How to wear a long version of sweater? Long version of sweater wearing formulas, all kinds of styles are recommended to you

I will share the long version of the sweater today! There are 10 sets of sweaters with 10 sets of demonstration ~ cold season. In addition to the wild university T, the most popular item is the sweater! And the sweater is the most popular sweater. In addition to the good warmth effect, it also has the characteristics of actual wear and versatile, so it becomes an undefeated item. But the problem is coming. Many girls buy long sweater but do not know how to make it. They are worried about being fat, and they are worried that they can’t wear a sense of fashion, so they are distressed. Today I will share with you the demonstration of long -version sweaters to wear, I hope to provide everyone’s inspiration 🙂


Long version of sweater wear 1:

Dressing Demonstration: Lavender Purple Purple Sweater+Line Skirt+Inner Jeans+Martin Boots

When it comes to long version of sweaters, everyone will think of jeans or skirts, this time to subvert it! Do not wear pants and short skirts, switch to the skirt, make a fake feeling, then wear a baseball cap, put on the Martin boots, let the whole person break out of the mild impression and get out of the handsome style!


Long version of sweater wearing 2:

Dressing Demonstration: Lavender Purple Long Edition sweater+long skirt+short boots

Generally, the long version of the sweater is very heavy, and the long skirt will definitely be even more bulky, so don’t you want to wear a long skirt? In fact, as long as you choose the style of fit and modifying, you will look good with A -line long skirt!

This medium -long sweater is compared with a slightly inverted arc line, and it is not fat itself. Then use the skin transparent sensation of the hem of the lace dress to be more lighter. Finally, with high -heeled short boots and newspaper children’s hats, it is even more tall, and the proportion of the whole person will be great!

Long version of sweater wearing 3:


Dressed demonstration: small dwarf long sweater+denim skirt+boots

This is a five -star thick sweater, which is thick enough, which is very suitable for the cold weather in early spring this year! Because the dwarf logo is cute and special, it is good to wear jeans and white shoes, but of course, girls who like fashion will not be satisfied with jeans and small white shoes!

Putting short skirts and V -port boots can turn the cute and playful sense of the sweater into a small woman style with spicyness! But I still want to keep my childlike and winter feel, so I choose a cap and hairy bag.

Long version of sweater wearing 4:

Dressed demonstration: small dwarf sweaters+old pants+daddy shoes

Want to be cute? No problem, let’s hand it to the old pants and daddy shoes!

Choose a stiff masterpiece, and then fold the pants and expose your toes, you can be thin and neat! If you feel that fashion is not enough, just wear a Tiber Bear QQ fisherman’s hat, fashionable and cute dress is completed immediately!


Long version of sweater wearing 5:

Dressed demonstration: chocolate long sweater+inner top+shorts+snow boots

In the cold early spring, the wool jacket is indispensable! This year is very popular this Oversize wool jacket. When it was received, it was a bit distressed. think.

Use a beige sweater as a base, so that it will not be too exposed> ///

Long version of sweater wearing 6:

Dressed demonstration: chocolate long sweater+vest+leather skirt+over -knee boots

Change the style, use leather skirt to spicy! Replace the inner lining top with a black vest, uniform color tone with leather skirts and over -the -knee boots, and has a thin effect, and at the same time make it more refined.

Oversize sweater of the old grandmother’s wool, immediately became dazzling, more lazy and feminine! Small objects use light -colored ground color systems to make the whole not dull.

Long version of sweater wearing 7:

Demonstration of wearing: side tie long sweater+velvet skirt+boots

2021 Still popular belt bunches! This one has not only side straps, but also cross V -neck, so it has excellent lean effects. It is also very simple to match, because the top is very distinctive, belongs to the protagonist -level item. As long as the lower body is paired with a short skirt at will, and then with a pair of boots, it is very beautiful! Even if it is a thick sweater, as long as you choose the A -line short version of the lower body item, you can create a light and neat long version of the sweater!

Long version of sweater wearing 8:


Demonstration of wearing: side tie long sweater+leather skirt+over -the -knee boots

Leather skirts and knee boots are good friends of girls ~ With them, everyone can be spicy! However, pay attention to the choice of leather skirts. If it is a avocado girl and a marshmallow girl, I recommend the version of i Line or a Line, which will be more modified.

The hat is also the focus. Wearing a thousand bird pattern berets to make the sight move, not only is it high, but the whole person also has more highlights.

Long version of sweater wearing 9:

Demonstration of wearing: long wool version dress+ankle boots

In the cold day, long version of sweater dress is also indispensable for items! In addition to being able to warm from head to toe, it is also a must -have for lazy people! The suit dress, and then take a pair of short boots, you can wear warm wear full of winter, why not!

Dress the same color, choose the dress of the A -line version, and then match the slightly deeper ankle boots, and the bright hair hat to easily create a casual and cute winter look.


Long version of sweater wear 10:

Dressed demonstration: Long version of dress+suede vest+ankle boots

The suede vest is a popular item every year. It is super suitable for the long version of the dress! This suede vest is cute and dazzling, which can make the sights move, and make it more personalized. It is worth starting!


If you don’t want to wear the same color, choose black! Khaki X black is one of the safest color matching, and it will never make an error when choosing it! Use black high -heeled ankle boots and baseball caps with hair balls to make the overall more neat and taller.