What are the safety protective supplies for workers’ necessary labor insurance supplies?

In many industries, there are certain dangers, such as construction site construction, high -altitude operations, etc. This requires qualified labor insurance products to protect personal safety. So what are the necessary labor insurance supplies for workers? Generally, it includes hard hats, protective glasses, masks, laborers gloves, labor protection shoes, protective clothing, etc., and all parts of the basic body have corresponding protective supplies. Below, Xiaobian takes a look at those commonly used labor insurance supplies and their purchase points, let’s take a look.


The helmet is a must -have head protection supplies for workers. Generally, miners and construction workers are worn at work. It can resist the items falling from high altitude to deviate from outward to reduce the impact of the head.

The main point of buying: Be sure to check whether it meets national standards. The usage of the usage of the general hard hat is calculated from the date of completion of the product manufacturing. Plant branches woven caps do not exceed two years, plastic caps and paper rubber hats do not exceed two and a half years. The hat does not exceed three and a half years.

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

protection goggle

Some operators engaged in industrial production need to wear specialized mirrors to operate. Wearing such glasses is not to decorate, but to protect the eyes, avoid damage to dust, smoke, metals, and chemical solutions.

Pointing points: Choose according to the harmful factors of your own operating environment, like car workers and stone craftsmanship wearing high -intensity anti -impact glasses; chemical and alkali corrosion of chemical and alkali corrosion of chemical experiments; Wear anti -arc light radiation glasses.

Sound insulation

Workers work in an environment above 90dB or short -term or short -term, which will cause serious damage to hearing. It is best to use sound insulation earplugs. After inserting into the ear canal, close contact with the outer ear canal to enter the middle and the inner ear to isolate the sound to achieve the sound insulation effect.

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

The main point of buying: Good sound insulation earplugs must not only be soft and good, but also have a slow rebound effect. The effect will be reduced.


Workers such as sanitation workers and paint flour brush workers have long -term pollution air, it is necessary to wear masks to filter dust and particles in the air to reduce harmful substances into the human body. If a poisonous gas is generated in the working environment, a special anti -virus mask must be used.

Pointing points: To choose dustproof masks for different environmental dust concentrations. Generally, KP types are suitable for oily dust, such as paraffin; KN type is suitable for non -oily dust, such as stone mines; the larger the numbers in the model, the more the block, the blockage The higher the dust rate, the higher the safety factor of dustproof.


工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

In various types of work -related injuries, the proportion of hands has the highest percentage of injuries. In order to avoid hand damage, targeted protective gloves are required. Common labor insurance gloves include insulating gloves, acid -alkali -resistant gloves, welders gloves, anti -vibration gloves, anti -static gloves, dust -free gloves, etc.

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

The main point of buying: Look at the production materials of labor insurance gloves, the operation of the head layer skin is smart and grasped with accurate performance, while the second layer of skin is more abrasion, suitable for dry and heavy physical labor; depending on its own working environment Tests for acid -resistant gloves.


Labor -friendly shoes are mainly safe protection for feet. According to the protection performance of the shoes, it can be divided into anti -static, insulation, anti -piercing, acid and alkali resistance and other special shoes. Users should often pay attention to the wear of safety shoes. Under normal circumstances, the use of labor insurance safety shoes should be less than 6 months.

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

Pointing points: Select labor insurance shoes suitable for protective performance according to the operating conditions, and also consider the comfort of shoes. The good environment is used for relatively non -slip, lightweight substrates, and prominent vibration function; the harsh environment is strengthened to strengthen the non -slip and wear -resistant base material.

protective suit

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

The protective clothing has the characteristics of resistance, good breathability, high, high, high -resistant water pressure. It is used to protect the damage of physics and chemical factors in the labor environment. The use of aggregate, anti -bacterial infection and other environments.

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

Pointing points: General operation work is made of cotton or chemical fiber fabrics, which is suitable for general workplaces that do not have special requirements; special work clothes are selected based on a special working environment, such as dust -based dust -based dust clothes.

seat belt

The seat belt is a personal protective supplies that prevent workers’ falling accidents, which are composed of bands, ropes and metal accessories. It is suitable for operations such as fence, suspension, climbing, etc., and is not suitable for fire protection and hanging objects.

工人必备劳保用品有哪些 安全防护用品购置清单大全

The main point of buying: The seat belt must have sufficient strength. Generally, the fighter seat belt must be 4 500N with a static load, and the stretching speed of 100mm/min is not broken. The impact test should not be broken.