How to use electric glass vacuum suction cups to improve construction efficiency?

Why can glass vacuum suction cups improve construction efficiency? This is inseparable from the principle of vacuum suction cups.

The working principle of vacuum suction cups is very simple. It is similar to the operation used in most packaging processes involving picking and placing items. However, most glass vacuum suction cups are large -scale. You can enjoy many benefits from these systems, which cannot be obtained by traditional systems.


1. The first benefit you will enjoy from it is that the system can eliminate chains, cables and hooking time -consuming and unsafe mechanisms. Glass vacuum suction cup does not require chain, cables and hooks, which brings a faster unloading and loading cycle.

2. You will enjoy another advantage of these vacuum suction cups that they can firmly and effectively adsorb the glass or workpiece you are losing. Unlike the chain and suspension that is easy to loosen or shift, the vacuum suction cup will provide a stronger adsorption force to avoid any accidents. This is very important, which will protect the safety of other employees.

3. Economy is another thing that needs to be considered. For example, chains, ropes and cables may cost a lot, even if they cannot complete their work safely. Imagine what it would look like using the chain. The chain is not only heavy, but also damaged the glass. In addition, the item may continue to swing and rotate, which is even more dangerous. Sometimes, individuals may need to be fixed in place, but there were many reports about accidental injuries in the past. The main advantage of glass vacuum suction cup lifts is that there is no need to be equipped with personnel at workstations. Only operators can completely control the equipment. The operator will be responsible for promoting, operating and placing items in different places. With this, you can save the cost of hiring many people to complete work for you. In addition, the process is much faster than other traditional methods.

So do you know what types of glass vacuum suction cups are? How should we choose a vacuum suction cup that suits us?


The suction size and capacity of the glass vacuum suction cup lift is different. They are also different in terms of power supply. However, they are either running in a pneumatic manner or manually. The suction cup for different types of glass lifter is as follows:

1. Electric suction cups: As the name suggests, this suction cup is electric. However, you must pay attention to some of the batteries that are usually charged. There are usually two pairs of independent suction cups using the battery, which is to ensure the flexibility used.

2. Compressed air suction cup: This is the most common suction cup, now used for glass filters. Some of them may be manually operated, and others may be automated. However, the main mechanism they use is to use air pumps.

3. Arc glass suction cup: Have you ever seen curved glass and wondering how it moves from the ground to the current position? This is the design purpose of this type of suction cup. In most cases, traditional suction cups may only apply to flat glass. However, if the glass is bent, a special type of suction cup may be required, and this is where the suction cup is used in handy.

4, sound insulation glass suction cup: As we all know, glass also has different characteristics, including thickness and overall texture. There are suction cups designed for processing glass windows, especially those with two independent boards. This type of glass needs to be extra careful when dealing with, and traditional suction cups may not be suitable for this job.

5. Intelligent suction cup: This is not an ordinary suction cup, but it is also a handy tool for the glass lifter. The suction cup is also suitable for different types of glass, which can customize to meet different needs.

6. Handheld suction cup: The glass suction cup lift is not only used for heavy glass lifting operations. They can also be used for smaller tasks, such as moving a small piece of glass from one place to another. For such tasks, you don’t need a glass lifting machine of industrial scale. The only thing you need is a glass suction cup with a suction cup with a fixed handle.


All these suction cups are designed to improve safety and productivity. They also have shapes such as concave, general shapes and ripples.

in conclusion:

The glass suction cup lift is one of the very practical innovation tools for construction companies. According to the shape and size of the glass, different types of vacuum suction cups can be used on the glass.

We outline different types of suction cups for glass vacuum suction cups so that you can understand the suction cup that is best for your needs. Grabo Grabo Gradburg handheld electric vacuum glass suction cup, super load -bearing 170kg, one -click start, can save time and effort to move glass, wood, tiles, metal plates, marble, concrete and carved materials. Dust, half -porous or rough surfaces are also applicable.

How to use electric glass vacuum suction cups to improve construction efficiency?