Dedicated shampooing experience and word of mouth report: 93%of the dandruff praise rate, consumers said that “like woodpeckers, dandruff,”

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How to solve the problem of dandruff?

According to statistics, 140 million Chinese consumers have the problem of refractory dandruff.

The “Latest Chinese Resident Scalp Health Survey Report” released in October 2020 shows that more than 83%of consumers in my country have dandruff problems to varying degrees, and the problem of dandruff has affected consumers’ normal work and life.

In e -commerce comments, many consumers have similar troubles: “Every year, every year, every day, I dare not wear black clothes.” It looks uncomfortable. “” I can’t wait to cover a hat every time I go out. “


What kind of shampoo should consumers with dandruff trouble? Is there anything to pay attention to?

In April 2021, the “Consumer Report” revolved around the rain shampoo of Rainie Woodpecker, a subsidiary of La Fang, with a better word of reputation.


Test product


▲ Rainie Woodpecker Shampoo

Test indicator

Subjective experience, e -commerce reputation

The subjective experience of 20 volunteers: “Dandruff is obviously less”, “

This Yujie Woodpecker shampoo is the main “ded item”. Yu Jie is a professional dedander brand of Lafang. It is specially born for refractory dandruff. It can remove dandruff, oil control, itching. Among them, the dedue zinc complex OCT strong dedandling, the oil control zinc regulates the balance of the scalp water, and the moisturizing zinc soothing itching, which is 50%higher than the dedue effect of using a single dedue agent shampoo, and the dandruff is fast and fierce.


So is the dedue effect really effective?


This journal recruits 20 consumers with dandruff trouble for two weeks of trial evaluation, from texture, odor (scent, fragrance time), soaking degree, dedue effect, oil control effect, itching effect, cleaning effect, cleaning effect In 12 aspects, such as soft effect, degree of luster, degree of refreshing, fluffy, and easy to wash.

▲ Twenty volunteers are used after use

The results showed that volunteers were more satisfied with their dedandering ability, and the score was 7.7 points. Ms. Chen commented: “I often wear black clothes and obviously see less.” Dipping the hair will have hair dandruff, and now it is gone. “Mr. Zhang commented:” There are slight dandruff and itching before using it, but after using it twice, it has improved significantly. “

The dedue effect is significantly improved: 2 weeks of use, from 5.0 points to 8.0 points

In the “ded items”, consumers’ scores gradually increase within 2 weeks, and they can see the subtle improvement. Before use, the dandruff status of the 20 consumers was rated 5 points, but after 12 hours of use, the dandruff scores increased rapidly to 7.5 points. In the following few days of experience, the dandruff status score showed an upward trend.

Two weeks later, the dedue situation was perfect, and the consumer scores were stable to 8 points. It is generally considered to be greatly improved and the dedue effect is obvious.


▲ 2 weeks, the scoring of dandruff improves

Many volunteers are more satisfied with their effects during the testing process. Ms. Liao commented: “After using the first day, the head does not itch, the dandruff is significantly reduced, and the ded items are getting more and more obvious. Dandruff, head oil, and itching have improved. In the second week of use, the dedue effect is getting more and more significant, and the problem of itching bid farewell. “; God, it feels very comfortable after washing, the hair is not so hard, the dandruff can be maintained for a long time. After two weeks, I feel that I will buy this shampoo in the future. “


Other advantages: oil control, itching, easy to push away

In addition to the dedue effect, 20 consumers are

“Smell”, “texture”, “easy to rinse”, “fluffy”

The score is not low, especially in

“Oil control” “Anti -itching”

7.6 points and 7.7 points were scored.

In terms of oil control effect, Mr. Song commented: “Basically maintaining 2 days of head oil is normal.” In terms of itching effect, Mr. Qian believes: “Basically, it will not feel itchy in the next few days.” : “The texture is delicate and the bubble is dense.” Mr. Zhang believes: “Easy to push away”.

