15 Japanese warming cup kettles recommended to elementary school students! How to choose capacity, cup type, material?

15 Japanese kettle recommended to elementary school students! How to choose the material and drinking mouth?


The opportunity to use the kettle in elementary school students will increase. Not only summer, many children carry kettles a year. If you use high frequency, try to choose as well. Then this time I will introduce the main points and recommended products for elementary school students to choose a kettle.


Choose a kettle suitable for children! Points of the choice method

Different primary school students are different, and the frequency of kettles will be greatly improved. Consider the purpose and age to choose something suitable for children.


“More than 1 liter” or “less quantity can be” or “


Methods based on capacity. Children have more activities than adults and sweat more. Especially when participating in sports activities, or when walking for a long time, a lot of water is needed. Rest assured if you are more than liter.

Of course, children who do not drink water have little capacity. With a large kettle without drinking, it will only become a burden. The amount of balance monitor hopes to drink and the amount that the child can actually drink, find a capacity that is just right.

“Direct drink” or “cup type” or “dual -use”

The beverage mouth is roughly divided into two. The “Drinking type (including a straw)” and the “cup type” that can be drunk directly at the entrance.

If you drink in school, the cup type can also be. However, it would be easier to drink if you drink it on the way to school or during outdoor activities. Please imagine the age and use occasions to choose. It is recommended that both types that can be used.

“Pay attention to mild” or “values ​​conclusions”

Considering what is carried in school, many people will try to choose lightly. In this case, plastic products are recommended. Light and easy to use, even children in low grades can be carried.

However, the preservation and sturdy are better. Considering the age, the occasion of use, the time for handling, etc., choose which one is more important.


“Want to put sports drinks” “I want to heat up”

What functions are also important. If it is a sports child, you can choose a kettle that can be put in a sports drink. If you want to drink warm water, it is recommended to heat the two functions of insulation and cold -keeping. In this case, the same kettle can be used in winter.


Don’t forget to easily wash!


Because it is used every day, it is important to wash it. “Big mouth”, “can be removed from the inner plug”, “can be put into the dishwasher”, etc. It is better to choose. The kettle is not easy to wash. In order to minimize the burden on the guardian, it is best to check these aspects.


According to the type! 15 kettle recommended to elementary school students


The kettle that is very rich now and is difficult to choose. This time, 15 products are introduced in classification. As you consider the points mentioned just now, looking for things suitable for children.


1 liter capacity bucket


Sahara vacuum insulation cup MME-F100 ・ F120 ・ F150/Tiger (Tiger)


The straight -drink type that can be opened as soon as possible. Sports drinks are also OK, and participation in sports activities can also be used. Easy -to -wash can also put in the large mouth of the ice cubes. Because the bottom of the bag is a strong design, you don’t have to worry if you fall off the ground. There are three types of capacity: 1000ml, 1200ml, and 1500ml.

Sports vacuum insulation cup FHT-801F ・ 1001F ・ 1501F/thermos (Restaurant)

The kettle with straight drinking mouth is easy to drink with air holes. Although it is a sports design, it is rich in color and can be used by men and women. You can play sports drinks. The cup has a handle, which is very convenient to drink and handle. The capacity is 800ml, 1000ml, and 1500ml.


Stainless Steel Cold Cold Cup Tuff SD-BD20/Zojirushi


It’s not a band but a handsome kettle design. You can play sports drinks. The drinking mouth is the air bottle structure, and you can drink water in a hot summer or during exercise. The capacity reaches 2060ml! The main body can be washed all over water, and the bolt can be disassembled and cleaned, so it is easy to maintain.

Stainless steel carrying a straight drink bottle DB-1000 ・ 1500/Iris ohyama (Alice Ogamma)

When you touch the type, you can directly drink a kettle. The bottom of the cup and bag is made of impact materials, with zipper guards and sturdy hooks. It seems that in sports, it can show his skills. Because it comes with a spare leather cushion ring, it can be replaced immediately. There are two types of capacity: 1000ml and 1500ml.

