The design of the shoe display cabinet can effectively increase sales

Today, let’s talk about how the shoe cabinet design can increase the sales of stores. For clothes, the size of the shoes is very small. If it is not closer, it is difficult to see the style, and it is more difficult to attract people’s attention. In order to attract customers’ attention, fashionable personality shoe display cabinets are particularly important. How to design the shoe display cabinet into fashion and sexy?

Shoe display rack


1. What can’t be sloppy in the shoe shop decoration? That is of course light! The performance of the store shoes and the display of no lights are really different. For example, some high -end women’s shoes displayed by some single pieces must be settled with a spotlight. Essence The color of the lights should also be appropriately applied. For me who has opened the store, telling you that this is really important. Blue light gives people a cold, indifferent, and psychedelic feeling, so sell sandals and slippers in hot summer, blue light Very suitable, the yellow light feels warm, so it is most suitable to sell cotton shoes in cold winter.

2. The color of the shoe display cabinet must be harmonious with the decoration of the shop. This is a decisive role in the style and visual effect of a shop. To make the color of the display cabinet and the decoration color of the shop integrate, let people see the main color of your shoe store store at a glance. Before the shoe store decoration begins, let the display cabinet factory design the shoe store display cabinet renderings. However, it is not recommended to be completely consistent with the color of the shoes and the decoration, which will make the shoe store display cabinet store appear boring and old -fashioned. Some of them should echo and follow the overall changes to increase the visual effect.

3. The style of the shoe display cabinet should be novel. Before the decoration, it is best to find a professional display cabinet to make a manufacturer to design the renderings. A good design is the soul of a store, which can greatly increase the rate of entry. For the design of the showcase design, you can consult the Hongcheng showcase in Anhui. Both service attitude and design are very professional. Their factory has always been unique to the research and development of clothing, cosmetics, shoes, leather goods and brand image. It pays great attention to the creation of the atmosphere of the store. The design trend and the establishment of the brand image design display cabinet.