See how other people’s creative lamps in every corner of your house are beautiful to your heart.

Lights, always gives a warm feeling. Home life, a beautiful romantic table lamp can always bring good mood to us. Night, put it in the bedroom the bed, the room a romantic atmosphere that they create is quietly during the day, it is an ideal decorative arts, dotted with our good life. Today, let Xiaobian take you to see these beautiful lamp with high color value below it!

Australian Robbie European-style garden lighting, magnificent, beautiful. Elegant European design, elegance and restrained. High-grade fabric shade with beautiful rose pattern, texture clearly visible, bright color, creating a Code of your home atmosphere.


This section rose aroma lamps creative, fashion wild, which are on the romantic; this is not only a gift, but also a wonderful blessing; beautiful roses Satsuki bend aromatherapy lamps, a lamp dual-purpose, can do the lighting, but also can add essential oils aromatherapy, clean air, soothing mood.

[Simple] LED lamp dimming

led lamp dimmer bedside lamps cozy living room bedroom modern minimalist table lamp children’s eye lamp wedding

This unique lamp lights hollow design, using energy saving LED bulb, Wen Xinguang color allows you to enjoy the romantic home life – such a lamp in the bedroom, in particular, were petty bourgeoisie.

Glass table lamp


Apricot blue table lamp, lamp shade features this, unique apricot pattern, coupled with elegant lake blue, retro elegance. Night approaching, placed bedside lights, a cup of tea, take a book, so full of night and romantic.

Pastoral style princess bedroom bedside lamp

This lamp is particularly high quality, limited edition oh deadline. Pink rose petals decorated ceramics, exquisite workmanship, like to enter into the world of flowers, streamlined design light smell the fragrance of flowers, full of curves, like a beautiful dancer dance, eclectic and gestures are all indicative of beauty, ceramic rose petals , bright and clean. Smooth and supple and delicate white paint. In my room a special suction eyes yo.

European-style garden bedside lamp


This style of lamp gains very delicate beautiful, the whole lamp meticulous workmanship, very beautiful floral patterns and soft lighting, beautiful appearance and simplicity of form, it is delicate and generous.


Retro desk lamp []

wanlang European-style retro table lamp bedroom bedside table lamp decorated luxury wedding


Wanlang magnificent European-style table lamp, a very upscale bedroom bedside lights. Silk with European technology, has a strong visual effect with semi-transparent hazy effect, followed the European royal palace style.

European-style garden lace fabric table lamp

看看别人家的台灯多么有创意,让你家里的每个角落都美到你心里。在整个家庭空间中,卧室是我们呆得最多的地方,它既是我们平常歇息的空间,也是脱离疲惫、修生养息的场所,所以卧室的灯光照明应该以温馨舒适为主,赶快来看看这款田园风格的蕾丝台灯吧,它的灯罩以碎花为主的纯棉面料制作,再配上精美的蕾丝边,打造出一种精美的田园风格,简约大方的珠子绢花配饰更增添了一股欧美风,摆在卧室不仅可以照明,更可以起到点缀的作用。更多设计时尚风格请关注公众号:全球设计,ID:LuxeDesign 回复数字1《千套样板房》给你无限装修灵感,打造完美舒适家。 【长按可复制哦】

Space throughout the home, the bedroom is the place where we spent the most, both as we usually rest of the space, but also from exhaustion, gave birth rate repair place, so the bedroom should be warm and comfortable lighting based, quickly take a look at this models pastoral style lace table lamp, right, with its floral lampshade made mainly of cotton fabrics, matched with exquisite lace, to create a refined rustic style, simple and elegant silk flower accessories beads add to a wave Europe and the wind, put in the bedroom can not only lighting, but also can play a decorative role. Please pay attention to fashion design style more public numbers: global design, ID: LuxeDesign reply number 1 “thousands of sets of model room” decorated to give you unlimited inspiration, to create the perfect home comfort. [Oh] Long-press copy