Stainless Steel Cold Cold Cup Tuff SD-FX10 ・ SD-FX15/Zojirushi (pictorial)

This is a kettle recommended by the Japan PTA National Agreement (Parent Teacher Association). The drinking mouth is the air mouth structure, which can drink water. You can play sports drinks. Cup and bag can fully absorb the impact and recommend it to lively children. Because the embolism can be disassembled and washed, it is easy to maintain. There are two types of capacity: 1000ml and 1500ml.


Fjbottle 1 liter ・ 750ml/fe Jian

Simple design is a kettle that can be shared with the guardian. There is a hook on the lid to hang on the backpack. There are also special bags. It is compatible with hot and cold drinks, and it can be used in winter. I am very happy. The capacity is 750ml and 1000ml.

Light kettle

Vacuum carrying thermos cup JNL-354 ・ 504 ・ 604 ・ 754/Thermos (Restaurant)

The smallest size is about 170g, which is very light. Because it is small, it is easy to put it in a bag or locker. Not just sports drinks, hot drinks are also OK. There is a ring that can prevent water leakage. The capacity is 350ml, 500ml, 600ml, and 750ml4. The color is also very rich (the capacity can be selected differently according to the different color)


Direct drinking plastic kettle 480ml PSB5SANAG/Skater (Skater)

Plastic, very light and easy to carry. Because direct drinking type is easy to drink, it is recommended to low -grade children. The design centered on animation characters is also rich. You can use the dishwasher to clean. The capacity is 480ml.


Takeya FLSK GOCUP/Takeya (takeya)


Although this kettle is simple, the design is very fashionable, and the guardian can also use it together. Pour in a cup or drink directly. Because there is a handle and a strap, it can be used according to the occasion. There are three capacity: 400ml, 520ml, and 700ml.

The kettle that can replace the drink mouth


Can be changed to cover the double-use stainless steel cylinder 430-470ml SKDC4/SKATER (Skater)


By replacing the bottle cap, you can change direct drinks and cup drinks. If it is a bottle cap, hot drinks can be. The design is very rich and can find your favorite design. In terms of capacity, it is 470ml when using direct drinking bottle caps, and 430ml when using a cup drink cap.

Colobockle vacuum insulation cup MBR-C06G, C08G/Tiger (tiger)


The cute kettle design of the three -dimensional moving object. Switch the bottle cap, direct drinking and cup drinks. If it is a bottle cap, hot drinks can be. Both the body and the outer cover can be washed and kept clean. There are two types of capacity: 600ml and 800ml.

BT-6839/Bunnytoo (Bunnytoo)

This kettle is a dual use of cups and straws. Hot and cold drinks are fine. If you are a straw, you cannot drink drinks above 50 ° C to prevent burns. The design is very cute, and it is recommended to low -grade children. The bottle is painted with the same role as a cup and bag. The capacity is 500ml (450ml when using the cup lid).

Sahara dual-use vacuum insulation cup MBO-H050 ・ H080 ・ H100/Tiger (tiger card)

Recommended to the design of senior children. Because the cup has a handle, a large -capacity water bottle can also drink easily. There are two types of direct drink bottle caps and cup drinks. You can decompose cleaning embolism, so keep it clean. There are three types of capacity: 500ml, 800ml, and 1000ml (different color capacity)


Design water cups that adults can also use together

Stainless steel carrying a direct drink bottle DB-600D ・ DB-1000D/Iris ohyama (Alice Ogama)

Both adults and children like Disney design. The black and white bottle is very fashionable. Drinking is a straight drink type. There is a bracelet on the cup and bag for easy drinking. Because there is a spare leather cushion ring, it can be replaced immediately if it is soiled or broken. There are two types of capacity: 600ml and 1000ml.

Stainless Steel School Water Cup SD-JK06 ・ JK08/Zojirushi (Xiangyin)

Kettle designed with black focus. If you remove the cup and bag, the guardian is also easy to use. You can play sports drinks. Because there is a large caliber of the air, you can drink water. Both cups and cups can be washed. The embolism can also be separated and keeps clean. There are two types of capacity: 600ml and 800ml.