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Rebecca Minkoff can also be regarded as a frequent visitor to Aunt Zhang’s house. No one has taken this one.

#本站首晒# Rebecca Minkoff Mab Backpack 真皮双肩包

One day before the New Year, Aunt Zhang was habitually turned over, and suddenly a message jumped into the eye:

New low price: Rebecca Minkoff MAB leather backpack

#本站首晒# Rebecca Minkoff Mab Backpack 真皮双肩包

The round and lovely figure instantly hit my heart (Wallet Bao Jun: Obviously hit me), so the clouds were underground. It was January 28, 2016, only less than 10 days from the Spring Festival. Meiya shipped the goods the next day and arrived on February 4th. Then, my parcel had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival in the transshipment warehouse.

#本站首晒# Rebecca Minkoff Mab Backpack 真皮双肩包

After a month, it became a gift. Can’t wait to remove the box. Someone: Didn’t you say you want to get out of the box? I:……

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So I had to start from below:

This box is tailor -made for this bag. After the disassembly, I can’t get back. The packaging is a layer of paper plus a layer of plastic bag. The shipment weight displayed in the product information on Meiya is 2.6 pounds. At the time of the transfer display, the weight of the warehouse is 4.35 pounds! The mood at the time: Is this spending more than 60 yuan to buy a waste paper for 2 pounds of US emperor! Therefore, it was required to transfer the filling in the box, and the last delivery weight was 3.9 pounds and the shipping cost was 20 knives. Now it seems that the transfer is replaced with a box.

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I still hold the bag half -cover (less, get on nude!).

Nude photos without exposed point, hardware and lifting places have been protected (less, get on nude photos!).

All naked (the bear is coming to accompany you, not afraid, it is Pington bear is not a teddy bear).

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Back ~

Turn right ~

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The main bag was opened, and a storage bag was stuffed. At that time, because of safety considerations, I did not dare to take the filling in the bag (of course, I did not know that the transfer was given not to be taken).

The storage bag is so big.

Remove the filling in the bag.

There is no compartment in the main bag, only two small parts bags on the front and rear walls.

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The space is quite large and you can lie in the stars.

The small bag in front.

The iconic tassel and horseshoe buckle.

There is a bag with a horseshoe, but it is inconvenient to use, and it feels that decorativeness is greater than practicality.

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I thought of this, but in order to let everyone look at the effect of the upper body, what was going on with the real beast that could not bear to look directly.

The upper body is still quite large. This is a conventional version with a size of about 46 x 34 x 21 cm. There is also a mini version, which is about 35 x 26X 18 cm. In fact, the sisters usually go out of the street. Because I usually do not have a backpack, I bought a conventional version (what causal relationship).

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That’s right, this is how the live beast comes, which is slightly difficult.

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The shooting lasted three days, spanning day and night, using a few bench tables and chairs. The final results were bright and dark. It was the sentence: the husband was not at home, and the SLR was slag. Thank you for watching it.

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