Diwray with wireless charging, Bellkin Emrey Elite smart speaker evaluation: Three giants work

As a revolutionary in the field of audio, Divale has a named name in the audio industry, and even the “Ben Ben” of the Royal Royal Albert Concert Hall and the Paris Opera House, but it is undeniable that Divale is still small The darlings of the crowd, until Huawei launched the Sound series, so that Divale completely broke the circle, thus entering the public’s sight.

However, the road of Diwarley has not ended. At the CES 2020 exhibition, the well -known consumer electronic accessories brand Bellkin and Divale jointly developed, integrating Divale’s multi -patented technology to launch a smart speaker+wireless charging 2 The unity product SOUNDFORM ELITE, Divale officially entered the mobile phone accessories circle and the apple circle.


But don’t underestimate the Elite smart speakers of Bellkin Valley. In the design, Bellkin has an apple style, the sound quality God Wayre has technical support, the voice assistant and the audio source library have Tencent Xiaowei, QQ’s powerful music library, and there are also the powerful music library of QQ, and there are also the powerful music library of QQ, and there are also the powerful music library of QQ. The unexpected surprise of Bellkin’s wireless charging. Being able to integrate so many giant technology, Bellkin Elite Elite smart speaker is destined not to be ordinary.


Open the box and sunburn: “Fruit Flavor” is full+wireless design


As the last ring of product design, packaging often determines the design tone and brand tone of the product. The Elite smart speaker of Bell Gold Emperor Valen uses a classic simple style on the packaging. The front is the rendering of the product. The four corners are distributed in the product’s characteristic functions. Bellkin’s own logo, the lower left corner is Apple’s “AirPlay” logo and Tencent Logo in the lower right corner.

The accessories in the packaging are not rich. In addition to the speaker body, there are two paper materials and a power adapter. For the first time, I recommend reading the fast guide to the green cover carefully.


The power adapter is designed, and the color matching is consistent with the speakers, both white. The specific model of the power adapter is DSA-65PFB-19 FCH 190342, the output specifications are 19V/3.42A, and the rated output power is 65W. The length of the power cord is about 1.5m, the wire is thick and elastic, and the daily use is absolutely enough; the end of the power cord is a circular DC connector.

There is a magnetic ring on the DC interface to eliminate external electromagnetic interference and ensure the sound quality of the speaker within the controllable range. The details are full.

The overall design of the Elite smart speakers of Belkin Valer still presents the cylindrical shape of the current mainstream home smart speakers, which is a bit similar to the red wine barrel, and the two ends are small in the middle. There are black and white two -color color in color matching, and personally prefer white.


The side of the speaker is a woven material material with a strong texture, which has both texture and setting the popular home style elements. The work indicator is located below the front panel of the fuselage. The light flickering means that the network is not connected. I have to say that the woven fabric makes the speaker more visually gentle, which greatly weakens the coldness of the technology of digital products and the apple taste is full.


The top design of the top design of the Elite smart speaker in Bellkin Valley is different from all smart speakers on the market. The design language of the straight slope and the round design language on the side are strongly collided. Although the first contact is not weird, it still requires some adaptation to adapt time.


The reason why the straight slope design is naturally to increase Bellkin’s housekeeping function “wireless charging”. The upper part of the slope is a wireless charging board. The standard Apple Qi protocol is 10W fast charging. The mobile phone is stable on the slope and will not wear the phone due to long -term use. The center position of the slope is printed with “Devialet”.

The slope is an arc plane. This is the control panel of the fuselage. From left to right, Bluetooth pairing, volume addition and subtraction, pause/playback, volume plus, microphone switch, and the left and right sides are two microphones, respectively. The radio array, the word “Belkin” is printed under the touch button.

The product specification information is located at the center of the bottom of the fuselage. There are two non -slip pads and a DC power interface on both sides of the bottom. Inserting the DC interface is a complete plane.

There is also a “RESET” button near the DC power interface.

Finally, talk about the size of the measurement, Bellkin Emrey Elite smart speaker is about 16.2cm in diameter, about 16.8cm high, and weighs 1250g. The smaller the physique, the greater the shock to us in the sound quality experience. Judging from the overall design of Bellkin Valley Elite smart speakers, minimalist and coldness is the main design language. The top is specially set up for wireless charging functions. It is the first attempt by the two design languages ​​in the field of smart speakers.

Acoustics architecture & sound quality experience: Divale patented technology+surging low frequency

As a smart speaker jointly created by Unit Valele, we often surprised us in the acoustic architecture. Bellkin Elite Elite smart speakers are no exception. In order to achieve a super bass, a 60W symmetrical low-frequency speaker is built on the left and right. With the Divale “Push-Push” low-frequency speaker structure, while providing a shocking bass effect, it effectively reduces the cavity resonance to ensure wireless wirelessness to ensure wireless wireless The normal use of the charging function realizes the sound pressure of 90DBSPLUS ± 3DB, and the frequency response range is 40-20000Hz.


After the low frequency is guaranteed, the front of the Bellkin Emrey Elite smart speaker is also equipped with a 30W full -frequency speaker to enhance the flood and clarity of mid -high -frequency human sounds, musical instruments. With Emille’s active matching technology (SAM) to make the speakers reproduce High -fidelity Music, it can show clearer and richer music details.

