How big is the restaurant hanging painting? It’s too big to be crowded, it’s too small to show a small breath

In the decoration design, the size of the hanging painting is also particular about the size of the dining room. Hanging too big paintings can easily make the space too full, and the hanging painting is too small and it will look stubborn. This makes many people feel difficult when choosing decorative paintings. Let me talk about the proportion of the size proportion of the dining restaurant. Netizens who are ready to hang painting in the restaurant can refer to it!

1. Single hanging painting

① 33% hung on the wall

For the situation of hanging orders, the first choice depends on the size of the wall surface. If it is a conventional large area wall, it is based on the wall surface of the restaurant space. It’s okay.

▲ The wall is relatively wide, and the hanging painting accounts for one -third.

② 50% hanging on the small wall

If the wall area of ​​the hanging painting is relatively small, then the left and right ratio of the hanging painting can be hung to more than 50%, so that the overall space sense will be richer.

▲ The walls are relatively narrow, and hanging paintings account for half.

③ Match with the cabinet

If the restaurant is placed with a finished meal cabinet, hanging the picture can also echo the size of the side cabinet, and the overall picture will be more harmonious and unified.

▲ Hanging paintings echo the cabinet.


2. Double hanging painting


If two paintings are hung on the wall of the restaurant, this design is generally symmetrical. The proportion of the left and right surfaces of hanging paintings can be controlled at about 50%, and then the hanging painting is also centered. The overall space sense will be more symmetrical and beautiful.


▲ Hanging two paintings, taking half of the wall.

3. Three hanging paintings

① Within the table and chair range

If you plan to hang three paintings on the wall of the restaurant, this is generally axisymmetric method. Considering the design of the table and chairs, the range of the format of the hanging painting is controlled in the placement area of ​​the dining table and chairs. It will not cause a sense of picture of hanging painting.

▲ The three paintings are controlled within the table and chair.

② 60% of the wall surface

The hanging method of the three paintings is axisymmetric. Generally, the typesetting between the hanging paintings will be relatively close, and then the position of almost one painting is left on the left and right sides. You can refer to the golden ratio of 0.618.

▲ The proportion of three paintings can account for 60%.

4. Banners hanging painting

The banner is hanging horizontally. The overall format is relatively large. The ratio of the left or right of the picture can be controlled at about 70%. Then there will be a relatively large space on the top and bottom. The overall space will be more layered on the facade.

▲ The left and right sides of the banner can occupy 70%.


5. Special hanging drawing format

① Combination with styling

If there is a frame shape on the side of the meal, at this time, the hanging painting is already part of the shape. When choosing a hanging painting, you must consider the format ratio based on the shape.


▲ The wall has a shape, and the size of the hanging picture is determined by the shape.


② Photo wall combination


If the wall is connected to the living room and other walls, a large area of ​​walls can also be used, and the design of the photo wall combination can also be adopted. At this time, you can hang it slightly to make the simple wall plump and interesting.

▲ Photo wall combination is generally suitable for large -scale walls, and it is necessary to consider the wall of the entire guest restaurant.

③ Irregular hanging painting

Now there are some irregular hanging paintings. When choosing a picture of the screen, such as hexagonal hanging paintings, it is also a relatively literary design. The single ratio of this hanging painting is controlled within the table. It is better to be within the table+dining chair.


▲ Irregular hanging painting.

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