▲ Shampoo water quality is delicate

Therefore, this removed shampoo has been unanimously recognized by 20 dandruff trouble volunteers.

Although the 20 volunteers with dandruff are specific, after all, the samples are small. Is there more data?

E -commerce reputation: dandruff praise rate is as high as 93%

“Consumer Report” collects and analyzes the 3829 review data of Tmall,, Suning, Douyin and other e -commerce platforms. Refreshing, soft, fluffy, moisturizing, repair, and easy to rush for a comprehensive evaluation.

Article 3829 comments show that consumers’ high satisfaction is concentrated in

“Fragrance”, “texture”, “ded it”, “clean”, “clean”

In many aspects, the praise rates are 96.55%, 98.44%, 93.33%, 97.96%, 97.1%, and 97.96%, respectively.

Dedication effect: “This shampoo is like a woodpecker, and the dandruff has been eaten”


The praise rate of “dediviring effect” is as high as 93.33%

That is, 93%of all consumers who commented on the word “dandruff” are more satisfied with its “ded item effect”. It is understood that this shampoo is specifically born for dedue. Some consumers are evaluated. After this ded it washed hair, the “dedue effect is very good. satisfy.

The comments are selected as follows:

For the reason, this rainwater shampoo can be removed, controlled, and itching, which is because of the original three zinc targeting purposes. Moisturizing zinc soothing itching is 50%higher than the dedue effect of using a single dedue agent shampoo, and the dandruff is fast and fierce. It is jointly developed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Fragrance from the forest: lasting, good smell

It is understood that “Forest Wood” is a highlight of Yujie Woodpecker Shampoo. It claims to be created in cooperation with the world’s top perfumers. Wait, tail incense has patchouli, caramel, amber, cedar.

Word of mouth evaluation results show that 811 consumers mentioned in the evaluation and mentioned “


“Some e -commerce users commented that” this fragrance is very special, but very fragrant, I like very long -lasting “” The smooth and slippery of the hair “,” The faint wooden flavor, the taste is pretty good “” It’s pretty good, woody fragrance is more moist “” “Fragrance and mild”.

In addition to the dedue effect and fragrance,

The cleaning effect of this shampoo is also impressive, the praise rate is as high as 97.96%

Some consumers mentioned in the comments that “I used this hair to finish my hair, and the scalp is clean.” “Don’t dry the scalp!!!!! You can effectively control the dandruff!” “The scalp is particularly refreshing and comfortable after washing the scalp, the hair is smooth and not capable.”


The remaining projects are no longer repeated, consumers can refer to word -of -mouth scores.

Comprehensive evaluation: Born for dedue

Comprehensive subjective experience and word -of -mouth data, we can draw a comprehensive score of this rainwater shampoo.

The results show,

The comprehensive score of this rainwater washing water was 8.5 points, which is worth recommending

, Especially for the dedue effect, it is worth recommending. Twenty volunteers who have participated in the experience have been raised from 5.0 points to 8.0 points within 2 weeks. The praise rate is as high as 93.3%.

“Consumer Report” suggestion

(1) Mild dandruff is normal. A small amount of dandruff with small pieces is normal. It is a product of normal and healthy scalp and metabolism. You don’t have to worry about it.

(2) Consumers should choose the right dandruff shampoo according to their hair quality.

First, you must understand your hair quality. According to the state of the hair, it can be roughly divided into oily, dry, neutral and mixed. When selecting hair washing products, you can match your hair quality from the product’s composition and efficacy.

For example, oily hair quality, it is recommended to choose neutral to weakly acidic oil -controlling products, which can well clean the scalp and too much oil on the hair to make the long -lasting refreshing oil control. For the oily hair quality of the head oil mixed dandruff, it should also choose to add products with ded items.

There are many reasons for dandruff, mainly fungus dandruff+oil dandruff+dry dandruff. The rain shampoo of the rainy woodpecker of this evaluation can be effectively removed whether it is dry and oily.

[Special Statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality status of the same batch or other models of products.