Life small common sense [Precautions for the use of electric kettles]

Nowadays, people have electric kettles in their lives. There are good quality. Many of them are added by merchants to promote promotion.

The electric kettle is divided into three grades: high, medium and low, and high -end ones are hundreds of yuan. Most of them are low -end. These low -grade market prices are generally diverse (Nian), and it will be broken if you do n’t understand. Let me tell you a few aspects that need to be paid attention to: First, the irrigation should not be too full, the water level should be lower than the pot mouth of about one inch, otherwise it will be easily overflowed with water and penetrate into the bottom of the pot and the pot, causing the internal rust to damage early.

The second is that water cannot be burned continuously. The power of the electric kettle is generally 1500 to 1800W, so the current is very large. The kettle switches and seats are very small, and there are also contacts such as anti -dried burns inside. Boil a pot of water to produce high temperatures. If continuous boiling water can easily cause these contacts to be damaged with plastic frameworks. Therefore, you must not burn water continuously. Except for high and medium -grade, the low -grade kettle is put on the seat separately from the seat after pouring the water for more than ten minutes.

The third is to pay attention to sitting at the pot and then turn on the switch, that is, the self -parking switch on the handle. Otherwise, the occasion at the bottom of the pot will produce a spark burns, causing early damage.