Is the bedroom iron bed? Which one is better than solid wood bed?

Iron bed is a very common bed in the home market. Many owners also like iron beds, but good sleep quality and bed comfort are inseparable. Is the iron bed?

Iron bed advantages and disadvantages

What are you? Let ’s talk about the problem of bedding materials.

Which beds of different materials are better

1. solid wooden bed

In the process of processing and production of solid wood furniture, compared with those furniture of furniture, the amount of glue is relatively small.

The main disadvantage of solid wooden beds is that it is easy to deform, and it is difficult to maintain. For example, the sunlight cannot be directly illuminated, not too cold and overheated, and the environment that is too dry and humid is not suitable for solid wood beds; if you do not pay attention when using, frequently switch the air conditioner to cause the temperature and humidity to change too much, even qualified solid wood bed products sometimes sometimes There will also be deformed and cracking.

Solid wood bed purchase:


1. Determine whether the solid wood bed is really made of solid wood. Scarring: Optimistic about the location of the scar, and then find the corresponding pattern on the other side. Wood grain: The appearance looks like a pattern, then the position of this pattern changes accordingly, looking at the corresponding pattern on the back. If the corresponding corresponds, it is pure solid wood. Section: The color of the cross section is deeper than the panel, and it can be seen that it is made of a whole piece of wood.

2. Look at the tree species: What kind of tree species are made of solid wood, which directly affects price and quality. From the pine and beef, to the expensive mahogany, the price is dozens of times. Therefore, do not consider tree species because it is solid wood. After all, solid wood like pine wood, except for environmental protection, performance is much worse than the artificial board. [Solid wood furniture material]

3. Determine the origin of solid wooden bed manufacturers: Pay attention to the origin of solid wooden bed wood manufacturers. There is an old saying, “solid wood is not the Yangtze River”, that is, after the solid wood bed produced in the south arrives in the north, it will be prone to cracking and deformation due to the climate affecting the water content. Therefore, when buying, you must see the place of origin clearly.

4. Observe the wood quality and no defects: several major defects of solid wood: cracking, scars, insect eyes, and mold.

5. Look at the connection of various parts of the solid wood bed: Good solid wooden beds are connected by mortise grooves. In places with large local load, screws and protective blocks are also reinforced. If the solid wood bed you see is fixed by the screw method, then the solidity of such solid wooden beds is not high. To judge the solid level of solid wooden bed, you can use shaking solid wood beds to determine its stability.

6. Look at the paint quality on the surface of the solid wood bed: solid wood furniture is afraid of water and fire. Needless to say, there is an old ancient saying about fear of water: dried thousands of years, thousands of years, dry and wet, wet and wet. It is about solid wood fear of water. The surface of the solid wood bed, especially the effective way to prevent tide from invading solid wooden beds. Therefore, you should carefully check whether the solid wooden bed is brushed to the paint.

Second, fabric bed

The colorful fabric beds are surfaced by various beautiful cotton cloth, linen, and velvet cloth. It looks very warm. The stylish and changeable shapes can be matched with various styles. The fabric bed is breathable, closer to natural mildness, better comfort, and can be washed; but many fabric beds use chemical fiber products, which are prone to mites. The bed looks dirty and affects the beauty of the room. If you are a romantic and passionate person, the colorful fabric beds will fit your appetite more.

Fabric bed purchase:

1. Touching fabric: Generally there are hemp and velvet on the market, and those with high knitting density are better.

2. Smell the smell: Carefully smell the fabric and bed frame of the fabric bed. The bed with good workmanship will not have odor. If you have a pungent smell, don’t buy it.

3. Look at the skeleton: Generally, there are only two rows of skeleton in the cloth bed, and there are usually three rows of good ones. The toughness of the poplars of the poplars is better and it is not easy to deform.

4. Check the interface: carefully observe the interface workmanship to see if there is a drop or damage.

5. Watching the bed: You can knock on the side of the bed hard.

Third, board bed

Basic materials are made of artificial boards, and furniture connected by hardware can be used to facilitate disassembly, transportation, and installation. Generally, the styles are relatively simple, without deformation, non -cracked, and moderate prices, and there are many in the market. However, due to the commonly used hardware connection, the plate bed is prone to unconnected connection, which causes loosening bed body and sounds. It is still lacking in environmental protection. For example, some manufacturers produce materials such as particle boards, and the yands are not all included in all inclusive. In the case, it is easy to release formaldehyde that is harmful to the human body, but regularly, it is the brand’s board furniture, all of which have been strictly processed and inspected.

Plate bed purchase:

1. Board quality and environmental protection. Because the board -type wooden bed is made of artificial synthetic wooden boards, it mainly includes three categories: high -density board, medium density plate (medium fiber plate), and particle board. Among them, high -density boards have high hardness, not easy to crack, good moisture, and expensive; medium medium; medium medium The fiber plate is second, the particle plate is soft, the moisture resistance is poor, and the price. The environmental protection of materials is also one of the key links that cannot be ignored. At present, the environmental rating is divided into 6 equivalences from the E0 to E5, which is reduced in turn. The international ring bid is E1 and the domestic ring bid is E2. Generally, as long as the E2 standard is met, it is a qualified product.

