What safety issues should be paid attention to when installing and using drawer shelves that can freely adjust the foot height

Mold shelves are a shelves, referred to as: mold racks. Mainly store various molds, and are divided into light mold shelves and heavy mold shelves according to the requirements of the bearer capacity. The top of the shelves can be equipped with a mobile gourd car to facilitate the hanging of the mold.


Four surface treatment schemes commonly used in mold shelves: paint, plastic, hot -dip galvanized, cold galvanized. Hot -galvanizing is the most effective rust -proof method at present. Of course, the cost is also very high, and it is not accepted by consumers; the most widely used is painted and plastic. So what safety issues should we pay attention to when we use a drawer shelves that can adjust the height of the foot? Let’s follow Dingsi Xiaobian to find out


First, drawer shelves, also known as mold shelves, are mainly used to store various molds; the top can be equipped with a mobile gourd car (hand pull or electric), and the bottom of the drawer is equipped with a roller track. Pull, additional positioning insurance device, reliable; according to the bearing capacity, it can be divided into two types: lightweight and weight. Light operation: Use bearing combination, sliding and translation and independent hanging models, without large driving and forklifts.

Second, the mold rack is reliable: additional positioning device, reliable. Light operation: use the bearing combination, slide smoothly, and an independent hanging mold device. Simple structure: assembled by a variety of components, which is convenient for transportation, installation and disassembly. Save venue: It can store dozens of sets of medium -sized molds for only 1.8 square meters, which can effectively save space and facilitate the maintenance and management of molds.

3. During the installation process, the mold rack must first ensure whether each fastener screw is locked; whether the drawer board insurance screws are all installed;

Fourth, there is a design problem. The insertion method of the mold frame of the drawer board. If you put it from the back, even if you forget the insurance screw, the drawer board will not fall from the front. And if the design is put in front of it, it is dangerous to forget the insurance screw.

5. During the operation, use the shelves according to the manual, don’t take it for granted. In actual operations, there are users who are convenient for the picture and use the gourd to hold the mold. This changes the force of the mold rack, and it is easy to make the mold shelves overwritten due to the unevenness of the force. After cleaning up the mold or moving the mold, the drawer should be returned in place in time.