“Coat+Scarf” is the combination of Wang Fried this year. The temperament is elegant and beautiful, which is suitable for winter

In the autumn and winter seasons, many people will care whether the clothing is too bloated and fat, so it is recommended that you choose a coat. Nowadays, there are more and more styles of coats. Various choices such as velvet and cotton -gravity are endlessly produced by the weather changes, which can meet the needs of warmth and fashion. I believe that the sisters who love to watch Japanese dramas and Korean dramas know that coats are the best choice for a sense of atmosphere.

It is still unavoidable to wear a coat, it is better to use a scarf. If you don’t know how to match, you must try the “coat+scarf” this winter king fried match. So, next I will bring you a few small methods of “coat+scarf”. If you are interested, let’s watch it together!

The combination of “coat+scarf” should be taken to avoid which lightning areas?

Thunder Area ①: The color of the coat and scarf is too consistent


We all understand that the combination of “coat+scarf” belongs to

Combination of main single products and auxiliary items

Therefore, if the two want to be coordinated, in the use of color,

Must spend some thoughts


Essence When the color of the coat and scarf is too consistent, the role of the auxiliary items cannot be played-

The scarf with the same color is matched with a coat

, Make a scarf that originally used to add color to the overall shape, it looks like

like water off a duck’s back


, Even seeing

Some burden


Thunder Area ②: The high -necked coat looks messy to match

Speaking of the combination of coats and scarves, we must first clarify the role of the scarf. Except for the consistent



In addition, the combination of the scarf and the coat must be complementary, and

Can’t conflict with each other

Usually we are willing to use a coat to match with a scarf, because of the collar of the coat


The neck and shoulders are relatively empty

The scarf is exactly possible

Fill the blank

Essence so



Takic partial coat or hooded coat

It will make people feel “


“Because these two coats have transitioned, naturally no white.

Thunder Area ③: The scarf style is too exaggerated and not daily

When choosing a coat and scarf, the generous color and the appropriate style of cutting are very important.

You can pursue unique but absolutely not exaggerated

Essence Generally, the style of the coat is relatively conservative, and it is relatively easy to make mistakes. At the same time, the coat

Large area

We are more cautious when choosing.

Therefore, the two must be combined

Pay attention to the style and color of the scarf

It’s right. There was a period of exaggeration for a period of time

Animal woolen scarf

Although it is warm but too conspicuous to wear, it is still


Not recommended

You choose.

“Coat+Scarf” matching demonstration

Demonstration 1. Pure color coat+print scarf

Mentioned above

The style of the coat is limited

Therefore, if you want to match the coat and scarf, you must spend your thoughts on the choice of the scarf. Don’t be too exaggerated and let people notice it.

Printed scarf


It is more suitable. considering

Sense of fashion


Brand logo print scarf

very suitable.

If you think the brand logo printed scarf is a bit exaggerated, and

The cost -effective consideration is not high enough

, Then you can try

Checked scarf

Essence The plaid scarf has a strong one


, Different colors and spacing plaids can bring style changes, while checkered elements are also

Comes with autumn and winter atmosphere

Another one is very popular in the past two years

Colored scarf

More advanced

, Elements on both sides or on one side


Color stitching

It is unique that brings a solid color scarf and a printed scarf. Colored scarf

Suitable to match black coat

It broke the dull and serious black without exaggeration.


Demonstration 2. Harmony with the same color system

The demonstration of the same color system should be too consistent with the lightning area,

Same color

It does not mean the same color, but refers to

Similar color matching

Essence For example: rice white coat with camel scarf, which is also light and warm, will be matched

Very coordinated and comfortable

Essence The biggest advantage of the same color matching is


, Even the items of many layers are matched together

It won’t make people feel messy

All items are just right.

Demonstration 3. Use a bright color scarf to finish the finishing touch


The same color matching is a relatively primary matching method. If you want to use a coat in winter, you can wear a dazzling but not exaggerated.

Learn to use some bright finishing touch

Essence The visual impact of the scarf is just right, so it is most suitable to use it. choose



Waiting for the more versatile but enough color, combined with the classic color coat

Elegant retro

Special match for “coat+scarf”

① The wide scarf can be worn as a shawl

If “coat+scarf” you still

Only the scarf is loosely tied to the neck

, Then you can’t keep up with fashion trends! If a wide scarf is stacked on the neck blindly, it will inevitably be bloated and not beautiful enough. We can put such a “large” scarf

Put on the shoulder and neck

, Not only satisfied with warmth, but also looks

More layered

, Can also generously display the small design of the scarf,

Increase the exquisiteness of the overall shape

② The ultra -high fit with the coat is a “accessory sense” scarf

We are no stranger to the word “accessories”, choose here

Ultra -high -fitting scarf

It is to improve the integration of scarves and coats. picture

Cusk and other positions with special design coats

You can choose to have it when choosing a scarf

The same element or style

Designed. In this way, even if it is not a fixed item, put it together

Very harmonious

Essence The characteristics and scarves of the coat with itself or coat itself

Very consistent

Well, the content of this issue is coming here. I believe you must gain something after watching these wearing skills! If there are other content you want to know, please leave a message below to interact with me!






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