2. Pay attention to the paint film on the surface of the bed. Generally, the bed is sprayed to have beautiful colors. The lacquer spraying is an important criterion for testing a bed craft. The beds are mainly sub -light and high -light paint. Yuguang paint feels a bit sandwich and is more abrasion; high -light paint is smooth, without the abrasion resistance of light, but the color is very bright, making people look comfortable and better clean.

3. Pay attention to the ribs. When buying, you can use your hands to test the skeleton to perceive its elasticity, and you can also stand on the two ribs to measure the weight. In addition, the thickness and quantity of the skeleton skeleton should be taken. There are 26 ribs, and there are about 18 to 22 ordinary ones.

4. Pay attention to tailoring and metal mass. Pay attention to the tailoring quality, edge, surface decoration quality, and plate port quality. Metal parts require dexterity, smooth, surface -to -surface electrical processing, and must not have rust, burrs, etc. The accuracy of the piece is higher.

Fourth, iron bed

The iron bed is very classic, and most of the iron tricks are very beautiful; for the bed with iron bed relative to board, the big advantage is that it can greatly reduce the pollution of the indoor environment; It’s easy. However, the iron bed is not suitable for a humid place. If the material of the bed is not too close, the iron bed may have a certain sound, or there may be paint, which will affect the beauty.

Iron bed purchase:

1. Style and color: Iron bed pays more attention to the performance of the shape. The color and lines will be much richer than the beds of other materials. For styles; due to material reasons, the color range of iron beds is relatively small, generally three types of black, bronze and bright colors. Consumers can choose iron bed products coordinated with room color according to their preferences.

2. Materials and processing process: The basic materials of iron beds are divided into two types: casting and forging. The casting materials are bulky and fragile, but the hardness is stronger; Buy the iron bed for forging materials. In addition, the wall thickness of the forging material is the key. The thicker the wall, the better the quality. There are generally two types of paint on iron beds: paint and spray paint. It is recommended that consumers try to buy environmentally friendly and healthy paint beds.

3. Installation: We know that the bed is combined from the three parts of the bedside, the end of the bed, and the bed. Consumers should shake the sample bed that has been installed when buying iron beds, and the strong and fixed bed quality is high.

Five, leather bed

相对于普通的实木床和板式床,皮床的价位相对较高,皮床的床头、床架都由真皮做面的,购买皮床前,要知道如何辨别真皮、假皮,好皮、 Skin. The leather bed is afraid of staining or scratching. Do not use water directly when cleaning. You can use a dry cloth to dip the dedicated leather cleaner gently. If you need to create a noble and elegant bedroom environment, the solemn bed is a good choice.

Skin bed purchase:

1. Before buying beds, you must smell its taste. Any leather bed will be more or less scent. If there is no smell, it must not be leather. It smells a faint smell, which is not pungent. You can naturally subspeges naturally without worry.

2. Determine the quality of the leather bed by observing the color of the leather bed. High -end leather bed brands use imported medium thick leather or color leather. The color purity is high and there is no odor. The skin bed made of inferior cowhide has mixed colors, which can be distinguished by feeling. Good leather bed leather surface is rich and luster, no scar, the texture pattern is delicate, and the hands are pinched and powerful. There is also a point that the size of the head layer is limited. If the merchant of a skin bed said that it is dermis, and there is no seam on both sides of the bed, the merchant can basically be determined that the merchant is lying.

3. Before buying a leather bed, you also need to know a little about small common sense. You need to know how to distinguish the leather, fake skin, good skin, second skin. Most of the leather beds we usually see are orange leather, with high toughness and good durability. The leather can generally be divided into domestic cowhide and imported cowhide, head layer and two -layer leather.

Six, rattan art bed

Tengyi bed has gradually been favored by consumers with its simple, refreshing, strong lightness, not afraid of squeezing, smooth and elasticity. Teng can give people the faint wooden fragrance of physical and mental feelings, and it is easy to remind us of the existence and beauty of nature. However, the rattan bed should not be soaked in water for a long time or baked at high temperature. Strictly stay away from the weapon during use. When moving the furniture, it should be moved to the bottom. Sumped on the upper jump, affected by the season’s transformation, the shortage of the use of the season, and the long time of use may produce a small number of baito parts.

Tengdi bed purchase:

1. Ask the source of Tengdi material. The materials used in rattan furniture are very particular. Most of the vine materials come from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. These rattan textures are hard and the first thickness is consistent. Domestic vine art materials are mainly from Yunnan.

