When traveling on May Day, wearing these sweet and elegant cotton floral dress, beautiful and comfortable

Spring is the season for the recovery of all things, and the season when the dresses are out of the country. I always feel that spring and dresses are more matched. Spring is suitable for a rural floral style dress. In the spring of all things and picturesque scenery, the elegant and romantic floral skirt is naturally indispensable in dressing and matching. From sweet floral florals to national style flowers, the dresses are modern and elegant under the decoration of large -scale printing patterns.


The idyllic floral dress gives a fresh and elegant visual effect. The wooden ear and exquisite buckle decoration have added a lot of retro style to the overall shape. Today’s dresses tailoring design can be said to be very fashionable and advanced. The floral dress with lotus leaf decoration is elegant and fashionable. It is very fresh and suitable for spring. May Day is here, let ’s share a few beautiful and comfortable floral dress for everyone. Let’ s take a look together. If you like it, collect it!


Slim slim dresses

Slim -fitting thin dress, fashionable temperament, elegant and generous, highlighting the complexion. The temperament neckline, modify the neck, set off the face shape. Simple atmospheric drawing design, showing thin temperament, modifying the waist lines. Simple pocket design, beautiful and practical, simple and atmospheric quality.


Slim dress, elegant temperament. Simple neckline design, showing charming collarbone and modifying the face shape. Cusk design, simple and stylish, modify slim arm. Simple pocket design, beautiful and practical, simple and atmospheric quality.

Temperament floral dress

Temperament floral dress, simple and generous. Simple neckline design to modify the neck lines. The side zipper design on the side is convenient to wear. Simple pockets increase practical functionality. Slim and thin version, wearing a charming and good figure.

Fashion printing dress

The graceful printed dress, three -dimensional cutting, increases the sense of visual hierarchy, elegant and confident, tall and thin. The temperament lapel design, stylish and capable, set off temperament and not lose femininity. The bow of the bow is thin, the waist is thin, and the temperament is gentle. The cuffs are collected, and the sleeve fashion has layers, which is convenient for adjusting comfort.


Temperament print dress


Temperament print dress, tall and thin. Elegant round collar design, simple and elegant collar type, stylish and stylish, well modify face lines. Simple and stylish drawing rope waist design, thin waist, wearing a charming and good figure. Simple straight cuffs, simple and stylish sleeves, modify the arms lines.

Fashion line lace dresses

The fashion department has a dress, elegant temperament. Loves waist design, wearing a charming figure. Temperament round neck, comfortable and beautiful. Fashion skirt design, embellishment of different elegance.


Fashion Circular Ladies Dress


The fashion department has a dress, slim and thin, comfortable and casual. The fabric texture is comfortable and skinny, naturally drooping, and stylish. The round neckline design to modify the neck and show temperament. Loves waist, hidden pockets, fashionable slim, exquisite details highlight quality. Simple cuff design, modify the arm lines well.

Dress on the bottom

The bottom wears a dress, fashionable and elegant, beautiful and beautiful. Delicate and smooth, soft and comfortable. The design of the liquid neckline is simple and generous, fashionable and beautiful. Simple cuff design, elegant temperament, comfortable dress. The hem design of the waist, the meat is thin, and the leg shape is modified.


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