Buy a car a hundred dollars, and it will expire on the road? What is the name of the “List Food” that many people are buying?

During this period of time, the evening germinated was sharing the purchase experience of “discount food” in many young people’s groups recently.

One of these discount foods is that it is already a “time” food … Isn’t it a fast -expired food? When we buy things, we are used to the freshened date of the date.

Why are you starting to buy dating foods? To be honest, it is really difficult to not be attracted by the price advantage to “average price of 10 yuan, free snacks”, “100 yuan to buy a large car”, “popcorn barrel 1 yuan”, “online official price of 40s, 9.9 here 9.9, 9.9 here 9.9, 9.9 here 9.9 Can buy .. “……


However, some people have questioned the quality of food food even exaggeratedly saying, “If you finish it, you will expire before you get home.”


Some time ago, the evening germination also visited a food discount store and successfully harvested a large bag of snacks with a box of ten or twenty dollars in the supermarket. The price of the left and right commodities is basically the 4-6 % off insurance period of the supermarket and it is not as exaggerated as online. Basically, there are still half a year left

How “fragrant” food is it? Will there be quality problems? Where do you get the purchase message of the temporary food? Let’s take a look with the evening germination!

Foods are the food shelf life that is about to reach the food shelf life, but it is still during the shelf life, which is the scope of safe food. This is not an emerging concept, and according to Ali data statistics, 2.1 million people are selecting the temporary food on Taobao each year.


The reporter’s investigation found that in Jinan, more and more young groups have fell in love with “Taotao” food food, and some specialty stores specializing in business foods appeared. At the moment when the “Anti -Food Waste Law” was implemented, ” “Frequent food” frequently active online and online will it become the next new retail air outlet?

Online and offline red fire,

Young group is the main consumer force


“Spending 60 yuan to buy more than 170 things, don’t be too cost -effective.” Recently, netizen “Zhu Xianxian” entered the pits of buying a temporary food. “Upstairs in Hong Kong, Longan Gan purchased 98 yuan, picked up 20 yuan to buy, and there was still one month from the shelf life; super delicious chocolate biscuits bought about 15 yuan in Japan, now 6 yuan to hand; Block, more than 30 leaks, expired in September; there is also the Japanese version of Nestle Crispy Shark, as long as 6 yuan. “For the first time I bought a temporary food on the Internet,” Zhu Xianxian “tasted the sweetness and” I love my love to come. For the first time in the period of the Foods, I shared their shopping experience with friends. Irai Consulting released the “2020 China’s Food Industry Market Analysis and Consumer Research Report” in January 2021. The report shows that in the 2020 Chinese consumer survey, more than 40 % of consumers expressed their willingness to buy and beside them around People are recommended for the time for the duration of food. The report also shows that (in the past) Chinese food consumer groups are mainly young and middle -aged, of which 26 to 35 years old account for 47.8%.

After the 90s, Wang Xiao came into contact with the date of the present food on the Internet. As a “food”, she entered a supermarket called “Door Import Food Discount” under the recommendation of a friend. She placed 8 snacks for a while, and it took a total of only 38.54 yuan, and it was also free shipping. After receiving the goods, Wang Xiao was surprised to find that the date of many foods was still fresh, but it was nearly half of the price cheaper than the purchase period in the supermarket. “Many people in supermarkets are also sold at the right price.” After taking a single online, Wang Xiao became a frequent visitor to online food. Searching for “discounts” on a shopping website, there will be many shops with “presence”. A comprehensive sorting shop’s praise rate reached 99.4 %, and the number of fans has reached 1.55 million. Entering the page of the shop, you can see that the time to see puffed foods, traditional pastries, candy, nuts, instant noodles, and drinking grains and other categories. A packet of Loose Potato chips imported in the United States is 13.9 yuan, which is 11 yuan cheaper than buying the positive period. The monthly sales have exceeded 500 orders. In the store, some fresh goods also have a sign of “naked price sale”. A signs of hand to tear the meat with the first time, and the monthly sales have reached 20,000+.

