Cage dogs seems quite cruel, but there are many advantages, the key is the choice of cages.

If you say that you will start to raise your dog immediately. When you prepare for your work, you will definitely buy the various daily necessities needed, and the dog cage is definitely one of the list.

Some people may feel that the dog is relatively cruel, limiting the freedom of the dog as if they are in the arm, in fact, the benefits of the dogs are still a lot, such as a certain sense of security for the dog, especially the puppies that just arrived home.

Cage dogs is also dangerous to avoid dogs,

After all, there is a certain risk in the water source of power in the home. The most important thing is that the dog will be more trained to train the dog, but also keep your home hygiene.


But how much is it, how can the dog’s cage be selected? Is it a better cage? Many shovel felt that the dog’s dog was very flexible in the cage, and he prepared a very broad cage. In fact, it is not the most suitable.


Don’t buy expensive buy

★ Size according to the height of the dog

It has also mentioned that the cage will give the dog’s safety, and the key is also the size of the cage. The dog’s ancestors is a category animal. In our opinion, it seems that there is a bit of compression, but it will give them enough security, but it is too spacious but no way to meet.

So when we got a cage to the dog,

Need to meet two standards

First, let the dog have easy to complete the standing, sitting, sitting, and turned into this series of actions in the cage, so it is not a grievous dog, so the cage can neither be too large, and it is absolutely unable to be too narrow. Crowd.


The dog’s cage is equivalent to their bedrooms, and our human bedroom is not suitable for too much, because the popular bedroom is more healthy from the perspective of Feng Shui. The dog cage is also the truth. After the cage is big, the dog will also go to sleep and eat two regions of the cage, and develop bad habits that are excreted in the cage.

So when buying a cage, you can choose the size of the right cage according to the dog’s height. Some people may have doubts. When the dog has been in the long body, do you have to change a few cages? ? In fact, there is a cage that can be free to disassemble, eliminating the troubles to replace the cage.

★ Different styles are also different


The style of the dog cage is not much less than a few, common is iron, there are two kinds of disashable and non-detachable, which is still more striking, and the disadvantage is to avoid rust and more inconvenient to carry.

There is also an air box, the air box as a dog cage is more convenient to carry, if you want to bring a dog out or convenient.

Moreover, the air box belongs to a semi-closed cage that is more secure for those who are small dogs.

How to make dogs to be cage?

First of all, let the dog know that the cage is just a place to sleep, not a punishment, you can arrange a comfortable in the cage, and put some dog like toys.

Linking a wonderful thing with the cage will make your dog accept and like it. In addition to toys, you can also arrange the dog’s feeding in the cage. The dog is naturally willing to take the initiative.

Dogs don’t like most of the reasons to be in the cage is to deprive the right to free activities. Although we say that it is good for dogs, it is not said that you have to keep your dog.

It is recommended not to continue the dog in the cage for up to 4 hours.

During the period, you can put the dog out of activities, which can also relieve the dog’s irritating emotions.

The dog is like a child who doesn’t understand, it needs to be guided and educated from small, and the dog who has a good behavior is to live more harmonious and long-term, so I’m shoveling the dog. It is not only to take care of their lives, but also more importantly.


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