sub -food, such as storage of oatmeal; can also be used to put dry fruits, etc. The small can above can be used to install fruit shells.


广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Jieyang Xingcai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Legend has it that the second button is the best gift for couples. The second button, above the heart, is the person who is sent to the heart, that is, to the favorite person. The designer inspired the design of the insulation cup and transplanted the beautiful soul of the buttons to the thermal insulation cup. Available to make the world warm.

In addition to the intimate button design and exclusive patent lifting, this product cup lid can be disassembled and washed. It can be selected for exquisite stainless steel tea filter, and uses high -vacuum insulation technology.

Colorful high -pressure cooker

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Guangdong Lingfeng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

In order to strengthen the safety of the use of fast boiling technology, the colorful pressure cooker has adopted a new design solution. Its innovation lies in the one -click knob -type pressure regulating valve, which integrates the open cover device and the pressure multi -gear adjustment device; on the premise of setting high and low gear pressure, multi -gear fine -tuning function can be achieved. According to different ingredients, according to different ingredients, according to different ingredients Different pressures are regulated, and the appropriate cooking time can lock the wonderful taste and nutrition.

The lid transmission is all mechanical buckle device, which solves the hidden safety hazards caused by misunderstanding. The first “horizontal pressure regulating valve” broke the uncoordinated method of vertical exhaust of the current pressure valve. “√” font anti -scalding side ear design does not miss every protection details. Drop -shaped indicator cover the ear, and clearly notify the user to rotate the direction according to the specified position. The exhaust prompt symbol is simple and image, and vividly show the design language.

Colorful low pressure cooker

The pot lid and the pot body are tightly blocked, and a certain air pressure is formed in the pot. It is easy to return to the steam, retain the original flavor of the food, locks nutrients, and make the food faster, simplifying the entire cooking process. When the lid turns to “0”, the slider locks the lid and the pot. When the pressure reaches 1.5 ~ 3KPa, the safety valve rises, and the high air pressure is discharged from the exhaust valve. When the lid turns to “1”, the slider is opened, and the internal gas pressure in the pot can be opened from the exhaust valve to open the lid. The “√” font -shaped side ear design protects the hand that is not easy to scal the hands when the moving pot body.

The opening and closing structure of the pot lid complements the lid ears, and the rotating lid can touch the unlocking structure and one step in place. It can operate with one hand, simple and convenient. The design is simple and stylish, and the new popular color matching makes the product more eye -catching. The main production materials of the main body of the pot are aluminum alloy and electric wood. The material is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Invisible camouflage

Fujian Shangfei Main Clothing Co., Ltd.

This is a ultra -light skin jacket. It uses the latest UV fabric. As long as you walk under the sun, the pattern on the surface will slowly highlight. The stronger the ultraviolet rays, the higher the lightness display of the pattern. It becomes a camouflage suit, which is to remind the wearers to sun protection in time to prevent skin sunburn. This is also a fashionable clothing.

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

After absorbing enough light during the day, the luminous zipper in front of it will be highlighted, emitting a green light source. At the same time, the color is attached to the colorful reflective stickers. As long as the shooting light source is illuminated, the colorful color can appear. Make the wearer more cool and safer to travel at night.

The zipper pocket on the chest is convenient to place close items. The cuffs are half loosening and tightened, comfortable to wear, and fit the body. This is a cool, super -fashionable outdoor jacket.

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

High -pressure cleaning machine YLQ6691G

Shanghai Yili Electric Co., Ltd.

Modern life emphasizes efficiency and convenience. Simple and light cleaning machines can replace large -scale machinery and equipment. This high -pressure cleaning machine is suitable for a variety of usage scenarios. Car washing, community roads, walls, etc. can be easily controlled. Easy to install, three -axis plunger pump, automatic guns and stopping system, built -in motor temperature protection, spray gun adjustment, functional storage rolled tube wheel, built -in cleaning pot and equipped with liquid regulating knob. The function is complete. It is definitely a practical. High -pressure cleaning machine with strong sex.

Audio umbrella

Zhejiang Nengfu Tourism Products Co., Ltd.

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Solar Bluetooth audio umbrella is an outdoor garden parasol with entertainment function with its own audio and LED lamp beads. The diameter is 2.7 meters, and 8 umbrella bones are equipped with 3 lamps each each. The position of the shaking hand is integrated control, the built -in lithium battery, the top of the umbrella has a solar receiver board, and the USB interface can be directly input to the power supply. These two designs solve the difficulty of electricity consumption. More than an hour. The audio is a Bluetooth device. It can switch the music through smart devices such as smartphones from choosing songs, three -dimensional surrounding, wide sound field, enjoying outdoor, and enjoying the dynamic range; the umbrella with 180 degrees shakes its head, which can adjust the shading direction.

Metal pen

Ningbo Zhaoshengwen has a limited company

Magnetic pen hat is the highlight of this pen. It can save many unnecessary structures. The entire pen has exquisite shapes. It is an ideal writing tool. It can also be used to play and make office life interesting.

The writing experience is very good, exquisite and easy to carry. At the same time, it also has exquisite packaging and is a very distinctive gift option.

No wooden graphite pencil

Shangzhi City Pearl Pen Co., Ltd.

