British style women’s shoes, easily wear the goddess fan

As a girl’s ultimate wish, there is a large shoe cabinet, which puts any styles, any color, and material shoes you like! As a fashionable girl, of course, different clothes must be matched with the corresponding shoes. A pair of good shoes are not only comfortable to wear, but also look eye -catching, but also take you a good road. Moreover, shoes can enhance the sense of fashion and integration of the whole body, so shoes are essential fashion items.

Single product one: patent leather tape belt buckle British wind mid -heeled heel shoes

As the new spring women’s shoes just launched this year, it has fashion elements such as square heads and metal buckles. It has raised the British style of the entire pair of shoes a grade, which is more suitable for handsome and fashionable girls to make daily matching. The toe uses a semicircle toe to go more comfortably and walks, so that the soles can be uniform and more comfortable to walk when walking. The heels use a 3cm square heel to modify the leg shape and add more comfort.

Single product two: college wind pine cake bottom thick bottom single shoes and thick heels Lefu shoes

The decoration of running and small bow as the toe looks very playful and cute and fashionable. The thick soles not only seem to be very bulky, but also make 4.5cm better. The soles of the shoe use non -slip and wear -resistant rubber soles, which must be very comfortable and labor -saving. Shoes are also very versatile. It is the best choice with dress or wide -leg pants and calf pants.

Single product three: thick -bottomed loose cake shoes, Brok flat bottom to increase women’s shoes

From the shoe body, you can see at a glance that it is a very classic British style leather shoes, also known as Brock shoes. The style of the shoes is daily, versatile and casual. The strap can better adjust the tightness you want. Although there are 7cm high heels, there are also 3.5cm waterproof platforms, and 2cm is increasing internal. Don’t worry about twisting when walking. It is definitely the first choice for girls who are not used to wearing high heels.


Single product five: autumn and winter retro, pilling down leather single shoes

The entire upper is made by scrub leather. It seems that the skin is delicate, and the feel is very comfortable. The soles use the beef tendon bottom, which is not only soft and non -slip, but also bent to varying degrees. After the entire pair of shoes continuously tested and improved by the store, it was very comfortable and did not grind the feet. In general, it was very versatile. Ladies style, neutral style can be held perfectly.


Single product six: pointed loose cake shoes black thick bottom heel single shoes


The high -quality fabric makes the entire pair of shoes very breathable, and the toe style uses a pointed design, which has a touch of breath in leisure. The leather has two pearls and matte, which can meet the requirements of different customers. The insoles contain a 0.5cm sponge, the purpose is to prevent grinding feet, to the greatest extent to bring comfort to the feet, the soles are very soft. After testing, you can be twisted at will. You must not worry about grinding your feet. There is no problem for running away for a day.


Single product seven: high -heeled shoes are waterproof platform pointed female leather shoes

The shoe type is very modified and contains a thin -footed visual effect. The toe uses a small pointed design to make the whole feeling more gentle. The leather is wiped by hand -waxed color, and a lace -up method can also consider that girls with high instep can also control it. Considering the actual wearing and easy walking nature, although there are 6.5cm high heels, it is changed to fashion and not tired feet. This rough heel is very user -friendly, and colleagues who modify the legs will not make the girl walking a day feel pain.