What is the sales of online food? The reporter searched and found that about 10 “imported food discount shops” of different sizes between the West Elevated Road of the Second Ring Road and the Beijing -Shanghai Expressway. A industry insider told reporters that these shops named after “Import Food Discount Stores” basically were basically factor foods. People still have misunderstandings about the temporary food, and they are worried that because the name of the store will affect the passenger flow in the store. “Foods are not expired foods. It is the food shelf life that is about to reach the food shelf life, but it is still in the scope of safe food.” The industry said that in order to dispel everyone’s concerns about the dated food, it has just begun to make a period of time. During food, you will popularize the concept of the temporary food for every consumer who enter the store. It is understood that although the state has not had a uniform standard and standardized standards for future foods, some places have formulated corresponding standards for future food foods. For example, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced the 6th level of “food shelf life” to the outside world in 2012. It is labeled for 1 year or longer, and the critical period is 45 days before expiration; (such as canned food, candy, biscuits, etc.) marked the shelf life of 6 months-less than 1 year, and the critical period is 20 days before the expiration; , Sterile packaging milk fruit juice and the like) … If the shelf life is less than 15 days, the critical period is 1-4 days before the expiration, (such as milk, live bacteria drinks, non-sterilized cooked foods, unspeakable boxes installed Soy products, etc.).

It is not “the rain dew is stained”,

The delivery of the product is also “pick up”

Although the commodity products are becoming more and more popular, not all of the date of delivery can be “favored”. At 6:30 in the evening on the 17th, there were less than three hours before the supermarket closed. In the Ginza Fruit and Vegetable Area of ​​Yanshan, Yaotou Road, Yaotou Road, Jinan, all the spinach and cabbage of the original price of 3 yuan were pasted with 1 yuan. The price tag, waiting for the aunts next to the next to throw them into their own shopping cart. “Green leaf vegetables are not overnight. At this time, vegetables and fruits are specially sold.” I bought two bundles of milk and cabbage. Aunt Liu told reporters that after dinner, I usually come to the fruit and vegetable area of ​​the supermarket. Blocks will not have an impact, and you can save a lot of money in a month. In the past two times, she touched the time when the supermarket could sell for the futures. On the yogurt shelves, the reporter saw that the limited time promotion price of a pure high -end yogurt at the original price of 80 yuan was 49.5 yuan. The salesperson told reporters that the reason why this yogurt was nearly half of the discount was because it was “almost expired.” “The shelf life of the yogurt is generally half a year. This yogurt was produced in February this year, and it is now discounted. The salesperson said that a box of yogurt was 10 bottles, and there was no problem at all the customers who drank all of them before the shelf life.

Different from the way Yanshan Ginza handles the decentralized discount promotion in the process of processing, in the OLE Supermarket of Vientiane City, there will be a special “Clearance Commodity Area”. In this area Buy as appropriate. The reporter saw in this area that the price of pure milk at the upcoming “Green Yingbao Organic High temperature”, which was about to expire in June 2021, was 16.45. Essence “Of course, milk should be drinking fresh, and it will expire for a month. I will not buy it.” Ms. Jia, who is shopping in the supermarket, said that her daughter is studying abroad and has always been the habit of buying a temporary food. Under Amway, when you visit the supermarket, you will also pay attention to the supermarket’s delivery commodity area, but food like milk has no way to accept the date of buying. The supermarket staff who are currently told reporters that in general supermarkets, the shelf life is one year of goods. When there is three months left in the shelf life, they will be sold out for sale. Every Tuesday, OLE supermarkets will be new. Some of the time -to -date products, including puffed snacks and pickles, are the most popular, and the sales rate of other products is “flat.” A netizen “Summer”, a netizen who has long been mixed with the major session of goods purchase platforms for a long time, also shared the tips for buying the date of the date, that is: reasonably arrange the elimination time, what to eat to buy, do not buy extra parts, unless you do n’t buy other, unless you do n’t buy other, unless you do n’t buy other, unless you do n’t buy other, unless you do n’t buy other. It’s leaking. In the “I Love Food Food” group, there are also many team members who will update some pits that they encounter when buying a temporary food, and will also share some “good dates” conscience and good shops.

The product is good+strong stickiness,

Stay back


On the morning of the 18th, in the Huashan community, Wang Mingming was cleaning in the store. Last night, the new delivery was available to 2 am. Wang Mingming’s expression was slightly tired. In this store, the products are neatly placed, and the categories of goods are divided into different categories. What customers want to buy can be seen at a glance. Each food’s price tag is marked with a clear food shelf life. Nearly 400 categories are placed in more than 50 flat shops. This food discount store called Juxianhui is already the second imported food discount store opened by Wang Mingming and partner Zhao Huaizhan in Jinan.

