Handmade diamond painting

Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is a diamond painting designer combining exquisitely shining artificial crystal flat diamonds (some is square diamonds) with a well -designed pattern. The drill is stuck on the corresponding symbols, so that a diamond paste is completed, which can be officially started in a few minutes, and then slowly fill in the area corresponding to each symbol.

Last time I helped my colleagues, I discovered this diamond painting. I bought a pair with the attitude of trying. I started doing it as soon as I was sent, because I had to go to work during the day. I didn’t have much time. I started to do it after I came back from get off work every day. I did it for almost two weeks, and it was finally completed in half a month. (I look too much during the period, it is too time -consuming, laborious, and I don’t want to do it, but if you think about it, you don’t want to give up, just finish it slowly)

This is the work after completion. After pressing for a day, the official frame tonight.


After installing the frame, does it look much better?


Therefore, everything, just work hard and persist, will eventually complete a day. When it is completed, you will gain another beauty.

come on!