Shirts can also wear patterns. This “Henry collar” is fashionable and fashionable, so that the shape bid farewell to passers -by

Shirts occupy a pivotal position in men’s matching. Although this item does not pick people, they can find a shirt matching that suits you in both age and figure, but many times they are worn together and it is difficult to wear new ideas.

In fact, the shirt can also wear new tricks. Usually, everyone will work hard on the version. In fact, changes in small details can also change the overall effect. Henry collar is a pretty good choice. It can quickly let you say goodbye to goodbye Passers -by, becoming fashionable and handsome!


Although the name “Henry collar” is really unfamiliar to most people, I believe that you have seen this design in daily life. Henry collar is simpler than the shirt. The split design, and a sharp collar has become a round neck without aggressiveness.


Therefore, compared to the turning collar of conventional shirts, Henry’s shirt is more fresh, which will add more literary art to the whole person. Of course, Henry’s leadership can not only shape a style. In addition to the fresh style of literature and art, domineering tough guys, elegant gentleman style, etc. can be shaped by Henry.


1. Select collar design


Although Henry collar has a unified characteristics, it also has its own Qiuqiu, and the small details of the collar also have no small impact on the overall matching. Different body characteristics and styles should choose the design of different collars.


① Xiaoli collar design

The design with a small stand -up collar will look more energetic, and the long split design brings a visual extension. However, this version has requirements for the body. Men with long necks and bloated figures can even wear this design to handsome and capable. The upper body of the short neck will inevitably appear uncomfortable.


If you add a button on the basis of the stand -up collar, the cut -off design will be more elegant at the same time. Of course, the existence of the buttons can also add a little layered sense to the overall solid color matching, avoiding the dull design of the small neckline design And monotonous.


② Without the collar design

Compared with the small collar design, the style of the unable to make a seat is more comfortable and simple. Usually, the buttons unlocked by the neckline are usually used to form a V -neck, which forms a visual extension for the neck, and at the same time, it is not old.

③ Classic lapels


Of course, you can also retain the lapel design, but the difference between the upper body effect and the ordinary shirt is not very large, but the dressing method is more simplified.

2. Material selection

The material is the second largest element of selecting Henry’s shirt. The material of the different body characteristics is also different. It is necessary to carefully choose according to the figure to the greatest extent to highlight the charm.

For example, it is suitable for the vast majority of people with hard sense, because this tough line will not fit too much fit, and there is no too much requirements for the figure. Instead, it also has a strong tolerance. The effect of tall body.


The folding material will be more thin visually, which is more grounded than meticulous ironing fabrics, and the requirements for body figure are not high.

However, the thinner and slightly light visual material has greater requirements for the body, because light and light often coexist with the fit curve, it will not be particularly advanced but “wild”, full of wandering, can perfectly highlight the shoulder and neck and chest muscles. Good choice.

Without superior muscle lines and thinner figures, you may wish to try the material with a sense of drooping, with the silky fabric to give people a sense of youth, literature and age reduction.

Third, color, texture design and matching

Like conventional shirts, when choosing Henry’s shirt, you must also pay attention to the choice of color matching or texture. The matching rule is universal in the shirt industry, and you can easily wear fashion.


Needless to say, the most common solid color. Pure color shirt is an eternal classic. It is no exception in the collar of Henry. Among them, pure white is the least picky person. Good effect.

① Add texture design to make the matching more abundant


Compared with solid colors, the vertical stripes can bring visual vertical extension, and at the same time more layered, which will make the overall matching a lot, and the presence of the pattern is often weaker, and it will not be shaped to the overall sense of the overall sense.


In addition, the dark grid design is not abnormal. Usually the extremely delicate dark grid manifests the granularity to the color matching, so that it has an overall sense and not empty.

② General matching of shirts

When it comes to matching, the matching rules of the shirt can be universal. The use of stacking methods can not only add levels, but also look elegant and temperament. It is more neat in conjunction with loose cigarette pipe pants.


In daily matching, the shirt is often not paired with open -version pants, usually with cone pants to form a sense of width and narrow vision. This inverted triangle visual effect makes the figure more burly and powerful. It will lose capable, decent and fashionable!

If you want to bid farewell to the flat shirt, choose the Henry collar that suits you, you can also lead a wave of fashion and say goodbye to the temperament of “passers -by”.

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