The world is so big, I also want to see! Although there is not much money, still want to see!

The world is so big, I also want to see! Although there is not much money, still want to see! More and more people have another way, choose the way of poor tour, let life as wonderful.

The purpose of the poor tour is to spend less money, playing more. Here are some poor tour!

1. Transportation:

It is said that the bicycle is the best transportation tool that appreciates the scenery, because driving is too fast, too slow walk. What? Why don’t you choose a motorcycle? First, there is a motorcycle driver’s license, license, driving license, many cities have also banned, where they are afraid of being caught, mood is nervous, not happy, here is not recommended.

Mountain bikes are well recognized, high, comfortable, and light bicycles.

Hedse 21 speed bike Shimino shifting / aluminum alloy 26 inch mountain bike / front and rear disc brakes

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First of all, the car is the aluminum alloy frame of the tail hook. It is relatively easy to break at the tail hook, which can not change speed. The vehicle brand brand whose tail hook can be replaced is generally around 1300 yuan, and the tail hook can be replaced. Use life, only this one can see that the price is very high. 21 speed, front and rear disc brakes, although low-end rotary flywheels, low-end mechanical disc brakes. However, with aluminum alloy frame, oil seal-shock-absorbing fork, double aluminum alloy mountain land ring, only 899 yuan price is called a poor tourist. Very cost-effective! (Require other models recommended, please leave a message, you must reply)


2. Storage equipment:

Whether it is riding or out, the backpack is always my favorite, the good backpack is not only topical, but the function is also very powerful. Click to learn backpack

Mfree outdoor sports hiking backpack men and women back shoulders 50L mountaineering bag S-class carrying system

The backpack is large, full, and excellent carrier system allows such a huge backpack to make it easy and comfortable, the price is very sincere.

3. Camping equipment:

(1) Since it is a poor tour, there is an essential, and you must live in the tent!

Shengyuan speed started punching tent double double door automatic tent waterproof fabric

It is recommended that this product is simple and rude because it is cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Still use! Still smart! It is also convenient!

(2) There is no moisture pad without a tent, and the tent can be folded, and the moisture absorption is natural.

Kingcamp mats moisture pad sleep single outdoor camping casual automatic inflatable pillow can be spliced


The moisture-proof pad is inflatable, small, portable, head pillow, high comfort, price is cheap!

Tents and moisture-proof mats are 99 yuan, with less than one night, you can buy it back. I want to drink this: 99 yuan! You can’t buy a loss! I can’t buy it!

Write here, don’t ask me why there is no cookware in the camping equipment, because Xiaobian recommends that the road is going to the roadside, Xiaobian will succeed. Cooking such a troubles, the cookware is so heavy, I really don’t recommend it on the way. If the people who are rare, they can’t get the meal, and use the dry food in the bag to connect.

One of the poor tour cheats: the face is thick, 蹭 This small thing is not a drop, the roadside is wild NIAO, the La Ye Shi is shame.


4. Wash tools:

Although it is a poor tour, although it may not take a shower a few days, you can’t brush your teeth a few days, otherwise people see people! Flowers see the flow!饭 饭! Since then we have a road …

Folded toothbrush

The foldable toothbrush is not easily contaminated by external boundaries, and bristles do not deformed under external force. Cheap and practical!


Toothpaste loves what to buy, it is recommended to reduce the weight.

The cup will use the cup of water will be used, after all, there is something you can take.


5. Mosquito repellent insect:

Flower water is not only a good smell, but also mosquito repellent, very exhaustion, not being arhatted by mosquitoes, guaranteed good sleep is very important!

Longliqi flower dew value (Longliqi mosquito repellent composite flower fruit flavor flower 195ml + 30ml cattle yellow flower water)

6. Safety equipment:

All the way to go all the way, maybe you will pass a sweet potato, steal two big sweet potatoes, you like to eat sweet potato. At this time, you will find how it is necessary to bring an outdoor knife on the road (or when it is robbery)

Three blade wood tool knife 7095SUC-GX-T4

I bought a lot of small knives, the knife in the hundred yuan, the first choice of three-blade wood, which is not a little bit more than the same price, and the quality of steel is not a little bit.

7. Repelling the fire equipment:

If you like to eat roasted sweet potatoes, the roadside has a dry branch, that is, there is no fire equipment, you must regret that there is no lighter.

Dolphin metal lighter personality creative grinding wheel can change the fuel stone can be charged

The rock lighter is always my favorite, the kerosene will volatilize, prefer to use methane. Didn’t you see the full shape? Have to buy one!

Write in the last:

The author is a riding enthusiast, you need to recommend bicycles, about ride, although this article comes

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