Salesman: Don’t be greedy in bedrooms, don’t choose non -standard size. The easiest way is to see the number of people

Near the years, the bed of a friend’s house was broken (I don’t know what they did every day in bed). I took me to buy a bed in the furniture market this morning, and I found that the size of the bed also asked such a university!


There is a point of view of the salesperson. I agree: Don’t be greedy, too big the bed will only make the bedroom crowded. The sleep experience did not improve much, but the appearance and practicality of the bedroom greatly lowered.

The correct bed size should be determined according to the number of daily sleep.

Choose 2 meters in length


“Don’t be greedy” is just aimed at the width. In the length of the bed, try to choose 2 meters. There are some children’s beds on the market now, and the length is only 1.9 meters. Try not to buy this kind of bed.

The 1.9 -meter bed is only suitable for people who are less than 1.6 meters tall to sleep. Nowadays, children are growing fast, and a bed becomes smaller in a few years.

And occasionally visiting guests at home, if it is a 2 -meter bed, it can also be temporarily allowed to sleep for guests. But if only 1.9 meters, adults can’t use it.

If the size of the bedroom is small, the length of the bed must be compressed, and the size of the bedside can be considered. Choose thin beds or beds without bedside, which can be reduced at least 10cm in length.

Is it 1.5 meters or 1.8 meters in a double bed?


When you say you want to buy a “double bed”, you are facing two options: 1.5 meters of double bed and 1.8 -meter double bed. In terms of the choice of double bed, it is the easiest to be greedy!

Especially for the current new house, the bedroom area is getting smaller and smaller. Put a 1.8 -meter -wide bed in a room, often can’t even put the bedside table.

The correct choice method should be to watch the number of people in the bedroom: if two people usually use it, choose 1.8 meters. If you usually use it alone, or even many times, you should choose 1.5 meters.


Before 2005, all the double beds were 1.5 meters, and I didn’t hear who said that the bed could not be too old. So although rest assured, two people in a 1.5 -meter bed occasionally sleeping are enough.

Single bed selection 0.9 meters or 1.2 meters?

Similar to the double bed, there are two specifications of single beds: 0.9 meters and 1.2 meters.


First of all, a 0.9 -meter single bed is sufficient. Schools, whether it is middle school or university, bed in the dormitory, is basically a width of 0.9 meters.


Let your child use a 0.9 -meter bed early to adapt to the environment in the school early.

1.2 meters, basically the maximum width that a person needs to take up when sleeping. Excellent than this width, the sleeping position must be incorrect and unhealthy, and it should not be advocated.

Ancient bed was only 1.35 meters. Two people have been in the same bed for a lifetime, and they have never heard of squeezing -in fact, the 1.2 -meter bed is crowded, and they can sleep completely (for temporary use).

Try not to buy a non -standard size bed

The above four widths: 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, and 1.8 meters, all of which are standard width. The standard width of the bed is only these four.


Buying a standard width bed, the advantage is that the bed items can buy finished products. The mattress, four -piece suit, and even the pillow are not customized.

In addition to these four sizes, there are many non -standard size beds on the market. Such as 1.35 meters, 1.6 meters, and so on. If you buy these sizes, you need to customize bedding in the future. The price of custom bedding is often higher. In terms of materials and craftsmanship, there are not large choices.


Especially the mother bed, or the high and low bed (in fact, is the upper and lower shop), I like non -standard specifications. When you buy it, you must pay attention. Whether it is a lower pavement or a pavement, the size must be selected among the four standard widths.