It is because of only one full -frequency speaker that Bellkin Elite Elite smart speakers have obvious direction. When experiencing, we often say that there are “emperor positions”, but considering that smart speakers are often fixed Place the position, in the TV cabinet, in the bedside cabinet …, so it will not be motionless once it is placed, so the directionality is greatly weakened in this scenario.


As a high -end smart speaker, the actual sound quality of Bellkin Emrey Elite smart speakers should be displayed with professional equipment, but I do n’t have such professional devices in my hand. The sound quality itself is a subjective feeling, so I only simply say that I personally personalize the view of Bellkin’s Elite smart speaker. At the same time, if you are interested in Bellkin Elite Elite smart speakers, it is not recommended that you only watch online evaluation. Even video evaluation does not have much reference. (It is best to find a more quieter shop or time period).


I am most interested in the bass part of the Emrey Elite smart speaker in Bellkin. After experiencing a variety of Huawei SOUND speakers, “Drum Poems” has become a must -see track for reviewing the Emperor Valera speaker. However, whenever the drum sounds sounds instantly, the vibration and generosity of drum sounds are shot to you like a huge wave, urging your hearing nerves; The advantages can also be reflected, the sound is scattered, and it is very tight. The drum sounds from rapid to soothing, then from soothing to rapid, transitioning and naturalness, and a whole “Drum Poem” will make you feel like you are in a stage. The sense of space is very strong. Essence At low frequencies, the Elite smart speaker of Bellkin Valera and Huawei Sound X 2021 can be said to be divided into autumn.

The sound quality of the Elite smart speakers of Belkin Valey is not all low -frequency. When listening to classic tracks like “Ferry”, the Elite smart speakers of Bellkin Valeng can restore the sound to a large extent. Pure, high and low frequency effects are obvious, with layering. It retains the transparency and layering of the treble. The treble seems to float in the air, the human voice is extremely delicate, the details are full and elastic. , Not messy. In addition to the credit of Emperor Well, Bellkin’s own audio technology for more than 35 years cannot be ignored. However, if the speaker is placed in an empty living room, if a person keeps walking, the direction of the speaker can still feel some.


Of course, Bellkin Emrey Elite smart speakers can also set up three -dimensional sound to achieve a better listening experience. Unfortunately, there is only one Bellkin Elite smart speaker in my hand. After starting the second one after the second one, I will share the experience of the three -dimensional sound of the group.

Wireless charging: Apple QI protocol 10W fast charging

As a well -known consumer electronic accessories brand, Bellkin is a small famous apple wireless charging accessories in the industry. Not only has Apple’s official certification, but its industrial design is indeed a few streets. But when wireless charging appears on a smart speaker, what kind of scenario can we use it to make me think deeply. Is it just a “forced combination”?

After a period of use, it is found that when the speaker is on the desktop or bedside table, the application scenario of wireless charging at this time becomes very natural. The mobile phone can be placed on the speaker during office. As soon as you put it, you can ensure that you can get up in the morning to be full. In other words, when smart speakers match wireless charging, it often corresponds to the “non -high -speed charging demand” scene, which pays more attention to convenient convenience and ritual sense.


In order to explore the wireless charging efficiency of Bellkin Elite Elite smart speaker, I also did a simple test. The standby power is measured at 3.866W under the standby of the speaker. After putting the iPhone 13 Pro, wait a few seconds to wait for the wireless charging power to stabilize the power of the speaker at this time. 11.344W.

In addition to charging the iPhone, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Supreme Edition on the opponent was tested. After the wireless charging power is stable, the total power of the speaker is 17.63W, and the wireless charging power of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Supreme Edition is 13.764W.


Voice Assistant: Tencent Xiaowei+QQ Music Library

As a smart speaker, it is standard to install an exclusive app on the mobile terminal, but the Elite smart speaker of Bellkin Valenta is going on. You do n’t need to download the independent app. Essence

After binding, use the account to log in, and then you can enjoy Tencent millions of genuine massive music. You can directly control the speakers in WeChat Tencent’s small mini -small program. Of course, in addition to small program control, Bellkin Emrey Elite smart speaker also supports small micro -voice assistants. I have used Tencent’s small text assistant, so I won’t go into details here.


A variety of wireless connection protocols: Bluetooth, WiFi, QPlay and AirPlay

If Bluetooth and WIFI are conventional wireless connection protocols for smart speakers, then the QPLAY and AirPlay wireless connection protocol supported by Bellkin Elite smart speakers are rare.

QPLAY is the wireless protocol of QQ Music. You only need to connect your phone and speakers into the same network to transmit the music wirelessly to the speaker through QPlay in the music playback settings.

AirPlay does not need to introduce too much. Click AirPlay search speaker device to connect in the Apple Music. After the connection is successful, you can directly output the audio played by the mobile phone by the speaker. Bellkin, as the official accessories manufacturer of Apple, is expected to support AirPlay.


Summary: Joint work of Internet giants

Although Soundform Elite is a product of the Bellkin brand, it integrates a number of Internet giants and integrates the advantages of each family to one, which has achieved such a salty and sweet smart speaker product.


In terms of acoustics, you dare to learn and have a strong union, and directly cooperate with the global TOP3 professional audio brand manufacturers to make up for your shortcomings in acoustics and make the sound quality the advantages of the entire speaker rather than shortcomings. Provides a more three -dimensional and immersive music experience.

The wireless charging function is the strengths of Bellkin itself. The trials are tried to add wireless charging to the smart speaker, which enriches the product application, and at the same time makes the speaker’s application scenario richer.