40 summer pajamas sharing! Prosperity, comfortable, and good -looking

S u m m e r p a j a m a


M s m k k

Put on beautiful and comfortable pajamas!


Hey Girls, I am the editor of the class today.

I promised to share your pajamas before! From spring to summer, I finally came to fill the pit!

I will share with you a few today

Good word of mouth

The pajamas shop is affordable and expensive.


YSO is a home service brand under the fruit shell, and the style is very similar. They are all sweet and sweet. Give you Kangkang’s joint models. It cannot be said that it is not similar, but it can only be said to be exactly the same.

*Can you tell clearly if you don’t mark it?

But U1S1, the cute concentration of the fruit shell is a bit higher, and it is easy to hit the shirt! In contrast, yso

Girl but not naive


You can be casual and sexy, suitable for cute and lovely happy girls!

The fabric has no corners, most of which are

100%pure cotton


, Both breathability and skin -friendly. The disadvantage is that it will become wrinkled after washing, and it is easy to dip the hair.

Moment of grass.

Left: 1.0 ¥ DPFKXQVERVE ¥/


Right: 7.0 ¥ CXT3XQVWDFP ¥/


Left: 2 ¥ N8Gexqv1JFR ¥/

Right: 4.0 ¥ MT0BXQVCOY0 ¥/

Left: 7.0 ¥ RG8PXQV2DYZ ¥/

Right: 4 ¥ ZPWLXQVCWMY ¥/

Left: 8.0 ¥ 2F57XQV3UPV ¥/


Right: 9.0 ¥ GHKCXQV3BX0 ¥/

Sunny’s pajamas are mainly Japanese -based age, I bought a few pajamas at home, I have bought a few pajamas,

The price is cheap and the quality is not bad


By the way, don’t pursue the ultimate loose size as me as me, it is really collapse. Bleak


The fabric of the pajamas is not cotton, but

Bubble double -layer cotton yarn


, Probably like linen?


Excellent breathability


, But it’s easy to wrinkle.


Sunny’s family is very printed. Fruits, animals and cartoon characters can be printed on clothes. Wearing themselves feel like people in cartoons ~

Left: 8.0 ¥ 4zruxqeeuux ¥/


Right: 7 ¥ 1tlgxqee7ob ¥/

Left: 2.0 ¥ AFKIXQE3VNC ¥/

Right: 9 ¥ 3iahxqevrl ¥/


Left: 3 ¥ 7ZHAXQEWMYO ¥/

Right: 8 ¥ CLGJXQEERFT ¥/


Left: 3 ¥ m92zxqe3rfx ¥/

Right: 8.0 ¥ XTMJXQE3C3P ¥/


If you think the pajamas above are too cute, you can live in the red beans at home. There are no versatile styles.


How to come comfortably


Red Beanju ingredients are also very attentive, basically all


High cotton cotton


The fabric is thin but soft and comfortable, and the price is worth more than 100!


Left: 4 ¥ vsqsx9y0l7W ¥/

Right: 2 ¥ WXAWX9YYBDX ¥/

Left: 2.0 ¥ HoAUX9YBKH1 ¥/

Right: 2.0 ¥ RTKRX9YBV1K ¥/


Left: 6.0 ¥ RZN0X9YYMMO ¥/

Right: 6 ¥ GVVKX9YYE3G ¥/

Left: 9.0 ¥ DDTOX9Y1LLQ ¥/

Right: 7.0 ¥ RSYZX9Y1UZG ¥/

Chen Xi is the pleasing palace princess style, lace, bubble sleeves, bow, chiffon …


Fairy fluttering with a little sexy

This is not the pure desire now.

But one thing needs to be noted that most of the clothes in this shop are white and the fabric is relatively thin.

It will inevitably be through a little bit

, Mind carefully.

Left: 8 ¥ XSD5X9E58II ¥/


Right: 0 ¥ JCX6X9E5JPT ¥/

Left: 7 ¥ SF5HX9E5S5M ¥/

Right: 4 ¥ 7ivjx9ETAAQ ¥/

Left: 7.0 ¥ qlodx9etjah ¥/

Right: 7.0 ¥ SZTRX9ETB8N ¥/

Left: 6 ¥ xsisx9etveb ¥/

Right: 0.0 ¥ LDZOX9EISFS ¥/

Not Just Pajama is a London pajamas brand founded in 2015, and it is also the most expensive among all recommendations today.


This shop is a strong French laziness,


Sexy without losing elegance


Essence Most of the fabrics used are



Just look at the picture to feel that high -level sense.

Each skirt is an original design. It is simple and not bad street. It can be worn as a real silk skirt. The texture is absolutely bad!

Left: 2.0 ¥ BBNAX9FOJUF ¥/

Right: 2 ¥ lijhx9fofmy ¥/

Left: 6 ¥ HWGX9FOQNF ¥/

Right: 4 ¥ 5mv8x9fmfqq ¥/

Left: 9.0 ¥ 4D3XX9FNYQ ¥/

Right: 6.0 ¥ LY1HX9FMIXC ¥/

Left: 6.0 ¥ G1K0X9FNQ1H ¥/

Right: 6 ¥ Kjepx9fnvut ¥/

Today’s pajamas Amway is here. I wonder if you have any heart? Put on a comfortable pajamas with me and live a happy home life together!

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I am “MK Liangliang

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Moment of grass.

Moment of grass.

Moment of grass.

Moment of grass.