Winter slim print small foot pencil pants, simple and generous fashionable!

On the basis of pencil pants, add a wide variety of print patterns to make pencil pants in printed reflection to wear fashionable effects.


Leisure print small leggings, quite Chinese charm watercolor patterns, can bring vitality jumping lines in autumn and winter, plus sliders with sliders, let people ignore the fat on the legs, more thin, with stretch fabric , More leg curves, wearing casual and comfortable


Different color bright patterns, let the eyes bright, the effect of the split visual, can make the bare legs “big things, small, small matter”. Light-colored tops echoed by the material, strengthen the integrity of shape

In the cold season, give you a warm warm, a pencil profile design, and the perfect modified leg shape can look very thin. , Highlight the size of the body.

Personal color square print pencil pants, comfortable middle waist trousers can also fit the waistline, wearing and unconstrained, colorful colored squares on the shadow


Plus velvet thickened skin camouflage pencil pants, high-elastic camouflage fabric, do not be restrained, the door and the backbags of the fell skin, the eye is fashionable, and it can be very good to modify the buttock line, Neiji plus velvet design In the cold winter, keep warm.

Slim printing small pencil pants, medium waist pants fitting into the plug, keep the natural dram on both sides, don’t have a sprinkler of a row. The pattern of three-dimensional rose, inhibits the visual expansion effect of the printing of the printed color, and the wonderful use of cold colors. Looseness is contrasting the slim effect of the pants to form a balance.


Plus velvet high waist small foot print pencil pants, black and white grit, more beautiful, use in pants to add simple symptoms. High-elastic fabrics combined with high waist layouts, you can modify your leg-oriented and lift hips, the back bag decoration of the V-shaped shape, and bring your overall beauty.


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