How much is the price of the price of the sea? How much is the price of Shanghai?

First, fresh sea ginseng price

Dalian’s fresh sea cucumber price is around 80 yuan to 120 yuan, and the price is fluctuated such that the year, the output, the production, and the growth environment. Shandong’s fresh sea cucumber 60-100 yuan 1 catties, Fujian’s fresh sea cucumber 20-40 yuan 1 catties.

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Second, the low dry sea cucumber price

Freshhernewheasant refers to the fresh sea, passed through the cleaning and low temperature cold air drying, directly in the air-drying room, do not add any substances during the fresh sea ginseng drying process. Light dry sea cucumber price, according to fresh sea cucumber prior price per kg of 90 yuan per catty, processing a pound of pure dry sea cucumber requires 40 pounds of fresh sea cucumber, so a pound of pure sea cucumber price, raw material fee, processing fee, etc. Add up approximately 3700 yuan. The general quality of Dalian’s fresh dried sea cucumber price is about 4,000 yuan per catty, and the price of Shandong is about 3,600 yuan per catty.

The low dry sea cucumber is the best in the market, and it is also the highest price.



Salt dry sea ginseng price

Salt dry sea ginseng is a treatment method that increases sea ginsence and easy preservation by pickling sea ginseng. Typically attach a layer of salt or saline outside, so the exterior is white, can’t see a clear skin and bottom. The quality of salt dry sea is about 10 times. my country stipulates that the sea consistency of salt must be less than 40% and directly affects the price of sea cucumber. For example, if the wholesale price is 3,000 yuan, the sea cucumber is 2,000, plus 40% of the salt, the ultimate price of sea cucumber is 3000-3000 * 40% = 1800 yuan, which is nearly half. The salt content is a scaner of the sea cucumber price. How much sea cucumber is processed, as long as it is not added, it is legal.


Fourth, lyophilized sea cucumber price

Freezing sea is essential to preservation and foaming, the foam rate is basically 1: 1. However, the disadvantage is also obvious. Due to process constraints, lyophilized sea-gammon is soft and soft, and the elasticity is insufficient. It is not recommended to choose freeze-dried sea cucumber. The process of lyophilized sea cucumber is similar to the dehydrated vegetables, so the mouth is soft, no q. The freeze-dried sea cucumber is generally low. In the market, the price of lyophilized sea cucumber is twice as low as the low dry sea, but the sea guchenia is rarely sealed.

Frozen drying technology is the most advanced technology in food storage and processing. It is made of fresh food under vacuum. Since the water content of lyophilized sea cucumber is lower than the low dry sea cucumber, the storage time is longer. The only advantage of lyophilized sea cucumber relative to the low dry sea cucumber can be saved for five years.

Five, sugar dry sea cucumber price

Sugar Ganhai is now prohibited by the state, but its market share is higher than lyophilized, and the price is particularly low.

6. 即 食海 参 price

That is, it can be done directly, without breeding, it can be fully absorbed by the human body. Due to the limitations of the processing process, that is, the food seafood is very soft, and the taste is different from the foam of dry sea.

That is, the price of the sea cucumber can reach 500 to 800 yuan a pound, which is about six to 20 seafood per catty, but the quality of other ready-to-eat sea ginseng is around 200 to 400 yuan, and the quality will be slightly somewhat.

Seven, semi-dry sea cucumber price

Semi-dry sea cucumber is a semi-finished product. Live sea ginseng, cooking after visceral cleaning, otherwise it will be spontaneously dissolved. After boiling sea ginsen, refrigerates, then uses modern vacuum drying technology. Dry sea ginseng and ready-to-eat seafood are used in this semi-finished product. The biggest problem in semi-dry sea guchenia is that the cell membrane is low, and the nutrient absorption is poor. It is not suitable for us to eat directly.

Attachment: What is the price of dry sea ginseng?

Whether it is a sea cucumber or online, the price of sea cucumber from a few hundred yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan, and the price gap is so big. What factors are the price of the sea cucumber? The real factors affecting the price of sea cucumber has three: origin, growth pattern, growing years, processing technology.


Fresh sea cucumber price sequentially in the order (highest to lowest): instant sea cucumber, fresh sea cucumber.

Dried sea cucumber price sequentially in the order (highest to lowest): pale dried sea cucumber, sea cucumber dry salt and lyophilized cucumber.

Probably about how much a pound sea cucumber, sea cucumber prices and a variety of sea cucumbers specific price you can refer to this article.

Lin Fantasheng Wild Sea Cucumber

Lin Fantasheng Wild Sea Cucumber

Lin Fantasheng Wild Sea Cucumber