Send Dad’s cotton jacket, put on the decentness and become young!

For many older men, fashion seems to be farther and farther away from them. Once they are in the age, they seem to pay less attention to their own image than when they are young. Comfortable. As everyone knows, this inadvertent attitude makes himself look older. It’s New Year’s Eve, the New Year pays attention to wearing new clothes. Do n’t just buy it for themselves, and bring themselves a comfortable and fashionable jacket cotton jacket for dad who do n’t like to dress up. The capable and refreshing jacket -style cotton coat can wear the air field and spirit, and it can also show a young attitude, making Dad look a few years old.

Xiaobian recommends these eight jackets with different styles of different styles, suitable for dads 40 to 50 years old. They will definitely look more foreign and younger when they wear them!


Disassembly inner biliary wool collar jacket cotton clothing


A jacket cotton suit that can be worn for three seasons is the most suitable for sending dads. Selected high -grade hair collar design, very quality, fashion zipper, easy to wear and remove, three -dimensional tailoring, the version is quite wide, and the fabric contains wool, keeps warm and upgrade. Two oblique pockets, beautiful and practical, down cotton, cold and warmth.


Pure color lapel casual jacket cotton jacket


Dark blue cotton coats are not monotonous. The exquisite hair collar design, handsome and neat, three -dimensional tailoring, exquisite sewing, not bloated upper body and thinness, filled with down cotton, the upper body is very warm. The jacket style, wearing Dad’s young aura.


Rex rabbit hair collar fashion standing collar cotton clothing

Rex rabbit hair decorative jacket cotton jackets, hidden blue tones, wearing a western spirit, unique tailoring, two flip pockets, beautiful and practical. Mulberry silk filled, light and warm, exquisite cuffs and smooth hem, showing the charm of men’s elegance.


Playboy fashion wool collar jacket cotton clothing

Light brown jacket cotton jacket, exquisite hair collar design, can be removed, and the upper body is very attractive. The three -dimensional tailoring, the upper body is quite stylish and handsome. The zipper door is banned, convenient and fashionable, exquisite windproof cuffs, two flip pocket decoration, and the upper body is fashionable and modern.

Middle -aged and elderly casual loose jacket cotton jacket

Simple lapel -designed jacket cotton jacket, the design details of the stitching knitted knitting are its biggest highlights with a delicate sense of fashion. Advanced gray tone, versatile leisure, wearing a youthful attitude, no occasion. Loose version, without picking up, fat and thin can wear a very man feeling.


Leisure stand -up collar jacket cotton jacket

Purple -red casual jacket cotton clothes, simple and pure design, show the charm of men, exquisite single -breasted buckle, easy to wear and take off and generous. Three -dimensional tailoring, the lines are smooth, highlighting the taste.

Disassembly otes and rabbit hair inner librase casual jacket

The jacket designed by the mink hair collar can be removed to highlight the taste. With low -key elegant and charming dark gold design, it is very atmospheric to reduce age. Dad wears young and young, smooth three -dimensional tailoring, version slimming, is very good, and the upper body effect is very good.

Pu leather fox hair collar slim jacket cotton clothing

This khaki casual jacket cotton jacket is very fashionable and charming. Selected imported PU fabric design, soft and windproof and warm, fox hair collar, strong quality. Three -dimensional tailoring, single -breasted metal, the details are perfect, and the color is extremely tone, allowing slowly showing the young handsomeness.