The conjoined shorts in the early summer are refreshing and simple, easy to wear and handsome, and it is very thin

The cool summer has arrived. Summer is naturally essential for girls, but the shorts are still popular, refreshing and casual shorts, comfortable and capable, and beautiful legs. In recent years, conjoined shorts have become more and more popular with fashion trendy people. The simple and neat version is easy to wear a handsome style, which is very suitable for the little fairies who are not good at matching. The integrated version, do not worry about the effect of the matching, and the conjoined shorts are not only handsome but also thin, with a pair of tide shoes to easily go out of the street.


Conjusational shorts are fashionable and easy to wear, just learn with fashion trendy people, how to better control the conjoined shorts ~


Printing conjoined shorts

The relaxed print conjoined shorts and the refreshing atmosphere of the spring day are very good. Although it is easy to wear a sense of oldness, it can add some fresh elements to give people a fresh temperament, refreshing and fashionable.

Wu Jinyan was wearing a coin print conjoined shorts and a white -shoulder bubble sleeve shirt. The more pure and elegant, the coin printing conjoined shorts were slightly old -fashioned, but the white shirt was more fresh. Moreover, the embellishment of the foam shirt bubble sleeves also set off people more elegant temperament. Stepping on a pair of black boots, it shows the beautiful lines of the legs, and it has a cool and capable temperament.

Light and comfortable flower crushing conjoined shorts are very suitable for summer. Fashionable people wear a stamp conjoined shorts, light material, comfortable and breathable. Coupled with the yellow belt to highlight the waist curve. The lively and enthusiastic orange color makes AA like a jeep girl, full of holiday style.


The one -lack of printed conjoined conjoined shorts are also charming. Little S wore a white conjoined shorts in a word of one shoulder. The lace sleeves looked more elegant and romantic, and the waist design made the waist look thinner, showing a fascinating posture.


Installation conjoined shorts


The handsome workers are not as small as the jumpsuit. The long workmanship jumpsuit is simple and neat, and the workers’ shorts are refreshing and refreshing. With a pair of handsome short boots, it is refreshing to create a cool fashion style.


Wang Ou wore a caramel -colored worker conjoined shorts to go out of the street, refreshing and comfortable summer wear, and caramel color also set off her fair skin, stepping on a pair of white casual shoes, a comfortable match, more youthful and fashionable fashionable sense.

Wang Ziwen was wearing a white style of style of style, the stand -up collar of the slim style, simple and temperament, loose version of shorts, leisure and refreshing, and the overall shape was smart and simple. Conjusational shorts add to the modification of the white belt, and the body curve is bundled, showing the perfect figure.

Denim conjoined shorts

Naturally, the youthful denim is also indispensable. The tough denim conjoined shorts are playful and cute and fashionable. At the same time, they can also wear a handsome and charming.


Yang Chao is wearing a lotus leaf shoulder cowboy conjoined shorts and white T, the design of the lotus leaf shoulder is playful and age -reducing, with a fresh white bottoming shirt, comfortable and refreshing, and with a black belt, highlighting the waist curve It also shows temperament. Micro -roll shawl is delicate and well -behaved, exuding girly temperament.

Wang Ziwen wore dark blue denim conjoined shorts, and his personality was really cool and beautiful. Stepping on a pair of black boots, it is neat and handsome, and enhances strong aura. The waist version design not only improves the waistline, but also shows long legs, tall and fashionable.

In summer, I do n’t know how to wear a handsome style. Conjusational shorts are your good choices, refreshing and fashionable, and very vibrant.


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