The “skirt” in summer shows your cute side! Recommend skirt matching

Even if you only choose a skirt, you must choose a sweet woman style skirt. If you want to wear femininity, show your sense of maturity and elegance, you must choose a style not to pick your body, and wear more naturally. Then, then, then

Even if you like pants, you should enjoy a different experience that the skirt brings to you. For those who are like me, they usually have a lot of pants style, but those who want to change their mood to try skirts, summer is exactly time!

In this period of wearing sandals and sports shoes, we can easily enjoy the style of skirt style. We will cleverly use gloss and color. The following introduces the style of wearing skirts every day.


Style1: “i -character skirt” is a good way to improve the shape!

* Model height: 161 cm, T -shirt/GU (shoulder pleated waist T), skirt/Uniqlo (Airism cotton slit skirt)

I often see mermaid style skirts and pencil skirts this year.

Many people will be attracted by the back of the black tight skirt below the knee. The ankle length is very long, and the leg shape looks beautiful. With this delicate shape, the image of the tight skirt will be refreshing this year.

In addition, in summer, you can match casual clothes and sports shoes and sports items, such as photo T -shirts, logo T, waist jacket, etc. to wear. The vertical lines of skirts will give you more femininity!

Style2: Loose rolling skirts “make the simple T -shirt charm greatly increase!

T -shirt / American style

Skirt / ZARA


Sports shoes / nike

If you match a simple white T, recommend a rolling skirt with only one cute atmosphere.


If the skirt is long, it has a mature and stable sense of balance in sweetness. If you choose to wear the same color top to wear a dress style, you can wear sports shoes on your feet, giving people a relaxed casual feeling, very mature, very good.

Style3: “Light Skirt” is a versatile item for standard clothing this year!

Knit/GU (net -back woven sweater)

Satin skirt/zara

Chain Accessories/ZARA


I always feel a little lacking … You can choose a glossy skirt as a matching item, which is the key to solve the same.

A simple style can also reflect the depth, even the classic T -shirt style will not be too simple.

Champagne golden satin with beige summer knitted sweater, a color combination can also produce a three -dimensional sense, completing the stylish style of temperament.

Style4: “Color Skirt” upgrades the standard items to gorgeous style!

Stretch Supima Cotton T (Stretch Supima Cotton T)

Skirt/Uniqlo (chiffon pleated long skirt)

Just cooperate with the so -called simple color, you can simply match the colorful skirts. One is very convenient!

If it is a chiffon -made pleated skirt, you can feel the summer wind and enjoy a lighter style.

For example, if you want to match dark black and gray T, it is recommended to wear pink, yellow, and refreshing ice blue in the lower body.


Depending on the color, you can enjoy a variety of matching fashion.

Summer skirt style is more interesting!

The style of summer skirts, with tightness, loose, gloss and beautiful colors, etc., you can make your daily dress more experienced.

This time, what I introduced is a plain skirt that is relatively easy to integrate into daily matching. If you choose a skirt with gorgeous patterns such as grid and flower printing, it is easier to break your original dress style!