“The Story of Genji” quickly reads, a messy and romantic custom in Japan

“The Story of Genji” described the life of the noble society at that time through the life experience and love story of the protagonist Yuan’s. 5 volumes of the book, divided into two parts according to the geographical background of the incident. The first part is Volume 1 to Volume 44, with the background of the capital of Ping’an Dynasty, which is basically the story of Genji. The second part is the latter 10 volumes. The stage of the character activity moved to the place of Uriji, the southern suburbs of Kyoto, and wrote the story of the general of Genji’s son, also known as “Uji Ten Posts”.

Emperor Tonghu Emperor in a certain dynasty in ancient times loves a tung pot with a notbled identity (dressing and female royal are all female officers who serve in the Emperor’s Hall in the DPRK. The most noble status). Tong pot has a weak personality and has no abnormalities to do later support. After she gave birth to the beautiful little prince, after Guangyuan, she died of hatred. Emperor Tonghu was washing his face with tears. This kind of sadness was not resolved until a few years later after she looked like a Tong pot dress. The little prince was extremely handsome and clever since childhood, and was very popular with Emperor Tonghu. However, Emperor Tonghu considers that he was born of a dress where he had no foreign relatives. He was a prince who was afraid of being jealous. For the future of light, he reduced him into a minister and gave him a surname. His 4 -year -old daughter Kwai Ji, Xu, gave him a wife. Obviously this is political, although Kwai Ji has a beautiful appearance, but her behavior is reserved and her temperament is indifferent. Genji did not love Kwai Ji, but fell in love with the concubine pot of his father who looked like his mother, and gave birth to a son. Emperor Tonghu thought he was his own. This child was the later Emperor Lengquan. Genji and Fujido fell in love, and were entangled with the old wife of the old country to keep the old wife, but no matter how he teased and pursued, the empty cicada of the wife of an intermediate official was unmoved. Genji, who is in a high position, is very indulgent in life. But he did not think there was any unreasonable land. He and the late Prince’s concubine, the six concubines of his aunt, had a private communication. He also intersects with the beauty in the streets of Kyoto, the girl of the lower class like a jade, making him full of feelings. In order to celebrate the night and night, he stole Xi Yan to a barren house, but he was fascinated by the soul of the six concubines in the first night of the night, and he died in a blink of an eye. Genji quietly handled the funeral, and the Xi Yan family did not know the whereabouts of the hostess.

Genji entered the mountains and worshiped the Buddha. When he encountered Zi Ji, who was only 10 years old, the cuteness and more enthusiastic Genji was that Ziji looked like a rattan pot, and was the niece of the rattan pot. Genji asked Ziji to pick up to raise it. After being rejected, he was claimed that he was entrusted by Zi Ji’s father to pick up his child and stole Ziji to his secret residence to hide. During this time, Genji was busy seeking the opportunity to seek a conference as usual. From the old palace girls, to the younger sister of Hongyu Temple, the sister Hao Yueye, the younger sister Hua Sanli of the female royal girl, and so on. At the age of 22, Emperor Fujiko asked the son of the son of the daughter of Honghui Temple to the Emperor Suzaku, the Lengquan Emperor Yu Yuanti, ordered his protector of the Crown Prince, Genji was even more sinking from greedy and hunting, and he was afraid. Soon, his wife Kwai Ji gave birth to a boy, Ming Xiwu, and Shortly after giving birth, Kwai Ji died suddenly because of the soul of the six concubines. After his wife died, Genji married Zi Ji, who was 1 year old, married his wife, and six concubines felt that the humanity was thin in the world. Thoroughly cut off your love, no longer travel with Genji.


When Genji was 23 years old, Emperor Tonghu died, and the Minister of the Right came to work to master real power. Queen Fujiko was forced to become a monk, and the Minister Zuo was forced to resign. During this period, Genji and the Emperor Shang Shi Shi Shi Yue’s daughter, Haoyue Yueyue, was noticed. The Minister of Right and the Girls of Honghui Hall were furious. Genji feared that he would be more miserable in the future, and he automatically left Kyoto to escape the absence and Akihami, and marry Akihiro during his residence. At this time, disasters were constantly occurring, causing great uneasiness inside and outside the court, inside and outside the court. Emperor Suzaku was seriously ill. In order to recover the endgame, he returned to Beijing regardless of his mother Honghui Hall’s opposition. Genji bid farewell to Aki Kya, who was pregnant. Emperor Suzaku raised Genji to power, and all government affairs personally consulted Genji himself. Soon, Emperor Suzaku abdicated, Emperor Lengquan was ascended, and Genji rose again, and the Zuo Minister Dongshan rose back. When he was full of ambition, Genji did not forget the old friendship. Akashi Ji made a daughter, and Genji created the government in the suburbs, took her into Beijing, and at the same time appealed Zi Ji to make her not jealous. Flower Sanli, six concubines, and unsteady flowers, he is also not sparse and often patronize. The six concubines were seriously ill after Ise returned to Beijing. Genji dispelled the desire for Zhai Palace and sent her into the palace to become the female royal of the Emperor Lengquan.


