Learn in summer, parents choose three points to pay attention to these three points, the effect will be better

In the preparation of the baby’s walking, a pair of comfortable walking shoes is essential. After all, for babies, only when he feels comfortable, he is willing to go down to learn to walk. It should also be noted that in the summer, the weather is getting hotter. When the parents choose to learn footwear for their babies, the breathability needs to be paid special. So how should I choose to learn shoes in summer, let’s talk about it today.


The first step is to choose the right size.

During the growth of the baby, the foot changed very quickly. In order to make the shoes a longer wear, some parents said that they wanted to buy a big size shoes. Of course, this approach was not affirmed. The shoes are too large, and the baby’s toes are easy to rush forward to rub with the toe to cause damage. It is easy to increase the chance of falling. In order to grasp the soles of the soles, the toes will also be curved.

Therefore, the baby’s shoes must be appropriate. You can measure the length and width of the baby’s foot, and choose the longest and widest distance as the final size of the foot. Generally, when you choose your shoes, you can reserve a distance of 0.5-1 in the real size of the baby, so that the baby will be more comfortable to wear.


The second step is to be breathable.

Small heat in summer, baby’s foot metabolism is faster, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, in addition to choosing breathable fabrics in summer, you can also choose sandals. Like Dr. Jiang’s summer learning shoes is a good choice. It has both ventilation fabric design; the design of sandals is also very cool, as well as anti -collision Baotou design, which gives the baby’s summer safety protection. Moreover, Dr. Jiang learns the high value of the summer series, full of soft and cute and cheerful summer monsoon, and it looks good with any clothes.


In the third step, you must choose to learn shoes as much as possible according to the state of different learning steps.

For babies who have just entered the steps of the schooling period from the climbing period, Dr. Jiang is recommended to learn shoes for a period of time. It is also called a baby -step shoes. The baby’s front shoes have ultra -thin soles, which can simulate the baby’s barefoot and enhance the baby’s foot. Grabbility. If the baby can stand firmly and take a long distance, you must start wearing young children to learn shoes. Dr. Jiang has a curve bend design of the front foot of the front foot of the young children to help the baby starts better and cultivate the correct gait.


For babies who are already able to walk steadily, Dr. Jiang is advised to steadily shoes. Dr. Jiang’s children have three maintenance feet designs steadily. It can reduce the fatigue caused by the baby when walking, and let the baby’s foot develop in a good environment.

As long as parents pay attention to these three points, I believe that they can choose a pair of suitable sneakers to let the baby learn to walk comfortably in summer.