2. Observe the material of rattan art. The quality of the material determines the quality of rattan furniture. The old rattan texture is hard, flexible, and the appearance looks the same. The rough vines are uniform in color without dark spots, full and no cracking, and good pressure. It is full of elasticity. If the surface of the rattan material is wrinkled, it may be processed with the young and tender vine. The strong toughness is low, and it is easy to break and corrode.

3. Surface color, depending on whether the surface has traces of spots and insects. If there are many traces of spots and insects, you must be cautious when you buy it.


4. View the stability of the frame. Grab the edge of the rattan bed with both hands, shake it gently, and feel whether the framework is stable. Wipe it on the surface of the furniture with your palms, and it should be smooth.

Seven, inflatable bed

Covering the area is small and easy to carry; comfortable can realize the close combination of beds with the human body, which is conducive to eliminating fatigue as soon as possible; wide application scope, working, frequent movement, wild camping, swimming, or temporary rest of work can be used. However, the inflatable bed has poor breathability and poor inflatable bed. The inflatable bed is made of PVC material. Its breathability is very poor. Therefore, if no object is padded, the sleeping air bed is more disadvantaged, and it may still be possible. It is easy to get rheumatic. The use of inflatable beds can cause poor development or poor bones during the period of physical growth and development. It is easy to be affected by high temperature, and the inflatable bed is easily affected by high temperature and does not air or soften. In general, the inflatable bed is still okay for young people to sleep in a short time, and children and the elderly should not sleep.

Purchase of inflatable beds:

1. See if the depth of the depression of the two front sides of the inflatable bed is obvious.

2. The thickness of the inflatable bed should be uniform and flat.

3. Try to sleep in person.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of iron bed

1. Advantages

(1) Most of the patterns of iron beds are very beautiful and generous. The randomness makes people feel free and comfortable, making people feel warm and comfortable.

(2) Iron materials make the iron bed very strong and durable and long life.

(3) The smooth and perfect color matching of the iron bed makes it an indoor decoration, and it is also very good with the decoration style.

(4) It is very convenient to disassemble when it is not used. It does not take up space, and it is easy to move.

2. Disadvantages

If the material is not turned off, there may be a certain sound, or there may be paint, and it will affect the beauty. Therefore, when you buy an iron bed, you must choose the upper iron bed of the quality pass.

Which is the best of iron beds and solid wood beds

1. For the bed with high -quality iron beds, the biggest advantage is that it can greatly reduce the pollution of the indoor environment, but the solid wood bed is more breathable.

2. The structure of the iron bed is many samples, which is more noble and elegant, but there is no fresh and natural wooden bed.

3. The main cost of solid wood furniture is the price of solid wood raw materials. The more precious the materials selected, the higher the price of furniture made. The higher the hardness of the wood, the more beautiful the wood grain, the higher the price, and the price of iron bed is cheaper than the solid wooden bed.

4. The solid wood bed is generally thicker and solid, and it is easier to maintain. It is not like an iron bed for a long time. It will be painted or welded. Phenomenon.

5. In addition to some high -end solid wooden beds and mahogany beds, some plate -type wooden beds will have problems such as cracked material, insects, mold and other problems, and this situation will not occur.

Iron bed brand recommendation


Iron Bed Brand NO.1

IKEA IKEA: IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the creation time of 1943 Sweden, the products mainly include seat/sofa series, office supplies, bedroom series, kitchen series, lighting series, textiles, cooking utensils, house storage series, children’s product series series Wait. The product has the characteristics of extensive series, exquisite design, practical, low price and other characteristics.

Iron Bed Brand NO.2

Tiantan Furniture Tiantan: Beijing Jinyu Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd., the creation time is 1956. The products mainly include solid wood, plates, software, metals, mahogany, chairs and other civilian, office furniture, etc. , Fix furniture and other solid wood products, at the same time contract indoor and outdoor decoration business. It is the only state -owned large -scale furniture company in China that is also listed on A+H shares.

Iron Bed Brand NO.3

Jingda bed tools: Hebei Jingda Copper bed factory. In 1979, the product involved mattresses, bedside tables, mosquito nets, student dormitory utensils, classroom desks and chairs, park garden seats, and outdoor leisure and entertainment facilities. It is one of the earliest copper beds and metal bedding manufacturers in China.

Seeing this, I believe that some people will ask, what brand of iron bed is good, and there will be examples here. I believe that everyone will slowly find the brand that suits them in the iron bed.

Iron Bed Brand NO.4

Catking: Beijing Elvis Furniture Co., Ltd., in 1991, Elvis is a furniture company integrating R & D, production and sales. Elvis has a history of 24 years and is headquartered in Beijing.

Iron Bed Brand NO.5

Bony Bony: Hangzhou Kania Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., the creation time was 1997. The product mainly involves the production living room sofa, multi -function sofa bed, art iron bed, etc. It has nearly a hundred specialty stores and dealers. It It is mainly known for its fashionable design and superb craftsmanship.

The above is the explanation of the relevant content of the iron bed. Choosing a suitable bed can ensure your sleep quality. I hope you can have a good home.