Winter Gift Prophet P10 Electronic Dogkot Price 999

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Prophet P10

It is an incarnation of “bravery, kindness and justice”. It has no flaw in its eyes, and does not show mercy to expose the low -headed tribe, touch porcelain, and the acting skills of the crickets. Dynamic technology, regardless of the day or night, the road of the road can be seen, and the gravity sensing protection should be available for 24 hours of parking monitoring. The scenery of the microcullet is delicate at night, and the license plate number is clear at a glance. Anti -steal scratch and anti -touches porcelain, prophet P10, real car safety guard. If you want to know more about IT product quotation, please follow PConline Taiyuan Station. [Return to Taiyuan Quotes Homepage]

Recently, the aircraft recommended dealers in PConline: Taiyuan Beike Technology (0351-8710096; 13453151589) the latest price is 999 yuan! Interested netizens can contact the merchant, and when buying, it is mentioned that Pacific Taiyuan Station can also enjoy special discounts!


The prophet P10 electronic dog has a small shape. It can effectively reduce interference according to the driving environment definition, and use radar function to select switch to prevent interference prompts. The screen can also be adjusted to adapt to different light environments. The dual mode of driving and speed measurement can be selected for the familiarity of the driving environment.

The importance of driving records, I believe that every car owner understands, prevent touching porcelain, restores the truth, and provides evidence. A good recorder is an artifact to record life. A truly good driving recorder, in addition to high -definition, has HD In addition to night vision, it should also keep pace with the times, integrate electronic dogs, cloud upgrades and other functions. The prophet P10 is a good stuff of an electronic dog with a driving recorder!


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It is the only product that we have seen at present, the product of the highly cost -effective driving recorder with electronic dogs. It supports WeChat to check the car and parks monitoring 24 hours.

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Prophet P10