Hunan Tourism Publicity Slogan selection is opened, 20 “golden sentences” are waiting for you to vote

Huasheng Online May 7th (Reporter Huang Mei) How to show Hunan’s tourism image in “one sentence” and invites tourists all over the world? In order to enhance the popularity and reputation of Hunan tourism, on January 28, the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference Group Group Group The Office of the Committee (Provincial Travel Hall) issued a heavy “solicitation order” to solicit the slogan of Hunan tourism publicity. As of now, 20 publicity slogans have entered the network voting stage.


(Photo Conferry, Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie)

After the rigorous and meticulous review of the expert review team, “Furong Kingdom is full of towards Hui -Hunan welcomes you”, “Hunan, hot Hunan”, “Hunan so much coquettish”, “the world is so big, I like Hunan”, “Xiangshan Xiangshui, Xiangshan Xiangshui, Xiangshan “Twenty of” 20 promotional slogans, including “, entered the network voting stage. The results of the online voting will be integrated with the opinions of experts to determine the final ranking.

It is understood that the number of tourism promotional slogans collected this time has 4-12 words. It is necessary to accurately position the tourism image and connotation of Hunan, highlight the charm of Hunan tourism, creativity, clear theme, well -eloquence, easy to memory, conducive to spreading Essence


New Hunan, new travel, requires new slogans. Which slogan is the most creative, most attractive, and most in line with Hunan tourism image? Please choose the best publicity slogan in your mind!

Voting rules: Each person can vote once a day, three items can be selected each time.

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