This pencil uses high -quality graphite core raw materials, which is easy to color, smooth feel, and easy to curl. The lines written are thick and thick, good in color, easy to apply in large area, dark color and not easy to drop dandruff. The use time of 1 woodless pen is equivalent to the use time of 3 ordinary wooden rod pencils.

Woodless all -lead, environmentally friendly and durable. The unique integrated molding process highlights the high -end appearance.

No charcoal brush

Using high -quality charcoal core ingredients, it is easy to color and feels smooth. Suitable for astringent lines, strong lines of strength, and can also wipe different texture effects. The brush color is dark and thick, the thickness changes rich, the black and white gray shock is strong, and the picture effect is good. Therefore, it is a more professional sketch, painting, and sketching charcoal painting pencil.

Woodless all -lead, environmentally friendly and durable. The unique integrated molding process highlights the high -end appearance. The use time of 1 woodless pen is equivalent to the use time of 3 ordinary wooden rod pencils.

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

“Water” series DC tower fan

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd.

The product adopts the industry’s original exclusive wind wheel design -the rear network and wind wheel can be removed and clean, the air is clean and comfortable; the 360 ​​-degree extensive wings without dead corners, which effectively solves the problem of universal angle of the fan’s air supply. The chassis makes the whole machine more stable when rotating. The air inlet increases the design, which enhances the air volume to reduce the noise.

The product adopts the design element of “water” to express the cool mood that the fan can bring in the hot summer fan; the X68 reflects the visual effects of the suspension through the design of the body design, the design of the water wave pattern and its connection at night, bringing users cool as cool as water as water as water. The feeling is more user -friendly. The whole machine adopts simple design techniques. The shape is complete and simple, and it shows a low -key quality.

Nali fashion chair

Xingwei International Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

How to spend one afternoon quietly? This chair is the best choice to accompany you. The designer designed by the back of the human back of the back is beautiful and comfortable. The cushion can be folded to save space and convenient for storage. The beautiful arc on the back combines the side Y -shaped leg legs, making the entire chair look both stylish and high -end. If you find this chair with a high -end restaurant, please don’t hesitate, go in!

Scraping Portbars Earth

Shaanxi Dongkang Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Similar to Cork Globe, it is also exquisite and interactive routes. The product uses fine printing high -elastic paper to stress the reasonable splicing structure; the surface is printed on the surface, and the coating uses high -quality ink. Users can simply and quickly stitch them into a glitter of the twenty -noodle body. They are scraped off the coating with the attached scraper, exposing the exquisite printing of the bottom diagram, and a stitching base to become a perfect globe.

Anti -throwing small secretary (smart backpack)

Rookie Group Co., Ltd.

The fashionable suit texture is perfectly combined with the custom aluminum handle.包上有标识,它会像您的贴身小秘书一样提醒您,出门时哪些必带物品别忘记带了,包括以下东西:水壶、雨伞、钥匙、手机、冲电宝、文件、冲电器、电脑, PAD, wallet. Let your life order orderly.

Internal green lining, rationalized functional segmentation.

Built -in security defense chips, making backpacks and mobile phones more secure. The latest laser technology, customized handle signature customization, you can engrave the text content you want.

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Super Hyun Pu jacket

This is an outdoor sports trench coat. It uses the currently most advanced fabric (PU fitting mesh). PU film is used in person. The main function of this fabric has excellent abrasion resistance and good flexibility, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance, especially high resistance. Tearness, good elasticity, has the advantages of oil resistance, oxygen resistance, radiation resistance, and electrical insulation.

The whole clothes style uses a hair dryer with high waterproof function. The beautiful and cool blowing color makes the whole whole fashion more fashionable. Plus a zipper pocket on the front, elastic cuffs, comfortable wear, fit the wrist, and at the same time have a hem adjustment. To prevent the invasion of cold and rainwater, the inner network cloth is fitted. In addition to adding a sense of fashion, it can also quickly lock the temperature and release the temperature.

When pulling the placket chain, you can lock the 3D airflow in time to save the temperature in the body. When the zipper is turned on, you can quickly discharge the heat in the body and adjust the temperature of the body in time. This exhibit is suitable for outdoor morning running and water sports.

Fire stove -type skirting heater

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Ningbo Dongyu Electric Co., Ltd.

The product uses the ultra -thin aluminum sheet heating body, which increases the heat efficiency and refine the overall size. On the basis of conventional skirting lines, the flame effect with crystal stones (the flame brightness 5 gear can be adjusted), and the warmth of the user is more obvious. In the case of not using heating, the product can also give full play to the decorative effect.

Disassembly full -tempered glass coverage design, all -aluminum body, built -in crystal stones can be replaced freely. Exhaust the top of the wind, pure convection, no fan, no noise design. Electronic touch screen, with remote control, easy to operate.

Handheld electric iron

广交会CF奖 | 隐藏宝藏大揭秘!

Foshan Shunde District Shengxi Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The dual heating system provides strong and smooth steam, 90 ° vertical ironing and 180 ° horizontal ironing. Can rotate the handle design, the handle power indicator and 2 steam adjustment.

90ml visible water tank and full water are visible. Non -slip handle, groove fine lines, beautiful non -slip.

6 -hole conductors are uniformly ironed, thickened aluminum alloy metal hot plate, surface nano ceramic glaze smooth clothing coating, wear resistance and anti -scratch, not hook silk, panel anti -drip technology.

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