Fresh and small things, let your wall decorate

The empty white wall will inevitably make life look boring, because no one wants to return home, but also face the white wall, and give us a sense of oppression. In this case, why not decorate, change the image to the wall?

Too many decorations will be counterproductive. Spring is here. These fresh decorative small things are believed to be your good choice. Let’s take a look!

Fresh Small object 1: Iron Bird Cage Wall hanging

The use of iron art makes the entire bird cage wall hanging, with different characteristics and charm; when making old crafts, the paint spray sprayed at will, like rust, like disabled, makes the wall hanging look retro.

Fresh small object 2: Simulation succulent wall decoration


Simple black and white wooden frames are smooth and concise. They can be hung on the wall or placed directly on the desktop; the realistic succulent effect allows you to enjoy the visual feast of green plants. The key is that there is no need to take care of it, it is very convenient!


Fresh small things 3: stereo wall flower


The three -dimensional shape, with the light and shadow of the wall, looks unique; the blooming flowers are made of high -intensity iron and carefully made; the back is linked, and the installation is simple and convenient.


Fresh small object 4: bird wood wall decoration


Creative wooden wall decoration, cute bird shape, full of rural charm, surrounding solid wood wrapped, fresh and refined, vulgar and vulgar, highlighting the concept of pursuing simple life, bringing a stability and tranquility to life.

Fresh small object 5: Multi -layer shelf

This fresh shelf retains the true color, the wood grain is clear and gentle; the selected high -quality hardware, the edge of the edge of the arc grinding, more gentle and less sharp; Like a piece of art, the decoration storage is not wrong!

Fresh Small Things 6: Retro Frameless Painting

Each picture shows a different urban impression. Through the unique sketching hand -painted, we show the world’s well -known world -renowned victory. The fresh style of retro is very artistic.

Fresh small thing 7: three -dimensional wall hanging fish


Creative home wall hanging ornaments, three -dimensional wall hanging fish, handmade painting patterns, using high -quality resin materials, strong and beautiful; colorful combinations, freely combined; strong adhesive on the back, no longer, wall decoration.

Fresh Small object 8: Wall three -dimensional lotus leaf fish


The wealthy koi with green ruffles constitute a wealthy and fresh wall, so that the white wall is not alone, and it also brings a festive and rich atmosphere to the home.