Can eat chocolate chip cup # 2021 parent-child baking group – “Bake” happiness #

Cookies are made into a cup, plus chocolate coating, yoghurt, fruit, afternoon tea, a cup, sour is sweet. Use of Saint-Music Village cereal eggs, nutrition health.


By Wang Yueqiao [Bean Fruit Food Official Certification]


Low-gluten flour 270g


Butter 120g

Egg yolk 1

Sugar 45g


Black chocolate 80g

White chocolate 1 small piece

Soy milk


A little fruit


Practice steps


1, prepare ingredients

2, the sugar powder and butter are glow together, hit the white

3, add egg yolk, continue to play fluffy, white

4, sieve low-gluten flour, mix uniform with silicone

5, finally mixed into a group. At this time, you will start the preheating oven, and the fire is 165 degrees.


6, take a piece, press the cake, press the bottom of the cup, then press around, so that the dough close to the inner wall of the cup mold

7, in turn, put it into the oven, bake 30 points in the upper and down fire, and after the baked, you will be cold and then removed.

8, dark chocolate melting, pour into the cup, shake, make it uniformly stick it on the inner wall of the cup. Place the chocolate in normal temperature.


9, white chocolate and the remaining dark chocolate, put the silk flower bag, sandwater melting, and the flower bag cut a small mouth, painting your favorite pattern or writing in the cup outside. Add yogurt and fruit in the cup, the chocolate cookies are completed ~


The oven temperature is adjusted according to its own oven.

Nutritional effect of low-gluten flour

Yangxin, Yi Kidney, in addition to heat, thirst, indispension of dirty, annoyance, thirst, brickness, swelling, traumatic bleeding and burns.

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!


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