How sexy is the male star’s collar? Li Xianxiang, Zhu Yilong sexy, Deng Lun looks like

I don’t know if everyone finds it,

When the male stars put on a suit and a tie, they will have a similar movement -tie tie.

For example, Li Xian’s rough blockbuster, the gray jacket with a black tie, plus some small vicissitudes of hairstyle, looks full of breath.

Zhu Yilong always gives people a gentle gentleman’s feelings, and when he was loosened, the whole person looked advanced and lazy, and because of the background blessing, he was a little more sexy.

There are really a lot of modern dramas that Deng Lun recently performed, but I do n’t know why. She always feels that Deng Lun has a swaying spirit like a noble son.


But this is a bit chic. Seriously, it looks really like a tie to the neck …


Before, a male friend asked Xiaobian how to have the same sexy of male stars when he tie tie?

I thought about it carefully and told him that you must have a suitable tie.

Fashion ties are tens of millions, you can find a suitable tie, so as to bless all kinds of or chic, handsome, handsome, sexy, etc., so how to choose a tie suitable for you?


Today, let’s not talk about professionalism, only talk about style!


1. Handsome style


Although I feel a bit unscrupulous as soon as I mentioned the handsomeness, I actually want to create this feeling. In addition to the unique personality of the personality, it also has a certain mysterious restraint. Among them, black and white are the most suitable. Get up a little bit of heroic sense.

The grid element itself has a strong sense of chic, coupled with its own difficulty, so the maturity is also very mature. The brown grid tie with black leather clothes, handsome and advanced.


Sometimes the restraint is good, and it can also give people a very high -level handsome temperament. For example, Huang Zitao’s ginseng golden tie is just the same as the pocket scarf, which is very mysterious.

2. Age reduction


Although the tie looks like a suit, it looks very serious, but in fact they can also wear very age -reducing effects. For example, Xu Guanghan, a white shirt with a black narrow tie, is full of youthful temperament.

In many film and television dramas, the suit and tie are standard in school uniforms, and generally such ties are striped, red stripe tie with blue suit, the age reduction effect is super strong.


The same color also has the same effect. The blue suit with striped blue tie looks like a college student without graduation.


In addition to the strong stripes of the college’s atmosphere, the narrow tie with solid color also has a certain age reduction effect. It looks lighter and lively, and it is easy to make people feel good.

In terms of color, although the pink tie does not have a sense of college, it looks very youthful, but the pink tone is more skinny.

3. Guidong child type


Dark color such as grid, black, and dark blue are easy to give people a sense of aura, and if you want to create a sense of nobleness, you can try the full set of suits, and then suppleme it with a slightly deep tie Get up at the atmosphere and advanced.

Generally, when you reach your son, most people may think of the “Playboy”, so the complicated colors can also bring out good results, but it is best to pay attention to the color of the color to avoid being too obtrusive.

It is the element on the tie. Generally, the tie is not solid, or the stripes or plaids. There are few abrupt designs, but sometimes this kind of design can bring out a full -screen noble son temperament.


4. Mature and restrained type

Finally, the more serious tie is matched. To the editor, the most versatile and powerful must be the black tie. Whether it is matched with a suit or shirt, it has a full and mature maturity.

Various elements extended above the black are better controlled, and it is easier to bring out the gas field. For example, the shirt with a jacket plus a grid tie, the cool handsomeness is still cultivated.


The same is true for stripes, but Yi Xi Qianxi is obviously slightly wider. Compared with, the wider dark tie is more likely to give people a stable visual experience. It looks more reliable.

Although the tie is only a small detail in the suit, and the suit is also one of many men’s clothing, the well -matched tie can better add points to the shape. The style is more complete.


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