When Genji was 31 years old, the Minister of Zheng died. The mother of Fujimu died of depression due to long -term pain in her heart. After learning about the mystery of her birth during the mourning period of Emperor Lengquan, I decided to let the Genji, Genji insisted on resigning, and the Emperor Lengquan did his own courtesy. Genji was 33 years old to the Minister of Pacific and entered his heyday in his life. So Guangzhu Huaju, gathered many women who had had a relationship in the past and lived a happy life. After the official to the emperor of Juntai, Rong Hua was extremely dotted. However, at this time, the shadow of tragedy is quietly expanding. After Emperor Suzaku Xingxing Six Hospitals, his body was increasingly not good and decided to become a monk, so he entrusted his favorite daughter, the three princess of his daughter to Genji, who had been 40 years old. Genji married her as his wife, causing Zi Ji’s dissatisfaction. Although Zifu’s appearance was very calm, his heart was infinitely troubled. In addition, Genji still did not forget to mess with flowers at this time. Genji had to be gardens between the two, and it was completely trapped in the pain of secular families. Mrs. Zi’s heart had to endure pain in her heart. Genji was deeply disturbed. The son of the head of the head, Kashi Kashi, has long been admired by the three princesses. Although he married the three princess’s sister’s deciduous princess, he could not reverse the acacia of the three princesses. One day, Kagu bought the three princesses, sneaked into the six courtyards, and met with the three princesses. Soon the three princess became pregnant and consciously seemed to see Yuan’s. However, the love letter sent by Kashi Mu was discovered by Genji, and Genji felt sad, thinking that it was a retribution to Queen Queen who was private. After the incident was exposed, she regretted it and finally died. The three princesses gave birth to a boy safely, and then gave birth to a boy, and then went into the Buddhist gate. Zi Ji felt that the world was unpredictable during the depression, and finally became a monk and died at the age of 52.


From the 42nd volume, the protagonist transferred to the nominal son of Genji. Another important figure second only to Xunjun is the three princes born to Queen Akashi. Xunjun has been distressed by his own mystery since he was a child, and he has hugged the thoughts of the world. In his early years, Prince Eighth lost his wife and raised his two daughters in one hand. The two daughters were like flowers, smart and gentle, and Prince Eighth couldn’t bear to be in the countryside and worried about their marriage. Seeing that the Jun Jun was steady, he intends to give him his daughter. Unexpectedly, the Eighth Prince died suddenly. Xunjun took responsibility for taking care of them, and he was in love with the eldest son of Prince Mu Yizhi’s Eight Prince. The eldest girl tends to the Buddhist family and is unwilling to accept the love of the king. She hopes that the younger sister will marry him. It is difficult for Xunjun to change the original intention and secretly bring the three princes to close to the second female son. The eldest son was unexpected, and was extremely disgusted. He lost trust in the fumigation. In addition, after the three princes got the second daughter, the footprint gradually became sparse. As a result, the eldest son is more convinced that marriage is a bitter thing, and she is determined not to make people anyway. She was sad for this and died soon. The sorrow of the Jun Jun is unbearable. After the eldest son died, the three princes picked up the second daughter home in the second courtyard. On the one hand, Xunjun is very sympathetic to the two daughter -in -law, take care of it, and at the same time regret to let her be to others, and constantly ask for love. At this time, the emperor recruited the martial arts as a horse, and loved him with all his heart. But Hua Jun is always unforgettable. When the second daughter saw him pitiful, he introduced him to his mother -in -law, Fudao. When Xunjun learned that the floating boat looked like a big daughter, he intends to interview and comfort his dream of his soul to the dead. After various twists and turns, Xunjun finally welcomed the floating boat to the place of Uji. The three princes were also pursuing the floating boat hard, and the floating boat was not obedient. One night he imitated the voice of Xunjun, drilled into the house of the floating boat, and had a relationship with her. In the pursuit of the two men, the floating boat advanced and retreated Vegetarian valley, and was unlimited, so he committed suicide in order to liberate. Hengchuan’s monks discovered and saved her. After all this twists and turns, she was determined to become a monk. After working hard, she found her, but she no longer moved to him, refused to see each other, and thought about the Buddha. The novel stopped.