Do not blow or black, the Japanese cloakroom is indeed worth learning, and the practicality of the cabinet without the door without the door is not discounted.

Do not think that the cloakroom is optional. If the area of ​​the family is not very small, it is recommended that everyone should leave one. Wear is especially important for our daily life. The existence of the cloakroom has made a simple difference in these many and complicated clothes, especially the details of the Japanese in this area. It looks not big but more comfortable, and it is much used.


⓵ Step -in cloakroom

Japan’s step -type cloakroom is also called a mortar cloakroom. Many Japanese partners will design it at the position of the porch, which is really practical than the porch cabinet. In addition to being used as a place where you can see it at first glance, you also have to work hard in appearance, so that your mood will become much better.


The Japanese are not the same as us in this cloakroom. They will not make a lot of money. The depth of the cloakroom is basically 90cm. In addition to putting clothes, there is no problem to put the large suitcase or debris inside. It is no problem to install the sliding door or the folding door. Not only does it save a lot of space, but it can also maintain the clean and clean space.


⓶The aisle cloakroom

If the area of ​​the home is not very large, you can choose to install a tube or partition on both sides of the aisle, so that you can hang your clothes on the clothes rod, so that it becomes a relatively simple cloakroom. Although it looks relatively simple, it is greatly increased in terms of house collection.


Division in the district

One of the main reasons for making a cloakroom at home is to make the clothes of their duns look more organized. The space in the cloakroom is indispensable, and the Japanese do very detailed in this regard.


The top space at the top of the cabinet is used to store clothes or clothes that do not wear much. The middle place is mainly the clothes area, which is used to hang clothes with high frequency, so it is more convenient to get. The bottom is used to store the box, and there are some personal clothes, so that the whole space looks particularly refreshing and clean, it is very fast to find things.

☛ Design details


嵌 The inside of the cabinet is embedded in the lamp belt

There are generally no windows in the cloakroom. If the cloakroom at home is big and deep, it will be dark when entering. If the light belt is embedded inside the cabinet, you can avoid the problem of insufficient light, so that the speed will be faster when looking for clothes.


⓶ drawer -style pull basket

Compared with the drawer, the permeability of pulling baskets is stronger, the clothes will not be stuffed, and it is not like the independent pull baskets must be used to find it. Using the sliding rail on the basket, you can get items. More convenient.

⓷This can be retractable


With this hanger can determine the position of the hanger according to the length of the clothes, it has high flexibility, and it is also very cheap in terms of price, so the entire cost performance is very high.