Soft shell rankings, those styles worth starting and purchasing channels

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Falling in love with outdoor is to fall in love with the feeling of being happy when climbing the mountain, and falling in love with the feeling of being close to nature. Falling in love with outdoor equipment is because of their peerless appearance. I still remember the feeling of seeing the bird’s black jacket for the first time, so handsome.


I didn’t hold back the Zeta LT who bought the bird. It was handsome to wear, pretending to be an artifact, and once attracted a stewardess. Hahaha, it took 2398 yuan. But I am also the least clothes I wear. Although it is thin, it is still a bit of a sound, and it is a bit obtrusive to wear every day. It is too outdoor. It feels good and wastes. In contrast, the MARMOT ROM hats are wearing the most, although the face value is almost. Buying outdoor clothes, in addition to dried pants soft shell pants, soft shells are definitely the most practical, and daily wear is also suitable. The sweater can be replaced, and the normal brand of down jackets can also be closed. After all, there are not many people who can go to the harsh environment in the wild. Really, it is definitely not enough. Essence Once there was an experience of climbing the mountain in the heavy rain, I told the other party on the phone that it would fall down the rain. As a result, the other party did not hear it, and it was going to go. At that moment, I was really worried that I would be split to death by thunder. The landscape was very large, and he fell countless times, afraid of encountering mudslides. That process. Don’t want to go through, play outdoors, look at the weather forecast, don’t be too superstitious.


I recommend a few soft shells for everyone. Considering the scope of applications, we are mainly caps.

MAMMUT men’s Ultimate V Light SO hooded jacket 1088.82 yuan

First place: Mammut Ultimate


The reason why it ranks first is because its face value and workmanship design is excellent.

I have seen the physical object in the physical store, and the workmanship does not lose the bird, or even it is still there. The version is good. It uses Windstopper fabric, with underarms zipper, and it is very practical when sweating for large exercise. Although my Epsilon LT is a thin soft shell, I still feel that thermal insulation is too good, and it is uncomfortable for a long time, so the bird is second.

[New autumn] Mammut/Mengxiang Male GORE outdoor windproof waterproof and breathable soft shell jacket

Local tyrants can choose the flagship store, with full code, don’t have to wait for waiting.

Mammut Menxiang Men’s Ultimate hooded jacket 1296.68 yuan

At present, when buying Mammut’s soft shell, Amazon’s overseas purchase is still the most cost -effective. It is often good. Foreign outdoor special priced websites REI and other special offers are rarely encountered.

Ultimate is also divided into a lot, and the version can be selected more

MAMMUT men’s Ultimate V Tour, a hooded jacket like 724.14 yuan

Mammut Menxiang Men’s classic windproof, waterproof, high-breathable slim-fitting soft shell jacket 1011-000611034.95 yuan

Mammut men’s Ultimate V soft shell jacket 899.72 yuan

Mammut also has other soft shell styles, but it is not recommended. The price of the Ultimate special price is not much different from other styles. It is not as good as Ultimate.



This is a soft shell this year. It uses its own Fortius 2.0 fabric -53%polyester fiber, 27%nylon, and 20%spandex. The version is good, and the breathability is said to be good. Those who like birds can start. The comprehensive price is still more affordable for Amazon’s overseas purchase. It is much more convenient than Haitao.


ARCTERYX Amazing Bird Men’s Gamma MX hooded soft shell jacket

The other soft shells of the Bird’s house are also very good. When I go out, I do n’t like the breathability. The version and workmanship are very good.

Third place: Pan Mountain Mouse Vanadis Jacket


Klattermusen climbing mouse Vanadis Jacket men

Taobao selection



Small, fashionable, thinner fabrics, and people are wearing in summer. At present, this shop in Taobao is the cheapest in genuine, and Haitao is not easy to find.

Combat and fit, the skin feels light, and the fabric 4 stretchs, giving you the greatest activity freedom and the bottom hem can be adjusted, tightening when needed. It is an ideal partner on the journey. It is moisturizing and waterproof, dry and fast. Made of Light Windstretch ™, it can protect you from the wind. The material is certified by Bluesign® and does not contain carbon fluoride.


