Quanzhou school uniform appears at the International Clothing Expo

Source: Quanzhou.com

Taiwan Strait Network March 18th According to Quanzhou.com reporters, reporters learned that from March 17th to 19th, China International Costumes Expo (Chic) 2021 (spring) children’s clothing and school uniform exhibition will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). At that time, many children’s clothing and school uniform companies in Quanzhou will also participate in the exhibition.

It is reported that this exhibition is mainly the four major clothing sectors of infant children, Chinese children, juvenile clothing, and school uniforms, covering the needs of different categories and age layers such as children’s dresses, juvenile tide cards, and leisure tide cards. The excellent quality, safety, and environmental protection of Chinese children’s clothing will also create independent children’s clothing shows to highlight the quality of childlike children.

The ceremony is about to be unveiled, and business opportunities should not be missed. It is reported that the Shishi International Business City School Uniform Market will organize 6 high -quality merchants in the market to prepare together to participate in this influential school uniform feast, and build a 360 -square -meter Shishi School Uniform Collection in children’s clothing and school uniform exhibition area.

It is understood that the merchants participating in this exhibition include Shishi City Haotian Clothing Industry Co., Ltd., Shishi City Baohui Clothing Weaving Co., Ltd., Fujian Xinlan Tsai Clothing Co., Ltd., Fujian Diamond Partner Culture Products Co., Ltd. Trade merchants, Fujian Caizi Tommy Campus Clothing Co., Ltd., etc., these independent brands and various style products from Fujian school will gather in Shanghai to show the audience a diversified Quanzhou school uniform series, showing high -quality Quanzhou school uniform brand image And the style of the first domestic professional school uniform market procurement base. (Reporter is gentle and clear)