In addition to wheat grains and earthworms, these bait are used for wild fishing catfish, and the hooks are large catfish

There are three types of bait fishing in the wild. There are three types of bait, earthworms, wheat grains, and commercial bait. In addition to these three types, there are also bait such as red worms, rice, rubber band particles. Although it is not common, it can also be used for wild fishing catfish.

Fishing in the wild, catfish is the first choice. The reason is very simple. In addition to white strips, ears of wheat ears, and tadpoles, catfish is the first target fish that can be reluctant to be accepted by fishermen.


The reason why this word is reluctant is because catfish is a group of fish, and there are small and small heads. If you use bait to be proper, it is not difficult to catch catfish, and it is not difficult to catch other small fish. The fun.

Therefore, the bait used in the wild fishing fish not only can seduce fish, the state of the bait, but also need to pay attention to it. Otherwise, it will become fishing fish. Very good.


The first, earthworms

Earthworms are called universal bait. Theoretically, as long as it is freshwater fish, it can be given, but to say that the best way to catch fishing is earthworms.

Earthworms have a strong smell of earthy smell. For the catfish of the bottom, they are full of temptation. However, the earthworms are used to catch catfish with earthworms and use the entire earthworms to score the earthworms.

Because the entire earthworm, small fish cannot swallow, as long as it can swallow, and the fish that is stabbed, the head will not be small, so the effect is still very good with the entire earthworm.


The second, wheat grains

The biggest advantage of fishing catfish is not easy to provoke small fish. Regardless of whether wheat grains are baking, bubbles, fermented, or other processed processing, the overall taste will not be rich.

But it is this kind of less rich flavor that does not attract small fish to grab food, but instead has a good temptation for the large catfish, carp, and grass carp near the den.

Wheat grains are used in the wild. The most mouthpiece is large catfish, followed by carp and grass carp, which is black fish, and occasionally swallow wheat grains.

Third, rubber band particles

The rubber band particles are very suitable for novice to keep fishing catfish. The advantage is that the operation is very simple. As long as the rubber band is hung on the fish hook, it does not need to fight the nest.

After the rubber band is in water, it is slowly atomized, the taste and state of the temptation of catfish are very good. Of course, the disadvantages are relatively obvious, that is, the flavor concentration is relatively single. If the temptation is not good, it is difficult to adjust.

Fourth, rice bait

The rice bait is to use rice grains as a bait. The rice grains have a unique aroma of rice. The state is relatively soft and the palatability is very good.


However, because the taste of rice grains is too light, and the fish -lure fish effect is average compared to other bait, so use rice; grains to make bait, and will be paired with other bait.

For example, rice grains mixing powder bait and rice granules can increase the aroma of rice bait, but after this match, it will cause rice bait to provoke small fish, and the effects of rice granules are different in different waters.


Fifth type, red worm


Tie the five or six red worms into red worms with rubber bands, and then hang the red worm rolls on the fish hook. After the red worms enter the water, it will constantly twist because the color of the red worm is bright.

After entering the water, the visual impact of catfish is very powerful, and the smell of red worms is also very good. However, red worms make bait, which is also easy to provoke small fish. Therefore, it is not recommended to use at a low temperature environment.

Sixth type, commodity bait


Commodity bait is a powder bait, which can be opened and bait. The advantage is that the taste is rich, comfortable, and seduced. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious.

Fishing catfish in the wild, if the level of bait or the level of bait is insufficient, it is not recommended to use commodity bait to fish for catfish, because the small fish is nest, it can collapse people.

The above six bait are in the wild waters, the effect of catfish is very good, but the water conditions are different and the effect of use is also very different. The season is different. Naturally, it is different, so you still need to choose different bait according to the season, water situation, and experience.