“Sunshine Sisters Tao” ushered in Zhang Shaohan and the fashion “magician” behind her

In the third issue of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Sunshine Sisters Tao”, the sunshine hut ushered in Zhang Shaohan, the queen of the Chinese music scene, and led her girlfriend and “royal stylist” Zhang Jiayi for the first time to appear in variety shows!


Through this program, Zhang Shaohan, who shines under the spotlight at the time of the spotlight, changed back to a sunny girl who is more authentic, pay attention to details, and works hard.

This time, Zhang Shaohan and Zhang Jiayi were a guest in the sun. They were both friends and employees and bosses. In the show, Zhang Jiayi said that they were “subtle cooperation relationships”, because they had a very direct personality and had a bad temper. In the eyes of outsiders, they were always stinky. They laughed that they were not fried because they had strong business ability.


When talking about the comments of fans due to styling problems, Zhang Shaohan praised Zhang Jiayi very much, and he would go to the backs to help Zhang Shaohan Battle himself. In terms of styling, Zhang Shaohan’s decision is difficult to change. If you want to change her thoughts, you must tell the truth, which shows that Zhang Shaohan has trusted 100 % of Zhang Jiayi.

Sunshine housekeeper Shen Ling once imitated Zhang Shaohan to sing “Invisible Wings”. This time, he gathered with Zhang Shaohan’s deity. Zhang Jiayi said on the side that this song has heard this song too many times, and he prefers “Rain Always Go”, because this is often the last song of the concert, and it also represents the ringtone of the off -off get off work.

In the show, Zhang Shaohan, Zhang Jiayi and Shen Ling went to Longtan Huagu to play in a team game to play bubble football. Zhang Shaohan chose his assistant to be teammates. Shen Ling chose a female director. During the game, it was wonderful and interesting.

During the dinner, Zhang Shaohan tried to make delicious dinner together. During the meeting, Zhang Shaohan talked about the way of doing things and felt that the details determined everything. Zhang Jiayi said that Zhang Shaohan said that she was doing it, and her excellent influenced herself at all times. Then when talking about responsibility, Zhang Shaohan showed his career first, and love ranked behind.


“Sunshine Sisters Tao” takes the relationship between “Sister Tao” as the starting point. It truly records the sweet time of female stars and girlfriends, showing the beautiful power of women’s friendship, a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and positive energy. Jiangsu Satellite TV at 17:00 every Thursday, with “Sunshine Sisters Amoy”, and look forward to the touching story between good sisters!


Source: Jiangsu Satellite TV