Electric needle treatment of cerebral vascular hemiplegia experience The clinical effect of electro -acupuncture in the treatment of stroke in the treatment of stroke

Electric needle group (according to the “staged acupuncture” experience of Professor Liu Yue)

1. Main points (affected side): Hegu Touchi Houxi, Siyu Outcho Pass, Yangxi Polysis.

2. With acupoint (affected side): upper limb spasm with a pillar can penetrate the patio, the shoulder -threatened arms, the lower limb spasm with the rabbit, the Yanglingquan through the clock, the Quanquan through the yin bag, the Qiu market penetrated foot, crying, and weeping. Too thoroughly.

3. The positioning of the acupoint (refer to Hu Ling’s first edition of the first edition of the first edition of the nation’s general higher education Chinese medicine essence textbook “Meridian Acupoint Studies”):):

Hegu (L14): On the back of the hand, the middle point of the radial side of the second palm bone.

Houxi (S13): On the inside of the hand, the 5th palm fingers on the side of the joints of the red white meat on the side of the joint.

Four Dead (T9): In the back of the forearm, 5 inches below the elbow, the midpoint of the ruler and the radial gap.

Outside (TE5): In the back of the front arm, the back of the wrist is 2 inches from the remote horizontal lines, and the midpoint of the ruler and the radial gap.

Yangxi (L15): In the wrist area, the distal radial side of the back side of the wrist and the radial stems remote.

Partial calendar (L16): 3 inches on the forearm of the forearm and the back of the wrist, and the Yangxi and Quchi are connected.

4. Operation method: Take the supine position, according to the generosity of the patient’s acupoint muscles, select the global brand disposable sterile acupuncture needle [Production unit: Suzhou Acupuncture Products Co., Ltd. Production, Registration Certificate Number: Su Food and Drug Supervision (quasi) font size 2012 No. 1 No. 2270523] No. 30 1.5-3.0 inches. After 75 % alcohol disinfection with 75 % alcohol. The depth of the thorns is based on the patient’s fatness and thinness to reach the muscle layer. After the needle is entered into the needle, it is applied to a small degree of insertion and twist to generate a sense of needle sensation and conduction. , Swell until the entire palm is the degree. After getting angry, use KWD-808i pulse acupuncture therapy instrument [Production unit: Changzhou Bingdi Electronic Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Registration Certificate Number: Su Shi Drug Supervision (quasi) word 2011] On the handle (four and the outside of the outside, the Yangxi and the partial calendar are a group, Hegu and Houxi do not increase the power), choose a sparse wave, the output frequency is 2 / 100Hz, the stimulus strength is extended with the back of the wrist, and the back of the wrist is extended. It is advisable to stretch your fingers and patients can tolerate it. Leave the needle for 30 minutes. Treatment once a day, three weeks of treatment is a course of treatment.

Acupuncture of acupuncture and basis

This topic is based on the “staged acupuncture” method of Professor Liu Yue in the middle of the stroke stage selection of acupuncture points in the middle of the law. From the perspective of the anatomical location of Liuxue, except for the skin and subcutaneous tissue, there are different muscles or tendons under the acupoints, which are distributed from shallow to deep: as follows:

Four Dead: A long phase muscle, one thumb and long extension between the small finger extensor and the ruler’s wrist extension muscles.

Outside: The finger extensor and the finger extensor muscle one long extension muscle shows the extension muscle.

Yangxi: Ask a long extensor tendon and short extension tendon, a radial wrist with radial wrist long extension tendon.

Partial calendar: The radial wrist of the thumb is long extension, the tendon of the tendon is long, the tendon tendon. Both Yangxi and partial cavities have shallow radial nerves.

Hegu: One thumbs muscle in the first osteophytes. This acupoint also has a shallow radial nerve, and the palm side of the palm of the middle nerve in the deep nerve has the inherent nerves.

Houxi: The little finger muscles are short -finger. Its shallow layers are distributed with neural back support and ulnar nerves.

According to anatomy positioning and the physiological characteristics of muscle, when the electro -needle thorns deeply reaches the small finger extension and the depth of the small finger muscles can be extended, the thumb is long, long extension, and the depth of the thumb can extend the thumb. When the depth of the extension of the extension can be flexed, the second to 5th finger joints can be stretched out when the fingers can be extended when the extension depth.

It can be seen from the above that the muscles of the flexing fingers are more muscular than the muscles of the finger. The imbalance between this muscle strength makes the hand in a slight flexing state when the static position. At present, the pathogenesis of physical spasm after stroke is mostly considered to be related to the abnormal enhancement of the reflex reflex: After the damage of the advanced nerve center or the conduction pathway can be lost, the function of the central movement inhibitory system can be lost, and the continuous excitement of the motor neurons can be significantly strengthened. The sensitivity of nerve fibers to support is to break the inhibitory balance between the internal and shuttle muscles, so as to cause more and stronger exercise without the same external force. The author believes that due to the advantages of flexing muscle groups, when the reflection occurs after stroke, more muscle tension will increase on the hand flexion. Essence

The Institute selected acupuncture points, outer customs, Yangxi, partial calendar, and the anatomical position of Houxi all have the muscle distribution of the fingers. By stimulating the electro -needle veins of the stretching muscle, the muscle shuttles generate neurotic excitement. And passed to the spinal cord, which caused the paralyzed stretching to have a contraction response, and form a new balance with the flexor muscle, thereby alleviating the state of hand spasm. The selected acupoints of Hegu and Houxi acupoint penetrate through the acupoints, which can penetrate the palm -to -side side to excite the shallow radial nerve. During the thorns, the ulnar nerve branch of the palm ruler is directly stimulated, and the deep surface of the palm tendon membrane and the palm of the palm directly are excited. The branches of the middle nerve are also conducive to the relief of local spasm