Explosion pet clothing is waiting for you, Energy business shines the new selection competition officially opened

According to the pet industry white paper related data, China’s pet industry has reached 134 billion in 2017, and the growth rate of the industry is maintained at a level of 30.9%. The domestic pet market has developed rapidly since 2010, maintains 30-50% composite growth rates each year, until $ 120 billion, the entire market is expected to break through 200 billion yuan in my country’s pet industry market in 2020. In this hundreds of millions of large markets that are touched by small animals, many companies have already spoke the first opportunity, grab this new blue sea.


With the rise of 80, 90, people’s consumption habits and consumption have also occurred changed, and the changes in consumption concepts are particularly obvious in the pet industry. The pet crowd expanded in the past five years, with the vast majority of adolescent consumer groups. They become higher in quality, aesthetic fashion, pet health, and user experience. Pets have gradually occupying an important role in people’s daily lives. From the functional demand of the home, the functional demand is gradually changed to people, and more and more pet owners treat pets as an important member of the family. .


With the transformation of people’s consumption, there is a series of pet new industries, which has been derived from a series of pet new industries in recent years. Strong momentum, the range of pet food supplies is also expanding, like pet toys, pet clothing these trendy stuffs are more sought after by contemporary young people. Taking pet clothing as an example, now pets are more like a fashion trend. As the pet is increasing, people’s consumption levels continue to improve, more people choose to let pets live “fashion sensation”, so through Dress up to make them look more lively, cool, more fan, and facts prove that the trendy pet clothing makes pets love, and also attracts the public.

As the wind direction of the pet apparel industry, Chongqing Hao Can Trading Co., Ltd. has always pays very much attention to the company’s corporate culture, pays more attention to the publicity and promotion of brand image. The company was established in 2011, which is a local company. The company’s person in charge is engaged in the pet industry 23 Year, I have been adhering to the pet-oriented, and I am determined to build a pet supplies parity company. Chongqing Hao Can Trading Co., Ltd., with pet main grain, snack, health products, supplies, clothing wholesale and retail, production sales service company, is also a company with the most style of pet clothing style, which will bring the latest front of pet clothing in the first time. With the brand of the agent: pet main grain: Tomers, Eloti, pet out, Mei Shi, new beauty, K9 (domestic), Zhuo enjoy, Beccui, etc. Fancy House, Junlor Ple, Youpe, Pet, Mooki, ADS, etc .; pet snacks: Naurshi, Super League, Zhuo enjoy, pet out, K9 (domestic), fish diet, cat professor, etc.; pet health products: z- Pet, Dopolate, Yueang Xiaoyu, US Pet, K9 (Domestic) and other pet supplies: birds, Yiminhua, DEOK, Wang Xingren, Moira, etc.

With the approach of 2020cpf Chongqing Pet Exhibition, the CPF Chongqing Pet Exhibition Organizing Committee jointly organized the second “Energy Cup, Shining Member Selection Competition”, providing a stage that sharing their own cute pet for pets. The audience of the Chongqing Show, creating a happy and welcoming atmosphere. The pets can share the love, naughty, handsome, joyful, funny, and funny, and funny, and funny. As long as you sign up, you can eventually be active, you can have a beautiful gift, and more opportunities to win thousands of cute pet luxury spree, get 15 contestants before the game can bring love pets on December 05. : 30 of the CPF activity stage, T-head, interact with love pets, sharing joy. The event is issued by the official public number of the CPF International Pets, and the event details can read the original text in WeChat public account. No disappeared with you ~