How is the volume of wrinkles pressing the lace collar pressure chiffon shirt? Look at the structure diagram

A very ladylike chiffon crowded shirt shared with everyone. Many babies will ask: How is the amount of wrinkles of the wrinkles be calculated?

花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图

I will share it with you today: first pictures

花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图

Sample map

Dressing effect

Although folds are pressured, the amount of folds is artificially controlled. It is designed in advance if you want to add a lot.

Let’s look at the structural diagram below. Folding amount of folds

I still have to complete it first

花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图

Old rules: first hit M number. Suitable for net bust: 84 cm

If you need other numbers, you can refer to the following push code method by yourself

花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图

If you want to add a large amount of pleats, add it evenly through the method of pulling folds

花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图

After the folds are completed


花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图


花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图



花边立领 压皱雪纺衬衣 压皱量是怎么算的?看结构图

Main points of production

The front and rear slices need to be covered with a piece of cloth, the sleeve is not covered

Libu is a elastic mesh fabric. Comfortable and breathable, use four -line suture

Cuffs plus composite lace

In addition, the neckline is folded by the fabric and the wrinkles are completed. Wrinkle should be uniform.

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