One year ago, Zhao Huaizheng heard that he made a lot of money from a friend who opened an imported food discount store in Beijing. He ran to Beijing for two days. After returning, he quit his job. In the business of making duration of food. The first store of the two was opened in Vientiane New Sky, and they found out the way for the sales of food food. In April, their Huashan Longcheng Store officially opened. On the first day of opening, more than 200 orders were sold in the store. Zhao Huaizhan counted the consumer group, and it was 70 % within 40. The store is open for one month, and the daily sales are stable at more than 3,000. Zhao Huaizhan told reporters that most of the foods in the store are future for futures, and the price of goods is about half of the price of the interim, but the prices of some products can reach one to three discounts, and the low price is also the biggest advantage of the current product. “For example, this Xiaolongkan that is selling in the store is a hot pot, Tmall sells 39.8 yuan, RT -Mart supermarket is 45 yuan, and only 15 yuan in our store.” Although the shelf life of the hot pot was in July, it was close The price of 3 % has attracted a lot of consumers to buy, and more than 300 boxes of goods have been sold in just one month. For why the business in his shop is so good, Zhao Huaizhan summarizes two factors: one is good goods and the other is good service. At a counter in this shop in Zhao Huaizhan, a clear trial area was set up. The food is good or not. “It’s delicious and cheap, don’t worry about selling at all.” Zhao Huaizhan also revealed to reporters at the same time that to ensure that it is delicious, the first is to choose a product. For the discount store, whether the selection of products is well selected Essence Regarding the choice of products, Zhao Huaizhan and Wang Mingming did not dare to neglect at all. At the beginning, the two were purchased directly through some agents. Now, after finding out the door, the two like to find first -hand sources. One is to ensure the rich and diverse types of goods. On the other hand lower price. “Like this Indonesian ginger sugar, the initial price is 9 yuan 9, and only expired in October 2021. Our current price is 10 yuan, and the price of receipt is only about 1 yuan.” For many years, Zhao Huaizhan believes that if he wants to do a good job of time, he must also do a good job of after -sales service. In Zhao Huaizhan’s two stores, you can try it at will before buying. If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time. Relying on good goods and good benefits, Zhao Huaizhan already has a client group with 457 people, and 400 people in this group handle the recharge cards in the store. Many goods do not need to be put on the shelves, and they are snapped up in the group.

The industry shuffle period, avoid blindly follow the trend

Imported food discount stores bloom everywhere. Is the business of the delivery of goods so easy to do? According to the online search, the reporter came to an imported food discount store on the East Road of Shanshi, but saw the door locked. The door of the store was only the mark of a certain imported food discount store. Notice of shop transfer. At a imported food discount store on Heping Road, the owner also said that it is now just adopting, and some consumers are just trying to make good products. It is a bit difficult to find a stable supply. It is necessary to bear the risk of not selling for the shelf life of the present period. In this store, the owner not only sells for the time of time, but also uses the method of mixed -term sale.

Although the business of the two stores in Jinan has always been very good, Zhao Huaizhan admits that several franchise stores in other places have been bleak at one time, and even one has closed directly. It can be seen that the operation of the session of products is not as easy as it looks. “It is necessary to be a professional product.” Zhao Huaizhan said that although it was said to be a periodic food, in fact, the time of the discrepancies of the temporary food was not short. Some even for up to two years. In addition, the shelf life of all products must be considered, and the sales date of each product is also known, and the price is continuously adjusted according to the size of the date; in daily operations, the operator must also take the initiative to take the initiative to the near -date product. Promote. “The date does not mean that it is not delicious, you ca n’t eat it, you must dare to sell it.” Although it does not seem to be a good sale, Zhao Huaizhan is very optimistic about the market for the present commodity. “As long as there are goods, there are a period of time, and there are continuous sources of supply, and there will be some sold.” Although there have been many people in the Jinan market, there have been many “imported food discount stores” to show people to the people, Zhao Huaizhan believes that Jinan is currently currently The market is still worth digging. “Based on a community store covering two kilometers around, in the next one to two years, Jinan can also open more than 100 newly -ended commodity stores.” Although the presentation commodity market looks “in the future”, it is in the future, but in the future, it is in the future, but in the future, it is in the future. In the reporter’s interview survey, some consumers still cannot accept the concept of “presentation”. “Food will not buy a period of time.” “What should I do if I have a bad stomach?” “There are things that have a month away from the shelf life and do not buy it.” There are many consumers with this concept. Based on this, Zhao Huaizhan has not hung a few words of “Lingyan Foods” on the door, but he also hopes that everyone can change the stereotype of the date of time, so that this industry can better develop.

Source: Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Reporter Meng Jie