Isn’t it boring to wear boots now? Now “sandals+socks” fire throughout the entire network, fashionable can also keep warm

“Sandals+socks”? Many people may be surprised when they hear such a match. After all, such a mix is ​​considered to be the ultimate shape for a while. How can it become fashionable now? Such fashion did not miss Zhou Dongyu.

It turned out that unknowingly, the stars had used sandals+socks as fashion, and they also brought a lot of such shapes.

In the minds of many people, there is an ancient stereotype: a man who goes to vacation is always described as a sun hat, paired with five -point shorts, keen on the early morning, and then dragging a pair of sandals, then dragging a pair of sandals, There is also a pair of socks to the calf. It can be said that such an impression has passed for a long time, but in the past few years, the fashion industry has experienced another change. Such a shape has also undergone a major change. Sandals+socks are no longer a single style. To be precise, for the first time in history, I feel that wearing sandals with socks is cool.

Tyler, Jaden Smith, and Justin Bieber, etc. are the first style in the street fashion industry. They often wear socks on the street, and then slowly become popular in the fashion industry. What follows is that major brands have launched sandals with socks.


For a long time, the pursuit of fashion seems to be more enthusiastic about girls. The boys are relatively bland, but no one expected that when sandals+socks are popular, the most enthusiastic about wearing this turned out to be boys.


Looking at the shape of Beckham, wearing a pair of sandals of the Birkenstock brand, with a pair of red socks and a double -breasted naval blue suit. I don’t know what is fashionable.

The matching of major brands and socks




Black and white jaw sandals


Black logo in stockings

Givenchy’s black sandals with woven belts and polished leather fabrics with white blooming logo patterns are embellished. The toe is open -toe round head, and the magic beam of the upper. The molding rubber shoe bed is soft and comfortable, and the white mold pressure foam rubber soles also have a good shock -proof effect.


Sandals like this are also possible to wear socks. Black and white shoes are best with black or white socks. VERSACE, the black cotton elastic knitted fabric, is very good. The littering knit socks on the socks are decorated with white knitted logo and stripes. It is simple and beautiful. Such shoes and socks must be fashionable.



White DEPA-CAB sandals

Jil Sander

Triple pair of gray -white classic in stockings

Suicoke’s white nylon sandals, using molding foam rubber shoe beds, and the same color texture foam rubber soles. After the heels, the simple white looks comfortable and comfortable. The shoes are designed with open -toe round -headed magic stickers.

White sandals can be paired with white socks that are also white. This shape looks very low -key, but it is also fashionable. Jil Sander’s gray -white mid -socks use cotton flat knitted fabrics, comfortable and breathable, littoic knitted socks, and logo loops, which are characteristic of socks.

Ancient Greek Sandals


Brown CLIO sandals



Black GG gold and silver line stockings

This handmade brown sandals, the grain leather fabric, designed with adjustable needle buckle ankle bands, and the iconic pattern hardware on it, the shoes are open -toed round heads, leather soles and rubber injection plastic shoe heels Essence

Such retro sandals can go to black and silver color matching stockings, mixed cotton knitted fabrics to keep warm and soft, littoic knitted socks, and the socks are all pink blooming logo patterns. Such sandals and socks are matched. The rich retro atmosphere Coming from the face, it is more free and unruly.

Rick Owens

Black tractor sandals


Red GG lace stockings


Black sandals designed by polishing leather, adjustable magic beam bands of the upper and ankle, and the same color polished leather shoe label label flower, and the same color iconic tractor texture rubber sole; the soles are thicker, about 5cm high height, about 5cm high, about 5cm high is about 5cm high. Essence

It is full of design, but it is a wild low -key black sandals. You can boldly try to match this red nylon lace transparent long socks. The hollow socks are very breathable. There is a pink logo woven elastic straps, which is a combination of leisure and sexy.

Pink aguru sandals



Green Wavy Logo Mids Stockings

Gucci This pink Napa leather stitching white -functioning sandals with white function mesh. The shoe body has the navy blue decoration and yellow reflective edge design. It has a adjustable bandage with magic stickers. The white soaking logo is particularly dazzling. The ankle strap is a adjustable magic sticker, with a yellow flat -striped knitting lining.

It is said that “red with green shit”, but if the pink sandals and green mid socks are matched, not only will it not look rustic, nylon flat -grained knitted elastic fabrics are soft and comfortable socks, giving people a different experience.

Bottega veneta

Black elastic sandals

Heron Preston

Black semi -transparent middle stockings


Black 9cm high -heeled sandals, it looks like very common shit. It uses polishing Napa lambskin fabric and adjustable pinching ankle bands. The soles of the shoe are camel leather rubber injection plastic, and the design is still conservative.

There are many examples on the street just like this sandals. There are also many examples on the street. Middle stockings and black high -heeled shoes of black semi -transparent nylon flat knitted fabrics like this are simply matched, low -key and fashionable, and every street tide is necessary.


In fact, why does “sandals+socks” get angry, and even Beckham, known for tough guys? Sometimes this strange match is driven by the celebrity effect, it is easy to become trend. In addition, people now have strong ability to accept, pursue personality and different people. Star celebrities are still ordinary people, all of which are obsessed with such strange wear.