The name of a rare and beautiful girl, at a glance

The beautiful name can be fresh and agile, contains the natural forest, can also be antique, full of poetic and articular, and can also be hidden in ink -colored landscapes. When you give the girl a name, the beautiful name can add a hazy sense of beauty to the girl, so let’s take a look at the first check. Let’s take a look.

—— 溶 溶

The name of dissolving the moon is taken from the poem “Lihua Temple falls into dissolved moon, and the catkins ponds are faintly windy”. Among them, dissolving is a word that is rarely used in the name of the girl’s name to add a unique and rare sense. The aesthetic atmosphere in the girl’s name is added, and the metaphor for the girl contains the elegance of the moon. One of messenger, revealing a sense of elegance and connotation, also gives a beautiful artistic conception.

— 媱 媱 媱

There are two kinds of pronunciations, which is the sound of yue here, referring to the meaning of music, and reflects the versatile words of girls. , It belongs to rare words, which has the meaning of playing and good, adding rareness to girl names. The name of Lesu as a girl is to hope that girls can grow happily in the future. The name reads frustration, containing the sound of crooked, making people feel joyful.

—— Lingyan


Lingyan comes from the poem “The waves are low on the waves, and the lingue is returning down the moon”. It is a character with a dynamic gas, with the beauty of the south of the smoke and rain, and the landscape splashing ink scroll. Lingyan, read, has the beauty of poetic style and is rare.



It is taken from the poem “Yu Jihong Bridge Evening, Flowers Falling Fengtai Chun”, and a late Fengfeng in the poem, as a girl name, contains a quiet and beautiful mood, a sense of poetic and painting, and hidden in small bridges flowing water. The fresh and elegant, add a little fresh poetic spirit to the name. And Wanfeng read the frustration and read it. If you enter the windy evening wind, it is gentle and beautiful.

——En Rain


The rain word refers to the rain, which makes people feel hazy and literary. It is used in the name, giving a feeling of “hugging the pipa half -cover”. The character is from the “scenery of the scenery”. The original meaning is described as a boy. It is used for girls’ names. It has a unique neutral beauty. One of the rainfall, reflects the girl’s elegant character and pure character. It has the feeling of slightly rainy rain, which makes people forget.


Qingzhi is a fresh and elegant girl name. Qing refers to the clear water flow, implying pure and transparent, clear thinking, and noble elegance. Children are rarely used for people’s names. The meaning of the original meaning is young, and it also means children’s seedlings, which reflects the girl’s innocence and tenderness. The name is a bit of energy and vitality, adding a little beauty and agility to the girl, which reflects the girl’s beauty of Zhong Lingyu.


—— Lanxi

A Lanxi comes from “Lanxi Three -Day Peach Blossom Rain, and the carp came to the beach in the middle of the night.” Lan is orchid. It looks good and metaphorical is very clean. It adds the temperament of Empty Valley orchid to the girl, which reflects the girl’s elegance. The stream is flowing slowly and the trickle of the stream, which can be described as soft. A Lanxi is very poetic and unique, and it also shows beauty. It has a little poetic and beautiful atmosphere.


A shadow dance is from the “I dance shadow chaos” in Li Bai’s verse. This is a girl name that reveals the domineering of women. Name can be extended as a mysterious, charming phantom. A shadow dance describes a girl with beautiful dancing, light as Feiyan, and hides a beautiful and gorgeous artistic conception.

—— Xue Xian


Snow is a symbol of noble, pure and beautiful, and has the beauty of artistic conception. It is used for girls’ name summary, with a bit of rainy and snowy mood. It has a beautiful picture of the snowflakes flying, adding artistic conception to the girl’s name. The meaning of envy as a person’s name “Jacking up thousands of pets”, and it is rare to enter the girl’s name. Xuexian, an ancient style and a sense of beauty, and a very rare girl name.

—— 琬 琬 琬 琬

风 风 is a very charm, the name of the classic beauty. Qu Yuan once had a poem: “The micro -liquid of flying the spring, the Hua Ying of the Huai”, one of the names, which is taken here. The name reflects the connotation of girl Bingqing Yujie. The degree of 分 is very nice to read. It has the charm of poetry and gentleness.

—— Shu Ran

Shu Zhi’s words are virtuous and virtue, Wenliang and euphemistic meaning. In the girl’s name, the girl is kind and beautiful, reflects the moving place of the girl, and there is a poem “Lady Lady, Gentleman” to the girl’s name. The poetic atmosphere is even more connotative. And it is a word of meaning, showing the gentleness of the name. Shu Ran, read it, is gentle and implicit.

—— Zi Gui

The name of Zi Gui is taken from the poem “I don’t love Jinyi, and I am gerged in Zi Zi”. This is a girl name with a very deep connotation. Zi refers to his hometown here. And returning is the meaning of returning. Name Zi Gui to girls is the meaning of the girl’s emotional relationship and not forgetting the good meaning of her hometown. The tone of the name has changed flatness, which is very nice, reflecting a neutral classic beauty.

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