By the way, the secret silver locks of the climbing mouse

Klattermusen Mithril Kevlar2.0 Pan Mountain Rat Classic Kaifra Mysterious Holding Soft Shell 2799 yuan Taobao selection to buy


At one time, I was obsessed with the wear -resistant and durable of this dress, but I saw someone falling at a motorcycle and scrapped it, and she was detoxified instantly.


Fourth place: match stick soft shell


After buying a few pieces of matching sticks, it has a good home, a fan, a good workmanship. It is good and bad when it is installed, and it is easy to play abnormalities. Amazon has a special price of 562. It is mainly used in its own fabrics, and the style cannot be divided into high or low.

(Haglofs) Draken Hood Men924.92 yuan


Fifth place: patagonia soft shell

Stick sticks are more than the top point than Bata. I think it has a high value. There is one piece of Batta’s soft shell pants, and the version of the workmanship is very good. I believe Bata’s soft shell clothes are also good. Personally prefer Bata’s hats. Amazon’s Z spike is still the best way.

Sixth place: Marmot ROM, M1, M2

ROM is in front of it because of the price and because of the good wearing experience. Even if there is no zipper, the fast -drying clothes in sweating when the amount of exercise is large, and the breathability is great. The windproof is guaranteed by Windstopper. The disadvantage is that it is not handsome enough. The price of Taobao flagship store is the lowest price of 1599, or Amazon is better.

Marmot Turkey ROM men’s soft shell jacket

Seventh place: BLACK DIAMOND Dawn Patrol soft shell jacket P1SD

This one was bought 599 when I was killed in Z.

Black Diamond dawn Patrol P1SD men’s windproof soft shell

Eighth place: Outdoor Research soft shell

The evaluation is very good, but there are too many soft shells, so I did n’t start at this special offer. I bought a piece of beach pants before. I believe that its soft shell is not bad.

Outdoor Research men Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

Ninth place: full waterproof soft shell, Marmot Zion, Marmot Nabu, Rab myriad

The waterproof soft shell uses Neoshell fabric, which is pressed. It is equivalent to the waterproof ability of the hard shell, and also takes into account the soft and wear -resistant of the soft shell, but at the same time, the glue is also facing the same life problem as the hard shell. If you like it, you can buy it to experience it. The following is a shopping experience of a worthy friend.

These styles are basically a niche.

Haitao MARMOT Turkey M1 Zion Jacket Top Soft Shell

Tenth place: mountain hardwear soft shell.

The quality of the product is very good. The previous hatless skin was wearing it for ten years.

Mountain Hardwear Mountain Super Chockstone men’s soft shell jacket

Eleventh: The North Face soft shell


It is a bit unknown in the soft shell industry. I have bought a hard shell to feel the quality workmanship before. It is very real in the domestic price. If you like it, you can buy it. I believe it will not disappoint you. The price of Tmall flagship store is suitable, and Amazon’s price is still advantageous.

The North Face north 3rg1-18FW men’s fleece soft shell jacket

Twelfth place: TAD soft shell

It is said that Wu Yanzu’s second soft shell wearing in the movie is his family. He is more handsome than the elephant, and he does not know how it operates at home. It feels a bit of disappearing on the Internet. The price is high, and the channels are scarce, which is a bit hero.


The thirteenth: Montbell soft shell

Japanese brands have good workmanship and have bought it.

Japan’s official website can mail directly to China.

MONT-BLL POWDER SHED PARKER soft shell official website direct mail

Fourteenth: Kaile Stone Soft Shell

In recent years, its products have performed well. The combination of soft shell and fleece is also a highlight. I hope to continue to work hard to create a soft shell comparable to the front -line brand.

Kaile stone outdoor sports soft shell coat men’s mid -winter hooded soft shell top 479 yuan




When the above styles are special, I like to start decisively. I do n’t regret it. It is also suitable for daily wear.