Gianvito Rossi Plexi turquoise metal leather and transparent organic glass high heels


ICATO ICAT will introduce a high -heeled shoes of the Gianvito Rossi brand. Gianvito Rossi established Gianvito Rossi, a high -heeled shoe brand named after personal name in Milan, Italy in 2006. Its design concept is: “feminine, modern fan, elegant tone”. Show your best state in Gianvito Rossi’s dreamy design. From smooth fluffy to patent leather, from the soft calfskin to the butter -like soft sheepskin, this Italian brand’s works are carefully made of the highest quality materials. Following the footsteps of his father Sergio, Gianvito Rossi has achieved a perfect balance between modern design and traditional crafts. Since its debut in Milan Fashion Week in 2006, Rossi has won the loyal followers of wealthy fashion editors and fashion idols. The impeccable skills and seductive silhouettes define each series, and each item is famous for its comfort and wear resistance.

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋

“Gianvito Rossi’s turquoise metal leather and transparent sequin organic glass high -heeled shoes. Pointed. Pointed. Cashier leather insoles. Made in Italy. Heel height: 11 cm/4.5 inches.”

Heel height -110mm

Upper material -metal calf leather/transparent organic glass

Series -2014 spring and summer

Plexi high heels are one of the iconic new designs of Gianvito, combining elegance and sexy through a transparent side. PVC is heated during the production process to provide breathable comfort that does not leave blisters.

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋

Many celebrities are wearing Gianvito Rossi ‘Plexi’ high heels and use a variety of colors and materials. These celebrities include Selina Gomez, Jiggi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Block, Kenr Jenna, Klis · Tagagen, Sophia Bush, Niki Hilton, Crey Washington and Jennifer Haden.

Like many people, this trend began in a little -known royal member,

Name Meghan Markle

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋

Duke of Sussex is a camel Oscar de La Renta tweezer and a

Ox printed

Black LBD accessories (yes!) Gianvito Rossi Plexi high heels confused royal lovers. You rarely see animal printing on the Duke, but in this case, she made a pattern inspired by Lisa Frank, and transparent plastic looks very elegant.

Just a few months later, this trend penetrated into Markle’s circle of friends and boarded the feet of fashion idol Amal Cuni.

Amal is wearing an emerald green shoulder Oscar de La RENTA cocktail dress with purple jewelry, black Jimmy Choo handbags and black leather Gianvito Rossi Plexi high heels.

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋

Next to the Plexi party? Another close friend of Markle.

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋

Chopra is very

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋

She likes Plexi high -heeled shoes, she has passed through this style more than once, but has passed many times. May 9th, the 36 -year -old

GIANVITO ROSSI PLEXI 绿松石金属皮革和透明有机玻璃高跟鞋


Actresses attended the press conference held in New York City, wearing a white leather version of Plexi high heels.