Performance online, face value: 3 pairs of high cost -effective autumn and winter running shoes, exercise and leisure with both

The weather is colder every day, but many friends take advantage of this time to start exercising their physical fitness.


Most friends choose to run in the indoor environment, but some friends choose to run outdoors. At this time, running outdoors, in addition to sufficient clothing, also requires enough courage.

It’s winter, and the running shoes worn in summer are no longer suitable. Lao Wei today introduced 3 pairs of running shoes suitable for winter running. Each one is a cost -effective choice.

The first double: 361 ° wind screen (expected to start 300)


Comprehensive score: ★★★★

Applicable crowd: daily jogging

Old Wei Comment: Shoes are named, which is a pair of running shoes for 361 °.

Because of the low temperature in winter, under the same wind, human feelings will be colder.


The upper of the wind screen is mainly composed of windproof cloth. The official does not give specific fabric information, but from the actual experience, the upper of the wind screen can indeed effectively reduce the heat loss caused by air to flow.

The midsole uses a light quality Qu! KFOAM LITE material, which has a softness of 45 °, and the rebound elasticity is better than the conventional EVA -by the way, in the same price, the 361 ° insole is the material of the insole is the material of the insole. It’s really enough, and the quality is very good. Whether it is frictional or foot, it is much better than the “paper paste” insoles used in a certain international brand.

Second double: Pytite Extreme 3.0 Water Shield (expected to start 400)

Applicable crowd: daily jogging; non -flat feet, non -turning

Old Wei comment: After wearing these shoes, I couldn’t help crying in Lao Wei -Cangtian, Pyk finally made a pair of running shoes that can be called running shoes! Intersection

Before that, Adidas was a BOOST defeat and Boost. This is the same as a Peak.


The attitude itself is too soft, and there is no support design for running shoes. The composite midsole route has no particularly outstanding performance, so that it can only be used on casual shoes all year round.

But the water shields can really be called running shoes. Terminal 10 kilometers, no matter whether it is the midsole or the shoe body, it does not pull. The middle of the midsole is adjusted, which not only reduces the weight, but also has a harder overall. There is no longer a sense of soft and soft disclosure, which is more suitable for exercise.

The upper is worthy of praise, waterproof and windproof, and moderate thickness. It is the winter running shoes worn by Lao Wei during this time. The practical and practicality takes into account the most comprehensive pair, and it is not too much praise.

Third Double: Li Ningyun 5th Generation SHIELD Edition (expected to start 300)

Comprehensive score: ★★★ ☆

Applicable crowd: casual running; veterans who want to run to play


Old Wei comment: If it is just a winter leisure, or purely wanting to buy a pair of warm running shoes, but if there are not so many budgets, Li Ning has a good cost -effective.


The upper is a multi -material stitching upper consisting of three materials of textile+TPU+leather, and waterproof treatment -Generally speaking, waterproof treatment of the upper. Not bad.


The midsole uses Li Ningyun and IP materials, which can also be regarded as a mixed midsole. The attenuation performance will be much better than the single medium bottom of the same level.

This pair of shoes is best used for commuting or leisure jogging. I don’t recommend you to wear it as a “equipment” for novices. Because these shoes have no support at the arch, the veterans are full of experience, and there must be no problem to wear it, but novices may not be.


Well, the above 3 pairs are the three winter running shoes introduced by Lao Wei.

But there is a word, it is better to stay at home or gym when it is particularly cold. Anyway, safety first.

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Comprehensive score: ★★★★