When you are fashionable in spring and summer, we wear “skirts”. Try these 4 styles and 4 matching methods.

Summer is coming, and the real fashionable essence has begun to prepare for summer fashion items. In the spring and summer of this year, if you want to catch up, you can wear a “skirt”. Try these methods below to help you easily shape your temperament. Next, let’s take a look at these 4 styles and 4 matching methods, advanced foreign flavor!

1. Selection of skirts

1. Basic color shaping advanced sense


If you want to focus on the overall dress on the upper body, then you can prepare a basic skirt with a basic color. It can be perfectly adapted with any design and elements, it will not appear obtrusive, and it can easily shape a sense of high -level. White is the refreshing color, so the white skirt will also inject clean texture into the overall. Even if it is matched with complicated color ones, you don’t need to worry about it, because white will play a good reconciliation.


The advantage of the black skirt is calm and versatile. It is more practical than a white skirt. It is very tolerant, and it will modify the leg shape and blur the visual focus. Worry. The beautiful eyebrows of the pear -shaped figure can use the hip skirt to improve the shortcomings of the hips. It will help you to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, thereby showing the beauty of pearl round jade.

2. denim skirt


The advantage of the denim skirt is that it is full of casual style, strong age reduction, and can easily create a sense of youth. The texture of the denim is slightly stiff, so the denim skirt generally looks more outline, slightly tough, suitable for concave shape. Its matching is very strong. You can choose the matching match with your preferences. It is difficult to make mistakes.

3. pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is the favorite of girls. Its feature is that the pleated design with equal spacing of the skirt will create a richer sense of layering. It looks young and capable. It will generally combine with the long skirt. With long legs, it will not wear a procrastination, especially suitable for short people. You can choose a camisole as a top with a good eyebrow. If the temperature difference between morning and evening, you can also match a windshield.


4. Printed skirt


The printed skirt is a little bit more design than the solid color skirt. It will enrich the overall styling and show different styles through the corresponding printing. Blue is the main color skirt with a refreshing atmosphere, fashionable and age -reducing, which can greatly improve the fashion degree on it. The color printed skirt has higher requirements for the temperament of the wearer. If you accidentally wear a sense of oldness, it is recommended to choose a solid color on the color when matching, so as to form a good reconciliation effect.

2. The skills of the half -body skirt

1. Combined with the “Passing Passing method”

It is recommended that sisters who are refreshing and capable to try to “plug the waist wear” when wearing a skirt, and stuff the clothes of the top of the top into the waist. effect. This method of wearing is particularly suitable for short eyebrows. It only needs to be paired with a high -waisted skirt to effectively avoid the embarrassing effect of the “five or five points”.

2. Shirt+skirt


The combination of shirts+skirts is more popular with the city Lady. The shirt represents intellectual elegance and literature. Unlike T -shirts, it has the advantages of the wild T -shirt, so it has always been deeply loved by fashion. Pure -colored shirts will inevitably give people a monotonous sense, and it may also appear too business. With a half -body skirt, it can just form a femininity that is gentle and water -like, so that people will not make people feel too rigid and single.


3. Knit sweater+skirt

Nowadays, it is still in the spring and summer alternation, and the temperature is not completely stabilized, so you can also try the combination of thin sweater+skirt. A thin layer of knitted sweater does not make you feel stuffy, but it can effectively resist the cooling in the morning and evening. It is super practical and gentle. The only shortcoming is that the body of the wearer is very high. If you are slightly fat, you may wear a tiger back.

4. Skirt


For women with weak consciousness, you can directly enter glove skirts. It is a type of suit, but it is combined from the upper and half -body skirts. The advantage is that it can maintain the overall style coordination. Even if you go out in a hurry one day, you will never make mistakes. Fashionable temperament.


The above is the explanation of all the skirts in this issue. I don’t know how much you have learned? If you think I shared the skills useful, you can collect this article, or you can pay attention to me, let’s see you next time!

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